60 Square Foot House for $300,000

Every now and again you hear people whine about not having enough space, but imagine living in a closet, literally, and then paying $300k for it! I found this little jem on a British site. What I love about these really small places is that it is so small that it leaves no room for anything frivolous. Everything is useful, functional, or better yet multifunctional. It is the purest form of living in a Tiny House (technically an apartment) and I think that is where it get interesting and you can learn some really practical lessons for living tiny.

This Tiny Apartment is actually a converted broom closet, no really, at some point someone realized that they could make a quick buck and sold it as a house! The owner is actually trying to sell it, not just to move, but to move into a 600 year old castle.

tiny apartment overview

small apartment kitchen

tiny house bathroom


  1. wow, you don’t even get a window for the cost. I’m all for the nice small space, but 300K? What is the catch?

  2. Why on earth would anyone ever pay 300k for such a tiny space? I imagine you could get quite a nice patch of land and build a tiny cabin on it for that amount of money, even in England.

  3. Come on. Honestly. Does this “chap” really think hes going to get that much money for such a small place? And no windows? How’s the occupant going to get out in a emergency if the door’s blocked?
    I cant help but to think that this is some sort of convoluted plan to: get advertising, or 15 minutes of fame, or to be on the news, or publicity stunt, or something else. But seriously, no one (in their right mind) would pay that much for so little. I built my tiny house (and its Movable) for under $2000, and I have 3 times the space and ive got 13 windows, And a fireplace, and a loft that fits a king or queen sized bed and double width bathtub and way more.
    I honestly cant see any logic in this. And the new owner will need to pay taxes on this property too! Im sure that an appraisal and inspection of the property will show that its not worth even 20% to 25% of the asking price. Rediculous .
    On the lighter side, it would make for a great apartment for a young St. Bernard just leaving moms house, or family of mice . HAHAHAHA

    • I’m a young guy, looking for a way around rent/a mortgage, my girlfriend won’t live in a tent, so that’s out of the question. I constantly look at micro homes, yurts, tipis, old trailers (Spartan, Airstream, etc.), but everything seems to be way over priced, your little home you describe sounds perfect, I’d love to see some pictures if you have a link? Plans? My email is xo1wes@yahoo.com

  4. Apparently is in a very high end part of London, he bought it originally for $140,000 4 years ago. I still think it’s crazy!

  5. Completely ridiculous…

  6. oh, and am I the only one that notices that there IS a small window in the corner?

  7. Yeah- cool little place, but I’d rather swallow a knitting needle than drop $300,000 on something like that- or I’d much rather buy about 5,000 acres of land in Montana for the same loot….

    and TINY YELLOW HOUSE TV (youtube)

  8. Location, location, location

  9. Really? 300k? It seems poorly designed in the fact that I belive the house would get in the way of itself. Lack of natural light, unaesthetically pleasing, honestly a fool would even know when to say “no.”

    Sorry, but I’ve designed a 7×9 tiny home With all the functionality of this home…if not more. I’m not saying its a competition; I’m just saying a little more thought and attention to detail should have been put forth before building this home, for it seems he took more time thinking up a rediculous value for the home than designing it.

  10. I read the article closely- he’s not trying to sell it to move to a castle. But if he sold it for its apparent value, he *could* move to a castle. He’s staying because his commute is fab.

  11. Tips and tricks for tiny homes: https://tinyhouseforum.com/topic.php?id=25

  12. I feel like there are better places to hang his jacket than the shower.

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