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Tiny House Building Codes

It’s been a while since I did a post about how tiny houses deal with building codes, so today I wanted to share the top 5 myths about building codes, zoning and tiny houses.

Busting Building Code Myths(1)

Myth 1:  I don’t need a permit if it’s under ___ sq/ft.

This is true, typically if you are building something under a certain square footage than you don’t need a permit.  The catch is there is an exception to this is and it’s when you want to dwell/live in it.  The second you place any personal property in that house, it is classified as “dwelwing” and it doesn’t matter if its 10,000 square feet or 10 square feet, you need a permit.

Myth 2: It’s an RV, Mobile Home, Camper.

Again this true… If your home is being built by a certified RV or Mobile Home manufacturer; also important to note, to become a manufacturer it will cost you several thousand dollars, an LLC and an inspection process to ensure you meet all 500+ requirements.  So you can’t just build an tiny and and say “look!  it’s a RV or Mobile Home.”  To top it off once you do become classified as such, you often can only reside in certain zoning areas, which are fast disappearing.   There is an exception to this: if your state has a “home built RV” class, but these are few and far between and more and more campgrounds and trailer parks refuse entry on them.

Myth 3: I can just say I’m “camping”

Somewhat true.  Typically municipalities have limits of how long you can camp.  This is is often 2 days to 30 days in one spot or on one parcel of land.  In the city I live in, you are legally not allowed to camp at all unless FEMA has declared a state of emergency.   In some cases you can “camp” if you move every few days, but the city could also say “you’re not camping, you’re dwelling” and then its curtains.

Myth 4: They can’t stop me!  I’ll do what I want.

In some places you’re right.  It’s often the case that its not that they can’t stop you, but they won’t unless it becomes a big public issue.  In most places they can stop you.  They will come in and condemn you tiny house, which means if you enter it, they’ll arrest you for being in your own home!  They can also fine you, run a bulldozer through your house to destroy it, or deny you utilities like they did to me (read about it here).  All of which they legally can do, have done and you have no recourse for.

Myth 5: It’s on wheels codes/zoning don’t apply.

This is a big myth perpetrated by those who want to make a quick buck of tiny house people.  It is true that having a tiny house on wheels will help things generally because it confuses the bureaucrats, you can move it so easily, etc.  But the truth is that the second you dwell in it, all bets are off and the city can do what they want.

So what can I do?!?

There are two approaches to this:  1) you can beat them at their own game and know how to leverage the codes 2) you can fly under the radar.  Each of these have their pros and cons.  To get a better understanding of these things I have an ebook of how you can work within the system to gain legal status with your tiny house.  I show you the key barriers for tiny house folks, offer possible solutions and give you strategies to beat the system.  I also show you how to fly under the radar, how to live in your tiny house without getting caught.  Both are covered in Cracking The Code: A guide to building codes and zoning for tiny houses.

Cracking the Code by Ryan Mitchell


  1. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for sharing all this great info with us.
    Have you experienced some of the issues you describe above?
    Are you able to live in the tiny house you built? Do you have electricity (and AC)? I know it’s hot there in NC.

  2. Great info but kind of depressing. I am new to tiny homes and am absolutely sold on the idea. But I’ve discovered that finding a place to permanently park one is a real challenge. You also mention that “zoning areas are fast disappearing.” Does this signal the beginning of the end to the tiny home movement?

  3. A distressingly accurate analysis. Still, that just represents where we are now, not necessarily where we’re going. Hopefully things will change for the better as sensible people chip away the barriers bit by bit. Stay polite and reasonable when working with officials, they’re just people too. Remember the Aesop’s fable about the North Wind and the Sun http://www.aesopfables.com/cgi/aesop1.cgi?3&TheNorthWindandtheSun

  4. Wow! Good information to know. Each one of those “myths” were things that I would have totally said and argued to the death! Hopefully all of us “tiny home” people can work together to create some positive change with the bureaucrats.


