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Hi, I’m Ryan

At the beginning of my decluttering and organizing journey, I didn’t know where to start. Because a simpler life in a smaller space was important to me, I put in the work to learn how to get organized, but I had to learn some things the hard way. Now that my own tiny home is tidy, organized, cozy, and efficient, I have time to help others avoid my newbie mistakes and get their own homes decluttered and organized in a way that will last.

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Organizing The Main Spaces In Your Home

Organizing The Main Spaces In Your Home

Your home is your personal oasis — a place where you can be your truest self, relax as hard as you work, build relationships at a slow, natural pace, and concentrate on your personal goals and projects.

kitchen organizationLearning how to get organized at home is important because we all need a place to decompress and reset. No matter how big or small your living space is, your home should be a place where you instantly begin to unwind when you enter the door. If it isn’t, chances are that clutter has taken over your house and stolen your peace of mind.

Getting organized is the surest way I know to take back control of your own little sanctuary. You might be rolling your eyes at me and saying, “easier said than done,” and I get it. Figuring out how to get organized at home is a daunting prospect. Thankfully, none of us are alone in our decluttering and organizing journeys.

The world is filled with success stories from people who have learned how to get organized and stay organized. As I began to organize my life, I pulled from the successful strategies of others and came up with some of my own along the way. I’ve used my experience and the testimonies of others to create a checklist, a step-by-step process, and a few specific tips for each room in your home to bring you success on your organizing journey too.

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How To Organize A Small Living Room

An organized living room should be a haven for you to relax and visit with loved ones over board games, movies, or conversation. I’ve got a simple checklist to help you take your small living room from cluttered to cozy in one go.

tiny house detached garage

How To Organize A Small Garage

Garages serve many important functions in our lives from parking to storage. Sometimes they even double as workrooms. Keeping your garage organized is the best way to optimize your space and make it functional. My five-step process will help you deal with the big, the bad, and the bulky of garage organization.

organized small office space

How To Organize A Small Office

Whether you work from home or use your office to manage your home, a desk piled with papers, office supplies, and dirty coffee mugs is a breeding ground for discouragement, not productivity. Luckily, I have loads of useful office organization tips from years of working from my tiny home office.

How To Organize A Small Bedroom

How To Organize A Small Bedroom

The smaller the bedroom the more important it is to get it organized to make your sleeping space feel cozy and roomy. I’ve got you covered with my five steps to an organized bedroom as well as my favorite tips for furniture placement.

tiny house kitchen organization

How To Organize A Small Kitchen

Your kitchen is the hub of your home where you cook, eat, and make memories. Whether you are cooking meals for one or needing a streamlined lunchmaking station for five, my steps for decluttering your kitchen and maximizing your space will make your food prep easier and faster.

Organize Your Life’s Small Spaces

Organize Your Lifes Small Spaces

The smallest spaces in your house often have the biggest impact on the atmosphere, functionality, and livability of your home. When I decided to organize my life, I started with the smallest places in my home. Organizing my entire house one small space at a time created serious momentum and helped me see the overwhelming benefits of having even just one small area tidy and functional.

Small Closet OrganizationWhen you see first-hand the power of one organized shelf, closet, or bathroom, that’s when you begin to understand the freedom that comes with a tidy, organized life. These small victories will motivate bigger decluttering and organizing projects until you find yourself sitting comfortably in a peaceful, manageable home with extra time, energy, and possibilities at your disposal.

The problem with small spaces is that the stuff inside them can be difficult to organize in a way that’s easy to see, easy to access, and easy to put back. That’s why cupboards, closets, and other small spaces in our home can be places we’d rather keep out of sight and out of mind until the next time we need to struggle with them.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the difficulties of organizing a tight space, picture how much easier and less stressful your life will be when you can use all of these storage areas in your home quickly and painlessly without a second thought. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.

If you’re ready to get started organizing the small spaces of your life and reaping the benefits, let me show you how I organize the smallest parts of my home.

placement of items in pantry

How To Organize A Small Pantry

Your kitchen pantry is a high-traffic, high-priority place in your home. My simple steps for pantry organization will help you ensure your food doesn’t get wasted, snacks are easy and efficient to grab, and your cooking efforts aren’t frustrated by teetering towers of mac and cheese boxes.

Craft Room organization

Turn Your Cluttered Craft Room Into A Creative Haven

If you love crafting or throwing yourself into pet projects but you’re frustrated by haphazard piles and overflowing bins of random supplies, I’ve got some solutions for your craft room that are easy to implement and even easier to maintain.

minimalist laundry

How To Organize A Small Laundry Room

Clothes are quite possibly the hardest things to keep tidy and organized because of the constant maintenance they require. Before you get overwhelmed, I have some straightforward steps for how to set up and organize your laundry room to make the space work for you.

