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Are Tiny Houses Legal In Australia: Yes*

Tiny House Costs In Australia: $70,000 – $200,000 AUD

Tiny House Friendly Cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Coffs Harbour

Australia has quickly followed the United States’ lead in jumping right into the tiny house movement. The Land Down Under is filled with tiny house builders, rentals, communities, and social groups to get plugged into the Aussie tiny house community.

Tiny House Builders In Australia

Aussie Tiny Houses Coolum Beach, Queensland

Aussie Tiny Houses

$79,000–$119,000 AUD

Located in Queensland, Australia, Aussie Tiny Houses is a design-to-turn key tiny house building company with several high-caliber Australian designers and builders on staff. Each tiny house within the company’s vast range of home models is designed by in-house designers and built to Australian building standards.

Additionally, Aussie Tiny Houses makes an effort to integrate sustainability into their company values, including the option of off-grid alternatives that will enable a huge reduction of living costs. These solutions include solar power systems, composting toilets, rainwater harvesting and greywater systems.

Designer Eco Tiny Homes Ulladulla, New South Wales

Designer Eco Tiny Homes

$74,900–$134,900 AUD

Founded in 2010, Designer Eco Tiny Homes is a tiny house construction company based in New South Wales, Australia. This tiny house building company is owned by a sibling duo that has been building together for over two decades.

As the tiny house movement began to gain even more traction in 2016, Designer Eco Tiny Homes started focusing only on tiny houses as opposed to both traditional and tiny homes. Today, their team pours all of their energy into creating quality tiny houses that they know their customers will love.

Alphaline Tiny Homes North Lake, Queensland

Alphaline Tiny Homes

$70,300–$139,200 AUD

Alphaline Tiny Homes delivers turn-key designs to each of Australia’s seven territories. With nine prefabricated models and an entirely custom design route, Alphaline gives its customers many tiny house options. The company is a tiny house-centric subsidiary of Alphaline Homes, which is a family-owned custom home building company, also located in North Lake.

The tiny houses at Alphaline can be lived in short or long term, can accommodate for additional family members, or can serve as an affordable alternative to extending an existing house.

Häuslein Tiny House Co. Port Macquarie, New South Wales

Hauslein Tiny House Co

$97,350–$135,300 AUD

Häuslein Tiny House Co. has three prefabricated tiny house models for sale including the Gunyah, the Sojourner, and the Grand Sojourner. Located Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Häuslein works with their customers on every step of the design and build process.

If you partner with Häuslein, you get to choose the tiny house builder that you want to work with. All tiny homes are designed and built in Australia and comply with both the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Design Rules.

Sowelo Tiny Houses Brogo, New South Wales

Sowelo Tiny Houses

$70,000–$130,000 AUD

With the changing world and property prices in Australia, Shona and Barlo felt like it was the prime time to start their own tiny house build and design business. They had been following the tiny house trends in the United States over the years and were inspired to use what they learned and bring some of their own designs to Australia.

Today, Sowelo Tiny Houses offers three prefabricated tiny house models: the Sowelo Tiny House, the Zen Tiny House, and the Glamping Model. They also offer a custom build and design process for clients, and all builds comply with the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Design Rules.

Uber Tiny Homes Byron Bay, New South Wales

Uber Tiny Homes

$148 AUD (floorplans only)

Located in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Uber Tiny Homes provides tiny house floorplans for many different designs so customers can create their own tiny house anywhere in the world. Their designs include tiny homes on wheels, tiny homes on foundation, RV plans, and more. You can also partner with Uber Tiny Homes to create a custom tiny house or RV design based on the specific features you want.

Starter Homes Ballina, New South Wales

Starter Homes

$109,989–$174,889 AUD

Starter Homes is located in Ballina, New South Wales, and offers a tiny home model built to the Building Code of Australia Standards. Their design is built with a slide-out feature that is completely water tight and activated at the push of a button for extra room. They also offer a custom design option where you can work with the company to create your own tiny house.

Tiny House By Hangan Launching Place, Victoria

Tiny House By Hangan

$35,000–$190,000 AUD

The goal of Tiny House By Hangan is to create tiny houses for clients that allow them to live a sustainable and minimalist lifestyle in a house they love. You can work with the company’s builders and carpenters to create the tiny house of your dreams.

