20 Gifts For Homesteaders They Will Love

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How do you pick gifts for homesteaders who like to grow food and make stuff? As self-reliant as we homesteaders like to be, cultivating gardens, caring for animals, and living a self-sufficient lifestyle involves hard work. The best homesteading gifts I’ve received are practical items designed to make my work on the property easier, warmer, more comfortable, or even just more fun!

We all like to find just the right gift for our friends and family members, but it might be difficult to think of the best gift ideas for homesteaders if you’re not a homesteader.

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To make gift-giving a little easier and to help you nail it, I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 gifts for homesteaders.

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As a Tiny House dweller and minimalist, I’ve been asked what types of gifts I need, want, or would simply enjoy having on my homestead, so I’ve pulled together this list to share with you. I’ve put these practical items to work and know your homesteader friends and family will appreciate receiving any of these high-quality and thoughtful gifts.

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20 Of The Best Gifts For Homesteaders

20 Of The Best Gifts For Homesteaders

If you can picture yourself trying to carry armloads of fresh veggies from the garden, building rows covers to protect them from frosts, or walking your property in below-freezing weather, you’ll understand why some of the gifts for homesteaders on this list are extremely exciting.

These are high-quality, long-lasting, ultra-practical items that will contribute to the success of your loved one’s homestead.

And trust me, however weird they might seem to you, homesteaders like me will be grateful to receive them.

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1. Homesteader Gifts to Help Stay Warm

smartwool socks

Smartwool socks are one of the smartest gifts for homesteaders. Made from Merino wool, these socks are incredibly warm, soft, and comfortable, and I can personally attest that they have zero itch factor, even when worn in work boots all day long.

They’re known for regulating temperature and moisture and repelling odors, basically making them a workhorse in my wardrobe. These socks are a great lower-budget homesteading gift, coming in many different colors and sizes.

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2. Homesteading Gifts That Help Do The Work: Kinco Work Gloves

kinco gloves

Kinco is a trusted brand for durable, warm, protective gloves, and they come in designs that are especially well suited for farm work, gardening work, and outdoor sports. I find these gloves are indispensable on my homestead and make great gifts for homesteaders and anyone living off- grid.

They’re perfect for working with a lot of pipes, buckets, fences, and wood to keep the homestead functioning as self-sufficiently as possible.

3. Carhart Jacket Or Overalls Are Useful Gifts For The Modern Homesteader

carhart jacket

I can’t imagine a homesteader who wouldn’t be thrilled with a new Carhart jacket or a sturdy pair of Carhart overalls any time of year. Carhart is one of those brands that it’s hard to go wrong with when you’re picking out a homesteading gift for the farmers in your life. Their garments are durable, popular, and will last for the long haul.

4. Keen Utility Work Boots Are Homesteading Gifts That Make Outdoor Work Easier

keen utility work boots

I love my pair of Keen Utility work boots, and I wear them just about every day for gardening, taking care of my chickens, and doing various building projects around my tiny house homestead.

These particular work boots are great because they’re fully waterproof, designed to resist damage from common barnyard chemicals, and also oil and slip-resistant. Their carbon fiber toes are protective without feeling as heavy as steel toes, and they’re just overall really comfortable.

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5. Solar Panels Make The Best Off-The-Grid Gifts

solar panels for homesteaders

If your budget allows, solar panels make excellent gifts for off-grid living or great gifts for homesteaders who simply want to save on energy. I was thrilled when a good friend chose to help me invest in solar power instead of gifting me a more conventional holiday gift.

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6. Grain Grinders Are Indispensable Gifts For Self-Sufficient Living

grain grinder

If the homesteader in your life grows their own corn or wheat, a grain grinder is a very useful homesteader gift. While this is a higher budget item, a grain grinder can help keep a larger homestead self-sustainable and will be put to work for years to come, allowing your homesteader to become even more self-reliant.

7. The Best Food Preservation Gift For Homesteaders Is A Food Dehydrator

food dehydrator for homesteaders

My favorite food preservation method is dehydrating foods. It’s easy, and fuss free. Dehydrating the fruits, veggies, and herbs that I grow on my homestead stocks me up with a full pantry that takes me deep into the winter months. For that reason, a food dehydrator is going to be one of the best homesteader gift ideas you can give.

These appliances work so much better than ovens when it comes to dehydrating homegrown produce such as peas, cantaloupe, Swiss chard, asparagus, and countless others. They’re super handy — they can be easily stored and pulled out for countertop use after a plentiful harvest.[/

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8. A Compost Tumbler Makes A Practical Gift For Homesteaders

compost tumbler

Compost tumblers make great gifts for homesteaders because they speed up the process of composting — an important aspect of homesteading. Plus they contain the heaping compost pile and help reduce any not-so-ideal odors.

Compost is essential to a sustainable homestead, taking scraps and organic matter from kitchens, gardens, and waste and turning it into nutrient-dense fertilizer for garden soil.

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9. Cannisters For Dry Goods Always Make Good Homesteading Gifts

dry goods cannisters

Kitchen cannisters make practical gifts for just about anyone, but no one needs them more than homesteaders, and in particular those who dehydrate their food. I have a produce dehydrating day at least twice a year and I never seem to have enough airtight containers to store my dried food.

Easily sealed cannisters are perfect for all dried foods — it’s a basic storage requisite, and homesteaders need all shapes and sizes.

10. The Essential Gift of Homesteading Books

best homesteading books

I consider books on homesteading, including DIY or how-to books and cookbooks, to be essential and an investment in the continued success of any homestead.