    • Positive change with Bureaucrats? Wow, you do live in a fantasy world. LOL

  5. Good insights!

    I am a teacher of gifted students at a private school and for our architecture unit we are on the precipice of building one as a class (tomorrow I learn where we stand on funding). The plan is to building one that is 117 sqft. and auction it off as a fundraiser for our 25th Anniversary as a school.

    I met with a Planner, Project Manager, and Plans Examiner with the city two weeks ago and here is a brief rundown of what I learned.

    1) Because it is a unique build, they are willing to be relatively lenient with us (also because we are a school and this is for education/fundraising).
    2) Whoever buys it cannot keep it within city limits because it would be viewed as a dwelling and does not meet the city minimum of 750sqft. Also, they would probably run into problems with HOAs.
    3) There was considerable debate about what this is to be classified as: RV/Trailerhome/Resident Dwelling. The conclusion was a mobile/rv structure.
    4) It was determined that no building permit would be required since it was 3ft short of the minimum (120sqft). Rather, this project will fall under the business license of the school.
    5) We are to build it relatively out of sight. The city does not have a problem with the structure, but some random citizen just might complain to a councilman and we would then have to go through the process of obtaining a special use permit. (They told me several times, the more low key the project in the initial stages, the better it would go).
    6) We are to submit two copies of the plans (stamped by a MO approved engineer/architect), and have 3 inspections along the way.
    7) The city is actually really excited about this project!

    Overall, meeting with the city was a wonderful step and experience. It allowed us to really hash out questions and come to an agreement. My encouragement is to really know your project before you meet with them so that you can answer any/all questions they may have. You might just be pleasantly surprised as I was!

  6. Jacob, will you be able to register your structure as an RV with the DMV?

    • To my understanding, pulling from my notes from the city hall meeting, that is what would happen. Since we are auctioning it off, that would fall upon the buyer.

    • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisncdoivnosncdsvn;s

  7. I think a petition is in order to have these tiny homes legal to dwell in! People live out of their cars when they have no other choice but that isn’t illegal, right? Yet, a place where we can live small on a trailer is illegal?

    I think we should take a tiny home, place it in front of Walmart parking lot for example, and have problems sign the petition to allow these units to be legal to dwell in rather it’s in a trailer park or RV Park! We need to figure out something because I do not want an RV or Mobile Home when I can have a custom unit built to my liking for much less money than an RV or Mobile Home!

    • BuddySteve, sorry to say, but living out of your car *is* illegal, pretty much everywhere in the US. Though I will say, 80% of the time, especially if you’re not in a big city, cops will ignore you as long as they don’t get complaints from other people about you.

      That being said, I fully support a tiny home zoning petition and movement.

    • I completely agree with you!

      As economic situation getting worse and worse, or people with inferior work opportunity/strength or any reason to rid of life of city system, and probably can just afford to pay a land to stay, can’t a county of country defend their basic dignity to live like a human being???

  8. Problems = people

  9. You can build a tiny home, but if you have zoning laws that mandate lot size, it’s not going to save you much. My HOA requires motor homes to be in the back yard shielded from view.

  10. We are running into several road blocks with the city while building our tiny house. In your book, what building code do you reference? Trying to decide if it is going to be helpful for us.


    • I’m also interesting in knowing more about the ebook. I didn’t see a table of contents or any information other than whats on the ebook cover.

  11. So where CAN I build a small house LEGALLY even if a permit is necessary. Whthout having to worry about having to move it etc.

    In the USA ?

  12. I am lucky enough to have bought 2 acres smack dab in the middle of central Minnesota that has no building restriction, 2 miles away from town, and in a private secluded area! I’ve even seen like 4 tiny homes out here!

    • Todd, where in central MN? We are in St. Cloud. We have a tiny house that we are trying to place somewhere and are running into all sorts of problems with city and county zoning restrictions.

