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Braumraum Tree Houses

Tree Houses will always have a nostalgic aspect in our hearts, growing up we loved ...  didn't.  The architects over at Baumraum are masters at tree houses, but at a whole new level than your childhood dream home, they have ...

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Tree Falling On A Tiny House

...  my city has been without power for days because of fallen trees.  The upside of living off the grid is I have full control over my ...  decision I made when going off grid was to park my house in the woods where I have tree cover for shade during the summer and in ...

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A Treehouse Perch With Unobstructed Views

...  4 program George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, The Sky Den treehouse is actually three structures in one cleverly combined to let in the best ...

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5 Fly Treehouse Designs

...  houses and tree houses go together like shrimp over grits or gravy over ...  to reveal that I not so secretly wish to live in a tiny tree house community. I actually visited a tree house community in Belgium that ...

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Modern Magic Treehouse

...  while this is technically a kids treehouse, it had a certain quality that reminded me of Deek's Relax Shacks.  It ...  go into town for meals.  One nice feature is that the house is designed to be partially built on the ground, then tilted up to its ...

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