Homesteaders learn a lot by doing, but there’s also a lot we can learn from reading the experiences of those who’ve lived this lifestyle longer than we have. Branching out into books on sustainable living is a great way to round out your knowledge.

11. Vacuum Sealers Make Great Gifts For Homesteader Foodies

vacuum sealer

Whether you’re buying meat in bulk or stocking your freezer with your own farm-raised cattle, vacuum sealers make the process more precise and sanitary. It’s so much easier to have individually sealed, meal-sized portions of meat, ready-made meals, and sides.

While I use my vacuum sealers primarily for meat, they also come in handy for sealing chopped veggies and herbs for longer storage, and if you’re gifting these to a dairy farmer, sealing cheeses.

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12. Greenhouse Kits Are The Ultimate Gifts for Gardeners

greenhouse kit

A greenhouse kit that is easy to assemble makes a great homesteader gift that keeps on giving. A kit like this will help any homesteader’s plants grow strong, even in cooler weather.

A friend of mine who lives in a colder climate was gifted a greenhouse kit and he said it’s completely changed the way he gardens. He’s not as limited in what he can grow by the changing seasons. He keeps his less cold-hardy plants inside his greenhouse so they can grow strong, protected from the inclement weather.

13. Cold Frames Are Great Gifts For Homesteaders Who Garden Year Round

cold frame

Cold frames are essential homesteading gifts for any homesteader who likes to garden well into the colder months of the year. Cold frames are prebuilt frames you can place around existing garden beds that can help protect plants from frost damage and unexpected freezes in the fall, winter, or spring.

I recommend cold frames because they’re a more economical option than greenhouses, and they work perfectly fine for homesteaders like me who live in mild climates.

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14. Help Seedlings Grow With A Grow Light Homesteading Gift

grow lights

Many homesteaders who start seeds indoors during the colder months need a way of keeping their seedlings warm so they can thrive. Grow lights are a fantastic gift for homesteaders, as they’re specifically designed to be an alternative to natural sunlight, even down to replicating photosynthesis.

These lights will help make any gardener’s life easier and more productive, allowing their plants to grow strong regardless of the season.

15. A Garden Seed Organizer Makes A Helpful, Inexpensive Homesteading Gift

garden seed organizer

A garden seed organizer is a thoughtful gift that will help the gardener in your life stay organized from one growing season to the next. Seed organizers can take the form of three-ring binders with slip pouches for seed packets (usually four per page) or boxes with stand-up seed sorting dividers.

I personally like the easy organization of a binder for storing my seeds, but this gift is very versatile, and can even be something that you make yourself.

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16. A Roo Apron Is The Ultimate Gift For Serious Homesteader-Gardeners

roo apron

If you’re not much of a gardener, you might not understand the very real struggle of trying to harvest your vegetables. Carrying a bucket or a basket can get heavy quickly and creating piles can get frustrating. The Roo Apron is one of the best gifts for homesteaders because it solves this issue with a built-in, durable pouch where you can store veggies as you go.

I particularly like these aprons because the water-resistant fabric keeps my clothes clean and dry, while easily holding my harvested veggies, pulled weeds, or garden tools as I navigate each row, keeping my hands free.

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17. Homesteader Gift For Water Conservation: Rain Collection System

rain collection barrel

One of the ways I keep my homestead sustainable is by using a rain catchment system to collect rainwater that I then use to water my garden and animals. Many homeowners employ this technique in order to save money on their water bills, so there are numerous ideas out there on different DIY rain collection systems. But you can also invest in a kit to help the homesteader in your life set up one of these catchments on their property.

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18. Trees, Shrubs, Or Bushes Are The Perfect Gifts For Established Homesteaders

potted fruit tree

Not sure what the homesteader in your life already owns in the way of indoor appliances or farm clothes? Potted fruit trees, nut trees, privacy shrubs, or berry bushes are amazing gifts for homesteaders. Even if they already have some, it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll want more, and these gifts will keep growing, producing, and bringing sustenance and natural beauty to the homestead for years to come. I recommend contacting a local greenhouse to see what grows best in their area.

19. Give The Homesteader Gift Of Baby Chicks

baby chicks

It’s pretty hard for anyone not to smile when they’re given some fluffy baby chicks, and these little cheepers are also very practical, as they’ll grow into mature egg-layers. When I first started raising chickens, I was gifted six baby chicks that filled in my flock perfectly and grew into fantastic egg layers that provided for many years. Trust me when I say that any homesteader raising chickens will be thrilled to receive some new chicks.

You can order chicks online or stop by your local Tractor Supply to pick some out yourself (which is way more fun if this is an option for you).

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20. An Egg Incubator Is The Homesteader Gift That Keeps On Giving

egg incubator

Even more practical than the homesteading gift of baby chicks is an egg incubator that will allow your homesteading friends to hatch their own fertilized eggs at home. I eat most of the eggs my hens lay, but I enjoy putting any extra fertilized eggs into my incubator, which I keep in my shed. Not every egg will hatch, but I usually have close to a 50% hatch rate, which means I haven’t had to buy new baby chicks in years. Incubators come in all shapes and sizes, and having one means greater independence for your homesteader raising chickens.

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I hope you find this list of gifts for homesteaders helpful, making it easier to choose something practical, valuable, and fun. Any of these gifts has the power to make their life easier, more efficient, and self-sufficient.

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  • What is your favorite brand for work or winter homestead clothing?

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