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How To Organize A Small Closet

Because closets house a myriad of items and are often tucked away out of sight, they tend to fill up to bursting with all sorts of clothing, linens, equipment, and trinkets that don’t necessarily belong inside. Instead of wishing for a closet that’s bigger on the inside, try my checklist of things to declutter, things to keep, and things to move.

tiny house bathrooms

How To Organize A Small Bathroom

An organized bathroom is key to a smooth morning routine that helps you start your day efficiently and without frustration. I’ve got five steps to help you purge what you don’t use and organize your important products by their purpose in your daily routine.

Inspiration and Tips for Staying Organized

Inspiration and Tips for Staying Organized

Ever heard that (mildly annoying) phrase, “a place for everything, and everything in its place?” Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the people who have told you that in the past were pretty much spot on, no matter how much you wanted to roll your eyes. Getting your home organized is one thing, but learning how to stay organized is a complete mindset shift.

Tips for Staying OrganizedIf you don’t want your organizing efforts to go to waste, just remember to have a specific place for every single item. Everything in your home needs a home of its own that is as easy to return it to as it is to leave it out. Otherwise, your house will become messy all over again. Don’t fight a battle to change yourself into a “tidier” person. Make putting things away as easy and painless as possible, and your home will stay organized.

I also caution you to remember how much stuff you’ve had to declutter and organize. Change your shopping habits and don’t bring as much stuff home with you. When you do bring things into your house, give them a specific place or be okay with throwing them away or passing them to someone who actually needs them.

If you need continued inspiration and ideas for keeping your home tidy and organized, I have some ideas on decluttering guilt, donation places, and bullet journals that will be helpful in your next steps.

throw some things away

How To Throw Things Away Without Guilt

Overcoming guilt is often the biggest hurdle to purging unused, unnecessary items from your home. Having lived as a minimalist for years, I have first-hand experience with why clutter makes you feel guilty. I’ve developed some proven strategies to throw that guilt out with your clutter on garbage day.

Toiletries You Can Travel Without

Less Is More: Things You Can Live Without As A Minimalist

People often say that less is more, but I’ve lived out the reality of what that means for the past decade. Here are 20 things that I live without as a minimalist that help me lead a tidy, organized life.

fill one box daily with stuff you dont need

Organizing Versus Decluttering

If you have a house packed full of stuff you don’t use or need, organizing won’t help you. Both organizing and decluttering are important, but you must declutter before you organize if you want to be successful in creating a tidy, peaceful, maintainable home. Let me tell you exactly how decluttering and organizing go hand-in-hand.

Organizing Versus Decluttering

25 Unique Places To Donate Your Decluttered Items

After doing all the mental, emotional, and physical work of decluttering, the last thing you want to do is make more decisions about where to donate your items. This list of 25 places to donate your decluttered items will help you get clutter out of your home for good.

start a journal to be better organized

How To Start A Bullet Journal And Master Your Productivity

If you’re obsessed with increasing your productivity and planning your task list, a bullet journal is the way to go. Instead of mentally wrestling with your to do list and hoping you’ve remembered everything correctly, writing it all down in a practical action plan will help you prioritize correctly and confidently.

Rules To Help You Be More Organized

Rules To Help You Be More Organized

You might find that once you get organized, you become slightly obsessed with organization in general. If you’re shaking your head in disbelief, I get it, but just know that how you view your stuff and your space will shift once you’ve decluttered and organized your home. Once you’re living in the “Ah” feeling of clear surfaces and easy places to put things, you won’t ever want to go back to a messy, cluttered life. In fact, you will probably be motivated to discover how to be more organized.

rules for staying organizedThat’s the great thing about organizing. Once you actually come up with systems that help your home function well, your future cleaning and organizing will only get easier and easier. Soon, organizing won’t be an overwhelming project, it will be quick decisions here and there that will make your life just a little bit easier.

The steps and tips I’ve given you can help you get organized, but now I’d like to add some more tools to your organizing belt to help you be more organized than ever before. As you tackle the decisions about what stuff you allow into your home now that everything is where you want it, I have some great minimalist rules and challenges to keep your eye on the prize of a peaceful, organized home.

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How The 20/20 Rule Can Quickly Declutter Your House

The 20/20 rule is one of the most tried and true minimalist rules, and it has helped me make countless decluttering decisions. Learn two questions to ask yourself whenever you’re feeling indecisive about getting rid of an item that will help you let go a lot easier.

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Simplifying Life With The 90/90 Rule For Minimalism

If the 20/20 rule doesn’t help you decide what to declutter, the 90/90 rule provides two more questions that will reveal how useful an item really is and whether it deserves space in your home. These clear-cut questions will cut your decluttering time in half!

open space after closet purge

2 Second Lean: Eliminating Waste And Making Life Easier

We waste so much of our time, energy, and opportunities without even realizing it. Here, I explain the seven types of waste and how to systematically weed them out of your life with intentional choices in what you own and how you organize it.

set a date to be organized on the calendar

30-Day Declutter Challenge: Go From Stressed To Clutter Free Fast + Free Calendar

Sometimes all we need to get clutter out of our homes is a little motivation. If you like a challenge and want to clear stuff out of your home as quickly as possible, give my 30-day declutter challenge a try!