Treehab Tiny Houses Melbourne, Victoria

Treehab Tiny Houses

$74,900–$133,990 AUD

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Treehab Tiny Houses has several prefabricated tiny house design options including The Mountain Ash, The Red Gum, and The Tea Tree. Additionally, Treehab Tiny Houses sells off-grid solar panels on trailers as well as tiny house frames if you want to finish your own design.

Luxe Tiny Homes Hallam, Victoria

Luxe Tiny Homes

$59,990–$149,690 AUD

Luxe Tiny Homes is located in Hallam, Victoria, and offers three main prefabricated models: The Airlie, The Byron, and The Barossa, but they also have a custom design process where you can build the home of your dreams from scratch alongside their builders and designers. Luxe Tiny Homes also sells an off-road camper van called the Ningaloo Camper that is fully insulated and can sleep up to four people.

Tiny House Trailer Dealers In Australia

Phoenix Trailers Clontarf, Queensland

Phoenix Trailers

$3,000–$22,000 AUD

Phoenix Trailers has become a popular manufacturer in Queensland, Australia. The company assists individuals and businesses across the country. They also have specific hauling products manufactured for tiny homes on wheels. Phoenix has many hauling products including single axle trailers, tandem axle trailers, square enclosed trailers, galvanized trailers, and trailers made specifically for tiny homes.

Australian Trailer Manufacturers Trafalgar, Victoria

Australian Trailer Manufacturers

$10,000–$30,000 AUD

Located in Trafalgar, Victoria, Australian Trailer Manufacturers carries many hauling products, including tilt slides, drop decks, tag and dog trailers, floats, and custom trailers. Their factory and offices are situated east of Melbourne in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia.

FELK Engineering Trailer Specialist Warners Bay, New South Wales

FELK Engineering Trailer Specialist

$11,000–$18,898 AUD

FELK Engineering creates custom trailers for their clients based on their particular needs and specifications. The staff at FELK has experience creating trailers for tiny homes and offers an entire process specifically devoted to custom tiny house trailers.

Clients meet with engineers and building staff to provide specifications for their tiny house and FELKS does the rest. The company is able to manufacture tiny house trailers with GVMs of up to 4500 kg, which is their largest model possible.


Tiny Houses For Sale In Australia

Tiny Houses For Sale In Australia

If you’re considering moving to Australia to live in a tiny house, it’s important to consider the culture you’re about to experience. There are many reasons why Australian natives love living life in the Land Down Under!

Locals describe Australia as the “land of variety,” bragging about living in the kind of country where you can ski and surf in the same day. The continent bears exotic wildlife, diverse climates, delectable local cuisine, and daring, energetic people.

Australia is a lively, highly energetic, multicultural place. The people in Australia come from many countries and demonstrate many walks of life, which is highly attractive to those looking to diversify their social experience. Australia is a place where no two people have the exact same story, until they spend the day surfing together and get to know each other.

This melting pot is the result of Australians being connected to over 270 ancestries. Over seven million people have migrated to Australia since 1945, giving the country the vibrant edge it has today.

Each Australian state began as a separate British colony, which led to the six states and two territories that make up modern day Australia. While the country of Australia shares a national culture, each state and territory also has its own regional experience.

If you’re considering moving to the Down Under, put in the time to understand the differences between Australia’s different states. Feel free to browse these local tiny houses for sale throughout all Australian states and territories:


Tiny Houses For Rent In Australia

It’s no secret that Australia is a popular vacation destination, and the reasons why are clear! The Land Down Under truly has it all: tranquil beach getaways, breathtaking natural wonders, abundant outdoor adventures, unique aboriginal experiences, scintillating urban metropolises, the world’s oldest rainforest, and more.

Beloved Tourist Destinations in Australia

With so many exciting experiences to be had, family vacations to Australia can be whatever you want them to be. Check out these tiny house Airbnbs in Australia to book your next visit to Oz.

Tiny Houses Communities In Australia

Australian tiny house communities facilitate an intimate social connection between members and encourage thoughtful practices like self-sufficiency, stewarding resources, minimalism, environmentalism, and personal growth.