    • Todd,

      Where in central Minnesota is this? I live about 45 minutes directly north of Minneapolis and about an hour directly west of St. Cloud. I commute to St. Cloud five days a week and have been researching where I could possibly go tiny around here.

    • Where in Minnesota

    • Todd what do you do about water,sewer and electric

  13. Aren’t the codes different in different cities?

    I dont live in the same city as you, so how can you break the codes in my city?

    Sorry I am disabled and live on a fixed income and that $15 will feed me for a week, otherwise I would buy it just to see…


  14. Hello, I have been interested in building a tiny house on a cheap plot of land. My current financial situation doesn’t allow me to even think about it at this point, but I came across something about a WA tiny house bill that would remove restrictions for tiny houses in cities of less than a certain amount of people. What had become of this? Did the bill pass or is it still being processed, reviewed, argued about? I would love to hear some good news about it. I live in Tacoma, and the nearest city that fulfills the requirements is Gig Harbor. I’m hoping and praying for the day that I can build whatever I want, how small or big I want, without restraints and having to obtain special permissions.

  15. My wife and I are excited about the Tiny House movement, but are discouraged after reading some of the posts here. I’m wondering what all of the companies that are building these homes are doing to overcome these crazy restrictions? Does the restrictions fall on the buyer after the purchase? I’m willing to jump onboard with the fight against bureaucrats for this cause, where do I sign up?

    • From what I found in my research of asking builders themselves: is people they sell to either found a place legally to put it (very few)), or they use them as BnB’s renting them out. So basically, they build them, and sell them but it’s the buyer who has to find legal placement. The ones I spoke with were very vague and didn’t appreciate my questions. All in all, my conclusions are: many builders are jumping in to build and sell while the idea is hot, they are aware that most states do not allow them legally as permanent dwelling unless in a park hooked to the grid, they are not saying much if anything to inform buyers of the limitations and they are doing little to change the zoning. It is one of the biggest scams and dream crushers ever, though it’s legal.

      • > People want tiny houses.
        > A company supplies these tiny houses.
        > Men with guns, unaffiliated with the company, will break in your house, drag you into a cage, and bulldoze your house if you place it somewhere they don’t want it.
        > It’s the company’s fault, those crooks!

        People like you are the reason I am a misanthrope.

        • lets do something to change it I am tired of government tell me how to live watching me flush my tolit every morning so I don’t want city water or sewage so the can keep up with what time I poop every day If I live clean and safe what is it to them it the people who live close to you telling your local government how you can live and what you need to live by like keeping up with the jones (so to speak)some people think that if you cant keep up with them your trash and don’t what you in they neighborhood.

  16. Some time ago, someone sent email with the Bill for people to sign up. If the quantity over the limitation, for instance, 20,000, it will be put into the law. We might consider encourage Senators to set up the criteria to build the tiny house in particular area, as RV or Mobile Home.

    I believe lots of people more and more like to live in a tiny house, enjoying rural life than going through city life 9~5 and paying many kind of bills, but living like pig or dog; or like slaver to pay rent month by month. We should be aware of what life can bring more meaning to us, but not passing through life day by day without any new content. Especially I’m vegitarism, I won’t have problem to live in rural area or forest. My only dream now, is where to find a land cheap but full of trees, then put a tiny house or build by myself on it.

    • That is the crux of the matter – being embedded in a slavery system. It is still slavery because then, you become indebted to everyone else, and there is NO ESCAPE until you forcibly extract yourself out of it. For instance, at the time, I lived on SSDI and earned the other half of my income from a part-time job.

      Rent kept creeping up, and my SSDI didn’t keep up with it. There always something coming up to force me to stop saving for a while, when I paid off the emergency bill, and I could resume saving for a couple of months or longer (if I was lucky) until something else came along to be dealt with. Meanwhile, I was never able to save money to pay off my school loan and other bills. I needed my savings for when SHTF, in which emergency bills didn’t qualify for because I could pay them off over time with my work income and still be on good terms. I used credit cards to help keep my savings from being attacked. It has been successful so far.

