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As the alternative housing movement grows, more unique housing options like Boxabl houses have started to skyrocket in popularity. Even tech-guru Elon Musk has jumped on this quirky yet simple tiny house trend!

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Hi, I’m Ryan

As a guy who’s all about efficiency and small living spaces, the creation of Boxabl houses definitely caught my eye. One of these tiny, portable houses may just show up in my future as an accessory dwelling unit or my own Airbnb.

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What Is A Boxabl House?

What Is A Boxabl House

Boxabl homes are prefabricated, modular, stackable houses that are energy efficient, cost conscious, and easy to assemble. The standard size for these houses at this time is between 360 and 375 square feet. However, as the demand for Boxabl houses grows, there may soon be more size options available to homeowners.

Boxabl homes can have many uses beyond a primary dwelling, like an at-home office, accessory dwelling unit, rental unit, or guesthouse.

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Companies and nonprofits alike are also looking into ways these pop-up tiny houses can help with the housing crisis across the country.

How Much Does A Boxabl House Cost? True Boxabl Pricing

How Much Does A Boxabl House Cost

The cost to buy a prefabricated Boxabl house tends to run between $54,500 and $99,500 depending on the features your Boxabl has, any extra installation costs, and more. I want to break down the elements that make up the estimated cost of a Boxabl house.

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The Land You Use Will Affect Your Boxabl House Cost

The first cost factor that I want to bring up here is the cost of land for your Boxabl house. Obviously, if you already own the land that you plan to build your Boxabl on, it’s going to cost less than if you plan to buy land for your prefab home. While it is true that you can earn money on your land as it appreciates, it will still cost you a pretty penny upfront.

The cost of a plot of land needed to install a Boxabl home will vary greatly depending on where you live, the size of the plot, the time of year you choose to purchase your land, and the characteristics of the plot. I would expect to pay somewhere between $55,000 to $100,000 on land alone.

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Boxabl Home?

Shipping costs for prefabricated Boxabl houses run between $3 to $10 per delivery mile. Since Boxabl houses are prefabricated in the company’s main warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s up to the buyer to pay for shipping.

Are Building Permits For Boxabl Houses Expensive?

Unfortunately, the red tape of the building law world can drive up the cost of your Boxabl home when it comes to permits. The average cost of a building permit for a new build of this size tends to run from $2,000 to $12,000 depending on where you live and what the laws are in your state, city, and county.

States with more sanctions on additional builds and higher general costs of living like Oregon, California, North Carolina, or New York will have higher building permit costs as well. Building permits will be cheaper in states with less intense sanctions and a lower cost of living, like Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, or Kansas.

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Additional Costs To Consider When Building A Boxabl Home

In addition to land, shipping, and permits, there are a few additional costs for a Boxabl home. One of those major costs is utilities. It’s important to keep in mind that your utility costs will vary depending on where you live and whether or not you have access to a power-grid or plan to run your own lines. Your cost will also increase if you have to hire out for installation labor.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that while Boxabl homes do come prefabricated, and therefore have minimal building costs, there are still some unexpected costs worth accounting for. The biggest one here is your foundation.

Foundation Types That Work With Boxabl

  • Concrete wall
  • Concrete strip footing
  • CMU wall
  • Monolithic slab
  • Stem wall slab
  • Block Wall
  • Crawl space foundation
concrete block foundation

The Boxabl house structure comes prefabricated, but the homeowner is responsible for building their own foundation. Feel free to reach out to a staff member on the Boxabl team to inquire about which foundation options are fully compatible with the Boxabl.

What Is The Most Cost-Conscious Way To Install A Boxabl House?

The most cost-conscious way to install a Boxabl house is to use it as an accessory dwelling unit on land that you already own. By doing this, you’re not only saving on the cost of your land, but you’re also able to shortcut utility costs as well by using the same power sources for your main house as you do for your Boxabl ADU.

Is The Boxabl House Affordable?

Overall, I strongly believe that the Boxabl house is affordable and a rather wise, practical choice for anyone looking to live small. The Boxabl house definitely averages fewer upfront costs than most traditionally built homes.

