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Community Building

...  again.  As a group you could arrange your own power from solar, wind, and hydro.  For Black water you could arrange systems to deal ...

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Tiny Home in Montreal

...  built.  The house is just under 400 square feet, features solar panels, LED lights and a propane fridge.  The designer calls this the ...  it comes with everything you see here, including solar panels.  It retails for $89,000 (I don't know if it USD or ...

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The Little Easy

...  chief passive imperative for this region is to minimize solar heat gain. We used glazing sparingly and when we did use it we made sure ...  physics modeling within TREAT. SUNREL was developed by the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) and the National Renewable Energy Lab ...

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About Us

...  still lives in his tiny house full time and off grid with solar, teaching others how to live simply. As a best selling author, he’s ...

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