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20 Gifts For Homesteaders They Will Love

...  and they’re just overall really comfortable. 5. Solar Panels Make The Best Off-The-Grid Gifts If your budget allows, solar panels make excellent gifts for off-grid living or great gifts for ...

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Does Homesteading Save Money? Costs And Benefits

NAVIGATION Can You Save MoneyBenefits Of HomesteadingReturn On InvestmentResources For Saving Everyone wants to know, when it comes down to it, does homesteading save money? In my life, I’ve experienced freedom from debt and the reduction of ...

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200 Practical Homesteading Skills For The Modern Homesteader

...  Energy Saving Homesteading Skills: Choosing Solar Panels Choosing the right solar panels helped my homestead run smoothly and inexpensively, boosting my ...  More Energy Saving Homesteading Skills: Choosing A Solar Generator Choosing the right solar generator can give you peace of mind ...

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22 Movies About Homesteading To Watch

Movies about homesteading can provide inspiration about living off your own land while also preparing you for potential challenges you might face. I love watching all types of films that pertain to this way of life — homesteading movies, self-reliance  ...

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Designing A 50 Acre Homestead Layout

...  preserved foods and growing indoor herbs and starters. Solar ArrayMy tiny home is efficiently powered by 10 solar panels, but depending on the size of your own space, you’ll want to ...

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