Tiny living communities have grown in popularity over the past 10 years all around the world, and Australia is not without its share of them. If you’re looking to take your tiny home living experience to the next level and join with others in the intentional lifestyle, these tiny house villages and intentional living communities might be what you need.

Live Simply

Live Simply is a startup company with dreams to create permanent, sustainable, affordable housing in Canberra, Australia’s capital city. Not only is Live Simply passionate about creating Australia’s first tiny house village, they also serve as advocates regarding tiny house building laws in Australia. Live Simply hopes to push toward allowing tiny homes in backyards (ADUs) without onerous cost and regulation across Australia.

The ultimate dream of Live Simply is to create many tiny house communities all across Australia, each with its own unique personality and purpose. Each community would allow residents to own their land as well as own their tiny house. When the village is solidified, residents will have security of tenure, but can sell their land and/or house if they choose to move.

Live Simply is currently in the process of raising funds and seeking investors to start their tiny house community. Check out their funding page to pitch in and join the conversation.

Mandala Community

Nestled in a valley about 40 kilometers northeast of Warwick, Queensland, the Mandala Community is an eco-village that supports land sharing, crop sharing, and many other forms of communal living. The Mandala community is located in the land area run by the Southern Downs Regional Council. It is located about 140 km southwest of Brisbane, Queensland.

The village occupies 112 hectares in the western foothills of Main Range National Park and is surrounded by some of the most idyllic scenery Australia has to offer. Shareholder homesites currently occupy 15 hectares of the shared land.

Mandala shares a community center that includes a meeting room, workshop, shelter shed, a camping ground, and homesteading equipment. The community also shares a permanent pool in the creek that supplies their farm-wide water system.

Mandala Community values include mutual aid, conservation, self-sufficiency, and personal autonomy. Members of the community have diverse views and lifestyles, but still exist in harmony within the eco village. Check out the Mandala website to learn more about joining this intentional living community.

Patanga Community

Located in Thora, New South Wales, the Patanga community is an intentional living community that places emphasis on relationality between individuals and the group, while appreciating how the whole is comprised of a greater than the sum of its parts. They also make it a community value to treat the land they live on with care and respect by replanting what they consume, living waste free, and tending to the local wildlife on site.

The Patanga Community is made up of 15 land shares on one hectare each. On each section of land, residents may cultivate their gardens and pursue any other project that the community believes adds value to the whole. All residents are expected to contribute a small amount of money and time to keep the community thriving.

All decisions in the Patanga Community are decided as a group. Building decisions on any share must have company and local council approval before the building process can start. Any decision regarding the use of common land are also made by the Company. If interested in joining Patanga, contact tim@timaickin.com.au.

Tiny Living Social Groups Australia

There are several groups throughout Australia where you can join with others who live the tiny life and share information and experiences regarding tiny living. Social groups are a great way to learn more about tiny houses in Australia and everything the tiny lifestyle comes with. These groups can also provide an opportunity to create social connections with people who love the same things you do.

Tiny Houses Australia

Tiny Houses Australia is a Facebook page where tiny house enthusiasts through Australia can come together and share ideas, resources, experiences, and links to tiny homes in the Land Down Under. This page is also a great place to discuss Australian building codes and improving laws for tiny house lovers in Australia.

Australian Off Grid Living

The Australian Off Grid Living Facebook page was created to share their ideas, successes, and struggles with off-grid living. The hope is that members will learn from each other as they begin or continue their journey toward a self-sustaining life. Topics that are frequently discussed include simple living, basic homesteading, solar panels, organic farming, rainwater systems, and more.

Melbourne Life Coaching Meetup Group

Another aspect of the tiny life is decluttering your mind and removing the mental clutter to focus on things you truly love. Simplifying your life can be a lengthy process, which is why the Melbourne Life Coaching Group exists! Check out their meetup group page to learn more.


Tiny House Laws & Building Codes Australia

*Disclaimer: The information provided on this website should not be taken as an expert opinion, consultation, or advisement of any kind. Building codes, home building, zoning, local laws etc are complicated and ultimately your responsibility to execute legally and safely. You must do your own research, consult with and verify with all applicable authorities, local officials, regulatory bodies, code and zoning officials, and city/state/federal governments. See our full legal page for further information here: https://thetinylife.com/about-us/legal/

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