Decorating A Tiny House For Christmas

Tiny House Christmas Decorations


Christmas brings a lot of memories back for me and probably most of you — it’s a time filled with friends and family, parties, and good times for many. In addition to all the festivities, there is fun to be had in decorating your tiny home for the holidays, too!

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Christmas is a fun time of the year, and in a tiny house, you have to get creative when you decorate, host parties, and handle gifts during the holidays. Here’s what I’ve learned about it over the years and some tiny house Christmas decoration ideas.

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The tricky part about decorating your tiny home for the holidays is that you don’t have a lot of storage space for decorations when not in use. You also don’t have a lot of floor space, and an average Christmas tree takes up 10 square feet, which can be anywhere from 5–10% of your total space in a tiny home!

Tiny House Christmas Trees

Tiny House Christmas TreesIf you celebrate Christmas, there is a lot of focus put on your Christmas tree, and that’s not any different in a tiny home. The problem is that they take up a lot of space.

What I Do For A Christmas Tree

I love the smell of a fresh-cut tree. Being from North Carolina where we grow over 20% of the Christmas trees sold in the U.S. each year, we have some really great tree farms you can go pick out one yourself. But most years in my little home, I’ve had to get creative when it comes to my Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Ideas For Small Spaces

In recent years, my go-to Christmas tree has been a rosemary Christmas tree. Essentially, it’s just a rosemary shrub that has been trained and pruned into a Christmas tree shape. These are easily found, can be decorated, only take up about 1 square foot of space, and smell amazing! Not to mention that it’s also edible — I usually plant mine in the ground come spring.
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Other Tiny House Christmas Tree Options

There are many options that tiny housers have tried when it comes to fitting a tree in such a small space.

Pencil Christmas tree

Pencil Christmas trees are a really great option for a tiny house because they take up very little floor space but are pretty tall, giving you a fair bit of vertical space to hang Christmas tree ornaments from. They are great to put in a corner where they can make your tiny home feel cozy, but also stay out of the way.

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pencil christmas tree in a tiny house

Skinny Christmas tree

Skinny Christmas trees are great to still have the holiday feel without a lot of fuss, plus they don’t take up a ton of storage space the rest of the year because they collapse down to be a pretty compact. They even have pre-lit artificial Christmas trees for tiny homes now, which makes decorating a snap.

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skinny christmas tree in a tiny house

DIY WAll Christmas tree

Another space saving option is a DIY wall Christmas tree. These are usually made by taking a Christmas garland and stringing it up on the wall in a tree pattern. This allows you to customize the shape and size to whatever wall space you have, which is especially useful in a tiny home where you don’t usually have a ton of wall space.

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Creative Crafts Christmas tree

You can get pretty creative with your wall Christmas trees and make it out of whatever suits you — even wooden cut offs. This simple Christmas craft is fast and pretty to make considering you most likely have a miter saw from your tiny house build.

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creaative craft christmas tree in a tiny house

MIni Christmas tree

A mini Christmas tree on your counter top in your kitchen is also another great idea. I’ve also taken out some books from my book case and displayed the small tree there for the season.

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small christmas tree in a tiny house

If you still want that taller tree feeling, get your small tree higher up by putting it on other things that already are taking up floor space. Warning: don’t put trees on top of real wood stoves or heaters — this one is a fake wood stove.
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The Basics of Hygge

Tiny House Christmas Ornaments

There aren’t a ton of options when it comes to Christmas ornaments that are tiny house themed, but here is what I could find:

Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree Tiny House

Old World Gifts Glass Blown Ornaments

Mini House Christmas Ornament Set

Mini House Christmas Ornament Set

Christmas Tree Cookie Cottage

Christmas Tree Cookie Cottage

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Travel Trailer Ornament

Hallmark Christmas Trailer Ornament

Camper Ornament with Christmas Tree

Camper Ornament with Christmas Tree

Decorating A Tiny Home For Christmas

Decorating A Tiny Home For Christmas

You don’t just deck a tree, you deck the halls, so here are some ideas to decorate the rest of your tiny home on wheels. Keep in mind you that don’t have a ton of space to begin with, so finding little nooks to deck out is the name of the game. I try to decorate places in my tiny home that are more out of the way.

Christmas Lights On A Tiny Home

Don’t forget to decorate the outside of your tiny home with lights! Consider solar-powered options to make it simple.

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christmas lights on a tiny house
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Tiny House Christmas Decoration Ideas

On the inside of your tiny home on wheels, there are a million ideas for Christmas decorations. You need to get creative when it comes to Christmas in a small space.

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Tiny House Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are another way to bring some cheer to the holiday season. I find that wreaths pack a lot of punch in terms of decorating. You and your guests will see it as the first thing when they walk up to your tiny house door.

tiny house christmas wreath ideas
tiny house christmas wreath
christmas wreath on a tiny house
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