How To Organize A Small Laundry Room

how to organize a small laundry


Keeping your small laundry organized can be tricky, as clothes are one of the easiest things that we let pile up in our lives. Especially if you don’t have a ton of space to work with, keeping your laundry room neat and tidy will take some intentionality and expert strategy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

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I’m not a big fan of doing laundry. I try to keep my laundry room in my own tiny house as organized as possible so I don’t waste any extra time on daily chores. Keeping it organized lets me get in and out, then move on with my day.

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Simple Steps To Start Organizing Your Small Laundry Room

Steps To Start Organizing Your Small Laundry RoomLaundry rooms are often one of the smallest rooms in a home, if you even have a dedicated space at all. When you don’t have a ton of square footage in a house to begin with, this can be a real hassle.

Especially due to the fact that laundry rooms are used for one of the most essential weekly (or even daily) needs. You don’t want your disorganized laundry room to slow down the flow of your daily routine!

Step One: Plan Your Laundry Room Organization While Designing

Plan Your Laundry Room Organization While Designing

When planning the design and layout of your small laundry room, don’t forget to think ahead about the way you want to organize. You’ll want to create a setup that allows you to move through laundry day as seamlessly as possible, and that takes intentional planning.

Plan Your Laundry Room OrganizationAsk yourself what items you’ll need easy access to, like detergents, dryer sheets, or hangers. Take a look around your small laundry room or nook and assess what areas have the most space and how you can best use every inch of the room.

Maybe you want to create a folding and hanging station along your most spacious wall. Or you might want to store your laundry bins or baskets in one of the corners of your laundry room. Do you need room for an ironing board? Analyze what your personal needs are.

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“Utilize gaps. In my laundry room, there is a narrow four-inch gap between where the washer stops and the wall begins. I wall mounted our handheld vacuum cleaner in that nook.”

– Erin Mursch, Organized For Good

Step Two: Design Your Small Laundry Room, Simplify Your Routine

Design Your Small Laundry Room and Simplify Your Routine

The dream here is to create a laundry room that makes laundry day hassle free! The way you design your small laundry room is truly going to depend on the amount of space your have and what laundry day looks like for you.

Ask Yourself The Following Questions

  • What items do I need to access most often?
  • What are the steps of my laundry routine?
  • How can I design my space to aid these steps?
  • How can I best use each corner of my laundry room?
  • Are my hangers in an accessible place?
  • Is my detergent in an accessible place?
  • How can I make use of vertical space?
  • How can I make the most of wall space?
  • How much storage space do I need for essentials?
  • Where will I hang my clothes to dry?
  • Where will I fold my clothes?
  • Do I have a place for my laundry baskets?
  • Do I need storage for cleaning products?
  • What other non-laundry items need stored?
simplify your laundry routine

Consider the best ways to lay out your space depending on the amount of room you have, the shape of your small laundry room or laundry nook, and the flow you tend to follow when you do laundry. Think about each step in your routine and which steps will need the most space, then use a small laundry room layout that works with your washday groove.

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small laundry room design
small laundry room organization
small laundry room stacked washer and dryer

Step Three: Declutter The Laundry Supplies You Don’t Use

Declutter The Laundry Supplies You Dont Use

Don’t waste precious space on laundry supplies you don’t use like empty detergent bottles or cabinets full of clutter. Take intentional time to go through the cabinets, shelves, and back corners of your small laundry room and declutter what you don’t need.

Developing a decluttering regimen before you start organizing your small laundry room is crucial. This will not only help you to reduce stress and give you some peace of mind, but it will help you focus on what’s truly essential and discard the rest.

In my own small laundry room, my favorite decluttering method is the Four Box Decluttering. It’s incredibly simple, doesn’t take that long to set up, and gets the job done very quickly.

four box decluttering method

Step Four: Categorize Items By Their Purpose On Laundry Day

Categorize Items By Their Purpose On Laundry Day

I’ve found that sorting your items by the specific purpose they serve in your routine is one of the most effective ways to organize a space. Especially in a laundry room where you’re trying to get through your chores as quickly as possible.

In your laundry room, this might look like keeping dryer balls, dryer sheets, and detergents on the lowest, most reachable shelf in your cabinet. You may want ironing boards or hampers in the back and out of the way. It might be helpful to store cleaning supplies in its own corner. There are many ways to spin your small laundry room organization.

Step Five: Create Stations In Your Small Laundry Room

Create Stations In Your Small Laundry Room

I’m a big fan of efficiency and working smarter, not harder. Creating laundry room stations has been my favorite way to keep my laundry room functional and organized in a way that works for me. The stations you choose to create will depend on the way you do your laundry — how you like to hang it, dry it, and fold it.

