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My good friend Kent over at Tiny House Blog has been working on a neat project for a while now: Tiny House Magazine.  I’ve heard rave reviews about it and everything I’ve seen has been really amazing looking.  Each month Kent puts out an electronic magazine that covers some really awesome tiny houses and other neat topics.

Each Issue is $2.99 and if you use this link you also support The Tiny Life


Here is a few shots from this month’s edition:





Each Issue is $2.99 and if you use this link you also support The Tiny Life



  1. Couldn’t agree more. We saved up and bought our first house in our twenties. It was an utter mess!!! Two remodels and three houses later we’re finally getting the hang of it. We intend to build one more time, it’s so rewarding, so challenging, the stuff like is made of! Good luck you guys.

  2. and mistakes…also the stuff LIFE is made of : )

  3. Where can I subscribe and receive this magazine?

  4. I want to cancel my subscription. Send Owl automatically renewed my subscription and charged my credit card!

  5. how do you subscribe to magazine

  6. how do you subscribe to the magazine

  7. Is this magazine a download or actually a magazine mailed

  8. Thinking about tiny house living

  9. How does one suscribe to the magazine?

  10. Does any of these subscriptions come as an actual magazine to look at/ read ?

    • I have the same question as some of you. Can I get an actual hard copy magazine or is it only available electronically (email)?

  11. How do I get your magazine

  12. i purchased your magazine for a friend. everything is coming to me. how do i send the magazine to her email address?

  13. Is your magazine open to freelance writers? If so what are the submission guidelines? Would like to pitch a piece if you are interested.

    All the best,
    Declan O’Keefe.

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