      I extracted myself out of the city when I found that I was no longer wanted by my company (because my hours were being cut while the newer people were taking the hours away from me, and I lost access to health insurance). I chose to quit and take my losses and get out. I managed to get out of my apartment lease with a note from the then-volunteer organization saying that I was relocating to that town for work. This was over two years ago.

      I went on the road, looking for a trade skill within the renaissance faire circuit, which so did not work out because as insular people are in the world at large, the rennie business owners are even more so. I did simple ranch work with fencing, working on an organic produce farm, and now I write articles for a small amount of money for about half of what I earned part-time in the city, BUT, I don’t have rent or electricity to deal with, which was more than the income I’ve lost. It’s a better situation, and I like where I am living now. I have been homeless at one point and stayed in a homeless shelter for about 3 weeks.

      Someday, I want to take the money I saved to possibly pay off everything I owe when the time is right.

      • Ann, I am just about in the same boat. Collecting SSDI and having a monthly check that is below the poverty level for one person. Thank GOD I am not on SSI which would be even worse. I feel for those who are.
        Fortunately I do have enough coming from my back pay to build something very small, 500-700 Square Feet plus a loft , as long as I am careful about buying a lot that will not require any HOA or other hidden BS to pay every month.
        Then It will not be quite so bad living on such a limited monthly budget. Friend me on FB … Colin Cote

      • Stephanie Ellison… you too friend me on FB ,,, Colin Cote

        • I am in the “Houston – Tiny House Enthusiasts” FB group. You didn’t indicate WHICH Colin Cote you are.

  17. The zoning quagmire is exactly the reason I gave up on trying to get a tiny house. I own land, but in order to have the tiny house built I would have to get multiple permits and pay for inspections and after all that there’s no guarantee that they will let me have it!! Plus the cost of all that just to find out I can’t have a tiny house is a waste of money. It’s a catch 22. Either fork over the cash and take your chances, or sit on my empty land and watch the prices of everything keep going up. Including the mortgage on my 3bedroom home that I can certainly do without as I am single.

    • Ann,Stephanie Ellison, I agree with you. That’s the reason why I hesitate to make decision to have land or/and tiny house, since it’s very hard to find the right place you can settle down securely and peacefully. This slavery system has rooted hard in America and lots of other places on earth. But it’s not new. Since ancient time power and wealth go together. The changes of outside has never affect interior content.

      When I suggested to build the tiny house in particular area, as RV or Mobile Home, I expect it can as close to city as possible without legal problem, and most of people live there still can search for job to accumulate savings. More optimistically, they can obtain ample exemption for a period of time in Tax or fee for staying there. There is no way we can have a piece of land or property without paying any tax, right? But, the houses for people to stay are the biggest expense. If we got several years, for most of people, without paying any tax, rent, or fee, it’s already a great relief of burden. At the time of that period, we should regain strength and arm ourselves to a new life. But, if the economic situation can not turn around so quick, certainly government should render more ample time to them, that’s another story…

      Sometimes, I feel uncomfortable to stay in the city that everything exchanges with money. Government can render people in difficulty with benefit of free land for farming or growing vegetables and living, solar system to generate power, compact toilet..etc. But not giving SSI to embarrass them.

      If you find anywhere can park tiny house free or cheap, please let me know. Thank you!

  18. Another big piece of the confounding puzzle is the great handshake between banks, real estate people, and local county politicians. They only benefit from BIG houses and not from small or tiny ones. Banks get much more mortgage interest, real estate folks get higher commissions, and local politicians get more property taxes from BIG houses. This for doing very little except clicking a mouse and answering a phone.

    • That’s called the Housing Mafia or the Housing Nexus.

  19. What about if you’re building a tiny house as an art studio? I wouldn’t be living in it and I’m hoping to build it inmmy back yard.