However, here are some basic stations that I like and have found work well when you don’t have a ton of room in your laundry room.

Choose One Area Where Your Dirty Clothes Live

The last thing you want in your small laundry room is to have your dirty clothing piled up all over the floor or shoved into corners.

Find a hamper that works for you and fits into your small space. Then, choose one spot where your dirty clothes hamper always lives. This way, you know exactly where your dirty clothes go and you have them at the ready when its time to wash.

Laundry Basket

Design A Space To Sort Lights, Darks, And Linens

You don’t want to mix your colors with whites when doing laundry loads. Create a station that allows you to sort your lights, your darks, and your delicates into bins before throwing them in the wash.

Or better yet, invest in a small hamper with divided sections for sorting your dirty laundry in your bedroom as you discard worn clothes. This is a great way to work smarter not harder in your small laundry room.

I’m a huge fan of labels making my life easier. Get some neutral-colored bins or laundry bags for your garments and label them to keep track of each category.

sorting clothes in small laundry room

Keep Your Laundry Supplies Accessible

Have a very specific spot for all of the liquids, sprays, detergents, and dryer products that you need to get through a load of laundry. Keep all of your products in one accessible location that is easy to reach and nearby to your washer and dryer to expedite the process.

A common place for your laundry supplies is the lowest shelf of your overhead cabinets, but if your laundry room is extra small and doesn’t have cabinets, you may want to invest in a corner rack or some hanging shelves for easy access to your laundry day needs.

keep laundry supplies accessible
small laundry organization pro tip

“Find the specific products you like and stick to those! Don’t stockpile a million different scents of detergent just to try.”

– Erin Mursch, Organized For Good

Create A Folding Station

Developing a folding station is crucial to making laundry day go speedy quick. The last thing you want is for your fresh laundry to get all mixed in with your dirty clothes and wrinkled. To create a folding station. Invest in a long table that can sit against the most spacious wall in your small laundry room.

A long, narrow table is the best way to go when creating a folding station because it won’t take up too much room, but can easily be used assembly line-style to fold and sort your laundry and put it where it needs to go.

I even know some people who use a narrow table that folds up into the wall for their folding station. This is ideal because it’s out of the way when your folding station isn’t in use.

small laundry folding station
folding station in small laundry room
small room laundry station
folding area in small laundry
folding station in small laundry room
rolling laundry station

Designate A Space To Hang Clothes To Dry

Lastly, you’ll need a space to hang clothes that are dry and ready to go or those delicate items that you’re choosing to air dry. I know a lot of people who install a towel rod underneath their laundry cabinets to hang clothing from, making their drying station super easy to get to when clothes come out of the washer.

Another option might be to invest in a drying rack that sits on the floor and folds up, or a wooden clothes rack that folds out from the wall. You can also kick it old school and hang your clothes from a clothesline. They’ll dry much faster in warm weather, but may not be as accessible or practical.

Hanging Clothes To Dry in a small laundry

Organization Guide For Each Room Of Your Home

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Tips And Tricks For Organizing A Small Laundry Room

Tips And Tricks For Organizing A Small Laundry Room

When trying to organize your small laundry room, it’s important to think about the little things you can do to be creative with the space you do have. Maximizing your minimal space is key to making laundry day simple and breezy.

pro tips for organizing a small laundry

“Make use of vertical space! We have two shelves above our washer and dryer that we use for detergents, delicates bags, my stain remover brush, and whatever else we might need.”

– Erin Mursch, Organized For Good

1Use Closet Or Under Cabinet Space As Laundry Room

If you live in a tiny house like me, or even a small studio apartment, your place might not include a laundry room of its own. If this is the case, you may have to get extra creative with where your washer and dryer live.

Maybe your apartment has an extra linen closet you can turn into a laundry nook. You could try looking under cabinets as well, maybe in your kitchen space or in your garage. You don’t have to have a built-in laundry room to make savvy use of your space.

closet space in a small laundry room
closet storage in a small laundry room
under cabinet storage in a small laundry room

2Add In Shelving Or Rods Above Your Washer And Dryer

Taking advantage of vertical space and extra wall space is the way to go when trying to organize any small space. In most laundry room setups, you’ll have some wall space situated naturally between your washer and dryer and the bottom side of your cabinets, or even your ceiling.

Consider adding in some extra shelving along this wall. You can use the shelving to house detergents and sprays, extra clothespins, hangers, and any kid of laundry supplies you could need.