Additionally, the Boxabl house is extremely affordable when it comes to month-to-month costs. The general cost of living in a Boxabl house ends up being around $250 a month after all initial buy and build costs have been fully factored in. I don’t know of a more affordable housing option in the current housing climate!

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Pros And Cons Of Boxabl Housing

Pros And Cons Of Boxabl Housing

While there are an abundance of advantages to this newfound housing of the future, there are also some disadvantages to consider when making the decision to order a Boxabl.


  • Little to no building requirements
  • Highly cost conscious
  • Incredible as ADU or for small family
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable in all weather


  • Less design freedom
  • Space is limited
  • More of a challenge for larger families
  • May be limited by building codes
  • May need special utility hookups

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Boxabl Photos And Design Inspiration

Boxabl Photos And Design Inspiration

While Boxabl only has two available layouts at this time, there is still a ton of variety in the ways you can decorate your Boxabl. I tend to like tiny houses with a minimalistic aesthetic, but there are lots of different styles, aesthetics, and design inspiration for the Boxabl house.

Boxabl House Interior Design Examples

The interior of your Boxabl home has lots of potential. With only 360-375 square feet to work with, you’ll have to be strategic about space. However, Boxabl homeowners are very creative. They maximize the space by making use of vertical space and investing in small furniture.

boxabl inside view
boxabl interior view

Boxabl House Living Room And Kitchen Design Ideas

The Boxabl house comes semi-furnished. It comes with standard appliances, like a fridge, oven, dishwasher, microwave, and washer/dryer. In the Boxabl model home, the designers double their TV stand as a room wall, which I think is a great way to maximize space in the Boxabl living room. I’m a huge fan of the way the far end of the kitchen counter folds out into a desk to create a makeshift mini-office.

boxabl kitchen
boxabl bedroom
boxabl living room

Boxabl House Bedroom And Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is the only room in the Boxabl house that isn’t fully open concept. I love how the towel rods in the bathroom are stacked vertically to make the best use of the small space. My favorite aspect of the Boxabl model home is the way the designers have added a makeshift closet in the TV stand facing the bedroom. What a savvy use of storage!

boxabl house bedroom
boxabl bathroom

Boxabl Home Exterior Design Examples

The exterior of the Boxabl Casita house is surrounded in elongated, vertical windows, making it the perfect setup for abundant natural light. It includes two stair steps on each side that go right up to the Casita’s glass doors. Additionally, including intricate landscaping can shape things up in any home and really add a lot more to the design.

The exterior design of Boxabl’s second plan includes a patio that’s perfect for grilling out with family and friends. It also includes a covered balcony connected to the stacked unit, which is a great place to watch the sunset.

boxabl exterior view
boxabl exterior two story

Boxabl House Floor Plans

Boxabl House Floor Plans

At this time, Boxabl only has two main floorplan options. There is a one bath, one-bedroom options as well as a two bed, two bath Boxabl house option.

One Bed, One Bath Boxabl Casita House Floorplan

The 361 square foot Boxabl Casita is ideal for a single person or couple, as well as an accessory dwelling unit or outdoor studio. This floorplan includes an open-concept kitchen, living room, and bedroom, with one bathroom in the upper right corner of the space.

boxabl studio floorplan

Two Bed, Two Bath Boxabl House Floorplan

The second floorplan available through Boxabl is a two bedroom, two bathroom floorplan that uses two, stacked Boxabl units. One unit includes a playroom, bathroom, and master bedroom, while the other unit holds a living room, dining area, kitchen, and second bathroom.

boxabl two story floorplan

FAQ: Common Questions About Boxabl Houses

Common Questions About Boxabl Houses

With Boxabl houses being a fairly new concept, it makes sense to have questions. When I first caught the wave of this trend, I definitely had a lot of specific curiosities about these unique homes and their design, durability, assembling process, and more!

  How Is The Boxabl House Set Up?