  20. Well I’m pretty sure that here in PA private developments on private land are allowed. If you guys all got together you could incorporate yourselves and buy your own tract of land.

    A Home Owners Association is basically just a corporation.

    So get yourselves together in a group, find a corporate lawyer willing to draft the papers and I’m almost certain you could create a development of tiny houses.

    You could make the restrictions a maximum size rather than a minimum. Set up bylaws to protect the group.

    Start up a community garden. And take care of your land together. Make it like a gated community.

    • that’s exactly what I’d like to do! A community that works together to live simple! Even a community homeschool, an outdoor theater, fishing pond… yeah I’m dreaming as I have no funds for this, but wouldn’t it be awesome?

    • Does anyone know of some ‘tiny home communities’ in the united states? Ive looked it up, but seem to find they’ve been addressing homelessness with these communities. Not necessarily as simply a place to park and pay rent.

  21. Look up Erland homes.

  22. Lower case I’s are just the worst… So glad to not see any here.

  23. I have purchased version 2.0 and wondered if there has been an update.

  24. I have been reading in all possible ways of how to live in a nice simple life like many of us would like to with a roof over us we just want live the way we would like to “free” but it seems that is not possible with these tiny homes even if we bought our own lands… we should fight it other then just writing down our problems we should start a petition over it and push it… to do things the right way we must fight in the right way may take years… or not we can hit big mayors and community with it …its more easy now with social media or like the other guy said we can start a community when a land is bought and everyone settles in but with knowing no permites or any other stuff should be allowed but work as a community most thing won’t take action with us getting together and I know a lot of people have the same problem… petition is a start..

  25. Say all of this is true,why can’t someone start a Tiny House Park; like a mobile home park? If pads,utilities,water,etc.are offered,it could be a great way to save the country a bundle on killing trees,relocating nature (or worse)and be the ‘greenest’ thing ever. I dream a lot, but believe this could be the next big thing, if the government would loosen the grip a little…Thanks for hearing me.It is awesome to know that I’m not the only one that sees the good in this way of living.

    • Stoneman,
      Hello, there are several Tiny Home parks already established throughout Northern California that I know of for sure. I just saw an article this morning for a park in San Jose, they lifted the enforced codes, regulations, etc. in order for it to be approved so it ca help house the homeless. My question is, since they lifted it for that use, could everyone have the same right in that area? I would think and hope so! Why thet place such strong enforcement on it in the first place is beyond me! It could actually help save people from becoming homeless in the first place if they had options for affordable living to begin with. It leaves less footprints on our earth, as you and others have mentioned, and numerous other “green” benefits. Unfortunately, our government doesn’t want to see people be self-sufficient! It’s beyond ridiculous that a land owner doesn’t have the right to do with their land what they choose, as long it’s not harming others or the earth; which with tiny homes and being self-sufficient would actually benefit our earth! Look at how they restricted “rain collecting”! What kind of bs is that?! They’ve lifted the ban in most places, but not all. There’s no reason why a person shouldn’t be able to have rain barrels. When they did that, I lost all faith in our government system! Since, I’ve lost even more as I’m now more privy to just what thet like to keep their hands in. Could be in getting older and more wiser too! I hope to have a tiny home in the near future, I’m reasearching and trying to gain as much information as I can! There are some brilliant people on this thread who have excellent ideas and firsthand knowledge and experience. Thankful they’re sharing their thoughts, opinions and ideas! Have a great day!

  26. Nomad these and you’ll never have a problem. They license as an Rv. I stay at relatives, on my plot of zoned farmland.. Campgrounds. I never wear out my welcome. Campgrounds are 400 a month, water, electric and sewer. And I’ve yet to be refused into a campground, rather they love it. I built my 24ft. {use the phrase rv} of run solar battery powered and generator, or direct hookup. Water pressure from the campground runs a water turbine that charges batteries.
    I built it discrete. I’ve been pulled over. All were amazed.