Another route you could try is using a towel rod or another kind of metal rod to hang from your wall. This is great for drying clothes and towels without even having to leave the room.

shelving about washer and dryer
Hanging Rods Above Your Wash Sink

3Use Wall Clips To Dry Socks Or Delicates

I love this hack because it’s simple but extremely efficient. If you need a way to hang socks, delicates, or anything else that you want to air dry but doesn’t actually fit on a hanger, this is the way to go.

Invest in some of those metal clamp clips (people sometimes use them to clip chip bags) and mount them to the side of your laundry room wall. Then, when you’re ready to dry your small garments, just clip them into your makeshift holders and you’re ready to go.

wall clips to dry socks

4Go Vertical With Your Washer And Dryer

If you don’t have a laundry room with a lot of horizontal room, stack them! However, before you decide to stack your washer and dryer, it is crucial that you check and make sure the type of washer and dryer that you own are able to be stacked.

Basically, any two washer and dryer models with frontloading doors are stackable, but it’s still important to check and ensure that you have the necessary hardware. Most people recommend that you stack washer and dryers of the same brand, but this isn’t a requirement to go vertical with your appliances.

stackable washer and dryer
vertically stack washer and dryer

5Invest In A Magnetic Lint Bin

Using a lint bin is a wise way to keep piles of lint from getting all over your small laundry room. A magnetic, metal lint bin is an awesome way to go because you can simply throw all your lint inside of it and dispose of it whenever you are ready.

6Labels Are Your Best Friend

Labels are a lifesaver in any room that needs organization help, but especially in rooms like laundry rooms where there is a specific chore you need to get done. Wasting time looking for your detergent or dryer balls can add too much time to your washday. Use label stickers or a label maker to identify items in cabinets and drawers.

7Create A Stain Chart

I love this suggestion for small laundry room organization. Stains are huge time and attention suckers when doing laundry, and it can be hard to keep track of what kind of stains need what kind of care.

Consider hanging up a stain chart in your small laundry room. On your stain chart, provide a small visual of each type of stain, like grass stains, ink or paint stains, sweat stains, or food. Then, next to each stain, write out the regimen that works best for getting that stain out of clothing. You won’t even have to call your mom!

laundry stain chart

8Use Refillable Detergent Dispensers

Not only do refillable detergent dispensers look aesthetically pleasing, but they also help you keep your space organized and tidy. Additionally, using refillable jars is helpful for the environment and can save you time rummaging around looking for your plastic bottles.

how to decant a pantry

9Create A Bin For Lost Things

I can easily get behind the idea of a bin for lost items in a laundry room. I cannot tell you the number of times I have been ready to do laundry, only to find a crumbled dollar bill, pen, or spare change in one of my pockets.

But taking those things all the way back to where they belong wastes time. Invest in a small plastic or metal bin to store things accidentally left in your pockets, and make sure to check your pockets before you wash.

bin for lost things in laundry room

10Try A Laundry Cart When All Else Fails

If you really can’t find anywhere to house a laundry nook and your small apartment doesn’t have a laundry room of its own, try a laundry cart! I have several friends who use a laundry cart to do all of their folding and sorting.

Then, they keep their washer and dryer tucked away under a cabinet or in a garage. This might not be the ideal setup for efficiencies sake, but it definitely gets the job done if you’re tight on space.

Minimalists Checklist When Organizing A Small Laundry Room

Minimalists Checklist When Organizing A Small Laundry Room
Laundry rooms can be tricky to organize effectively, as they often get overlooked. Your laundry room may be nothing more than a small nook or cart, but making the most of the space you do have will help you to work smarter and not harder come laundry day.


Sort Your Laundry Room Items

  • Make piles by use
  • Make laundry supplies accessible
  • Create space for hangers
  • Declutter what you never use
  • Make space for cleaning products
  • House miscellaneous items

Organize Your Laundry Room

  • Create a folding station
  • Add a drying rack
  • Designate a space for hampers
  • Make room to sort lights and darks
  • Give all supplies a home
  • Create a stain chart

Design Your Laundry Room

  • Choose a room layout
  • Make use of corners
  • Use wall space
  • Utilize counter space
  • Design to match your routine
  • Remove non-essentials

Be Smart With Laundry Items

  • Use a lint bin
  • Try a lost items bin
  • Use labels
  • Make room under cabinets
  • Invest in folding tables
  • Use refillable jars

Your Turn!

  • What tips will you use to organize your small laundry room?
  • How will you design your laundry room to work with you?

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