The Boxabl house is set up by local installers sent to your plot by the Boxabl company. Once the installers arrive, the fully flat, 20 to 8.5 foot wide Boxabl home is lifted and unfolded to become a 361 to 375 square foot, fully livable house. The installers will build the structure of the home itself, but it will be your responsibility to connect your Boxabl to the utility grid or hire someone else to do so.

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boxable house assembled

  How Long Does It Take To Assemble A Boxabl Home?

Boxabl houses are fully assembled on site in an hour or less by a certified and state-licensed installer. Once you’ve purchased the unit through Boxabl, the company will connect you to an installer in your area to make an appointment.

  Are Boxabl Homes Stackable?

Yes, all Boxable home models are stackable and can be placed on top of one another or next to each other, depending on the layout and design that suits you best. You can stack your Boxabl house vertically, or even make an L shape or other variation with multiple units.

  How Do You Manage Utilities In A Boxabl House?

The Boxabl home comes with water, plumbing, electricity, HVAC, and other utilities pre-installed within the Boxabl design. The utility connection, such as HVAC, plumbing, and electricity is made to the exterior corner of your Boxabl house. If your Boxable home is connected to the main public utility grid, making this connection should be a piece of cake.

If you choose to go off grid with your Boxabl house, don’t sweat it! There are tons of off-grid utility options that work well with Boxabl housing, like installing a water tank, using solar panels, using a rainwater catchment system, or digging your own well.

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  Are Boxabl Homes Water And Mold Resistant?

Boxable homes are highly resistant to both water and mold. They are made of steel, concrete, and EPS foam as opposed to wood to prevent rotting and water damage from accumulating overtime.

  Can You Finance A Boxabl Home?

You can finance a Boxabl house just like a traditional home. Once you’ve purchased a Boxabl home, you have the option of financing the house through Boxabl’s financing partners or a third party. Most Boxabl houses can be financed with a traditional 30-year mortgage.

  Is It Legal To Live In A Boxabl House In All States?

The Boxabl building model tends meet the building code requirements of most building code laws in the US, even in the states where building codes for manufactured homes can be a bit dicey. However, they are classified as a “park model RV” in accordance with ANSI 119.5 in many states, which can limit the homeowner’s ability to live in their Boxabl full time, depending on the RV laws in their specific area. If the Boxabl is mounted or bolted to solid foundation, on the other hand, it may fall under a separate legal classification.

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It’s also worth noting that all Boxabl models come with state modular approval. This is great news when it comes to building codes. With modular approval, the need for local inspections of any particular building type is decreased because the build is approved at the state level. However, it’s still imperative that you check with your local jurisdiction before making a purchase just to be certain.

Your Turn!

  • How can living in a Boxabl house improve your quality of life?
  • Is a Boxabl house affordable in your life right now? Why or why not?
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    Thanks for the info but boxable is not for me..
    I have pretty much decided on the tiny home being built on the trailor..I have the design picked out & saved on facebook, and I LOVE IT !!! ( When I see something I really like, that is it for me) just not sure on how to actually speak to a live person about it..)
    I hope my dream comes true

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  6. Being on the east coast shipping alone will be roughly $15k, and one of the more expensive building code states so another $12k, plus foundation, utilities, septic, I would already be looking north of $50k before we ever even talk about the unit itself. Including the unit (the 2 bedroom model) plus installation/setup and other odds and ends like a driveway, landscaping etc etc I should expect prices to be approaching the $200k price tag. For a new construction, that probably isn’t bad. But broken down as price per sq ft, it would be much more economical to search the real estate listings atleast in my area.

  7. I am still waiting for a reply for about 50 units from about 4 months ago regarding an affordable housing development.

  8. I’ve been curious about the Boxabl homes since they were initially introduced. I can’t seem to find whether or not they’re available for purchase yet or if things are still only in the investment stage. I don’t care for the industrial exterior look of them but I LOVE the sustainability and environmental impact. My boyfriend and I are still in the planning stages of our future tiny home and hoping a Boxabl would be a possibility.

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