  27. I take a different approach. I lived for a year in a Station Wagon because I could not afford to live in an apartment simply because as a MALE, I was not eligible for welfare assistance, and I had VA Disability income that exceeded general assistance funding. SO I lived in my Ford Station Wagon. Yes I was harassed, but I was not going to stand in soup lines, and stay in shelters just because the City wanted it. then I built my own Tiny Home (it was called a trailer house back then). I purchased a small parcel of land (1/4th Acre) outside the City and parked it there. Since the Trailer itself had a title and a License Plate, I just kept it licensed and it was Personal Property. I lived in it without permission of the state, County or local municipality… because I DID NOT ASK THEM FOR PERMISSION. I was not a charge of the state, I received no welfare, I wasn’t bothering anyone. so what gives them the right to tell me how to live. I once was confronted by the County regarding my continued use of MY PROPERTY as a campground and I told the individual I wasn’t camping… I lived there. Since he was a Code Enforcer, and you could not see the structure from the road, I asked if he had a warrant to enter my property, and told him he was illegally trespassing on private property. SInce he stated he DID NOT HAVE TO HAVE A WARRANT TO ENTER, I corrected him and informed him I was going to sue him, his supervisor and the County individually and severally as well as the County Prosecutor if she failed to prosecute him for illegal trespass. A Laugh ensued until; I told him that under the 9th Amendment to the US Constitution, I had the right to live in any condition of my choice, and I also have the right to press charges of Deprivation of Rights under the Color of Law against him both criminally as well as civil. You see, the Code was empowered by “PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY.” My property was Private not Public. There was no effluent that left my property as my sewage was actually used to create fertilizer for my plants as well as create Methane Gas for Heating, cooking and powering my equipment. I grew my own food, raised my own animals… and again, My activities caused harm to NO ONE! I did not hear from the Code Enforcer or the County after that encounter. After a year of living in the “Tiny Home.” I sold it and with that money I purchased a larger parcel and did the same. This was in Oregon.

  28. I had a hard time taking you seriously due to numerous typos in this short article. Please proof what you publish, or pay someone to do so.

    • Mike, I am not a professional writer. English is not my first language. If I am not grammatically correct it does not change the nature of the message. If I wrote it in ebonics would you be so critical? I hope you got something from what I posted, as I did during the process of LIVING in my own Tiny House. Many people can post their OPINIONS on the what if’s and never have actually experienced the reality of doing so. Speculation is just that, and opinions… everyone has one. Lastly, I would loos the thought stream if I was focusing on Proofing everything I stated or wrote. I hope you understand, and thanks for the review of my grammer.

    • Mike,
      Norbert is writing his own experience as a comment, not an “article” for publication. I find it offensive that you ask Norbert to “pay someone” to proofread his comments. This tiny house community is a Do-It-Yourself movement! If you can’t appreciate the difference between a formal article and the content of replies left on the “comments” section of a blog post, then you need a wake-up call!
      As for me, I commend Norbert on his resourcefulness, creativity, and appropriate utilization of our constitutional freedoms. But you focus on typos? Good grief!!

  29. Update from Norbert!

    This is a concept position and I like to force the issue because only the Belligerent have Rights in the United States. SO sezs the Federal Courts! I just purchased a property and did a title search for all liens and encumbrances, including right-of-way, and easements. What I found was that there is NO RECORD of of easements nor right of way, etc. My understanding is that private property cannot be taken for PUBLIC use without compensation. Therefore if a PUBLIC ENTITY can assume powers over your property, then it has been in essence taken for PUBLIC USE as they assume authority over it. Well, I asked where the powers for ZONING arises and was told “for public health and safety.” i THOUGHT MY PROPERTY WAS private property AND not public domaine! i never sold my rights to any government source, and the concept of Democracy (voter’s Rights) has no power over private property unless there is an agreement to SELL those powers. Therefore, until I am fully compensated for my LOSS OF PROPERTY RIGHTS, I do not recognize any Zoning powers over my property and the laws that created it are COLORED and failed to comply to the mandates and limits of the Constitution for the USA. UNder the 9th Amendment I am denying any government agency powers over my property that they did not compensate me for conversion from Private Property to Public Domain. On another property to which was owned by my family before I acquired it by purchase in 1997, I did receive formal notice to have my Septic Tank Pumped as well as inspected by a Licensed Plumber. Interestingly, I do not have a septic tank, nor do I plan to have such in the future. But upon a second citation, I will be fined $300 for non compliance to the Zoning Ordinance. Now ask yourself one thing, if there never existed a septic system, and since I have never been afflicted by any septic borne disease, and no harm has come to my flora or fauna on my property, as well as no neighbor has been harmed by my Biogas digester, my Rainwater Catchment system, nor my compost manufacturing. In fact, it was the Neighbors that polluted the groundwater, rendered the Wells in the area not fit for human usage, and killed the fish in my year round creek with direct dumping of animal waste that flows directly into my property via the stream which also contaminated the natural pond on my property.. But they are compliant to County Ordinances and Zoning! Now back to the Tiny House concept! I am placing a Tiny House with a BASE of 120 Sq Ft, Expandable on a currently Licensed Travel Trailer frame. It will be fully self contained, not requiring hook-up to any PUBLIC UTILITY and meets Highway requirements for height, width, and length. I will not be seeking anyone’s permission to place it on MY property that is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances that were not SOLD to anyone, agency, or governmental entity. I only recognize the status of the land at the time I purchased it.

    • We live in a civilized society. That is why we have zoning rules and building codes. Go live in Siberia with your thinking

      • Silly ‘muricans.

        • Having zoning codes does not create a civilized society. It creates a dictatorship in which one does not own anything, they are merely assigned a right of occupancy at the pleasure of the state. Zoning and building codes prohibit the poor from access to housing that they can afford and therefore the STATE/FED then subsidizes their purchase at the expense of the Tax Payer. When the state tells you what you need to be happy, I become suspect as the determination of what is happy is held with the individual, not the state.

          A Bedroom to me is a Room with a Bed. Why then are you required to have a minimum dimension of 7 ft x 7 ft. I am perfectly “happy” with a 4×8 foot room for the bed as I only SLEEP in the room with a bed. My bedroom has been 4 x 8 since the 1950’s and it has not negatively affected my health or safety. The same applies to requirements of a 120 sq ft living room.

          Then consider the requirement to be hooked up to the Public Utilities wherein you are required to pay a fee for something that you don’t need because you already have a waste disposal (Biogas digester), Atmospheric Water + rainwater catchment, Solar/wind generator.

          Again, Codes and minimum requirements are NOT for the purpose of Health and Safety, they are for maintaining a MINIMUM TAX BASE and control over basic freedom rights. If one accepts that Building Codes and Zoning constitutes a civilized society, then I will remain uncivilized and be happy and free. As long as the building looks good, well maintained, and does not detract from the area, the city/county/state should not interfere with the personal lives of others. ALL the regulations imposed upon the people by the state receive their powers under “PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY.” Well let me inform all that my home is NOT public property. It is PRIVATE PROPERTY.

  30. The person who wrote this does not entirely know what they are talking about. There are many inacuraciea. Without knowledge of the contents of the book, do not buy it. And if you do, if it contains the same information as the sales pitch, it will be incorrect. Beware. There are many comments on zoning. The comments are not answered because they are different in every jurisdiction. There is no way for anybody to summarize but only inform on how to find out. Contact the jurisdiction you want to build in and they will tell you the zoning laws. As for building codes, they are usually the IRC like mentioned, but also amended as reqd for jurisdictions. Contact local city, county or state building code department for information. Tiny houses are a part of the future so do not give up and enjoy.

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