GoSun Fusion Solar Oven Review

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One of the best solar products I’ve come across when it comes to off-grid cooking has got to be the GoSun Fusion. I’ve been cooking off the grid for over a decade, and having top-notch kitchen appliances that can run entirely on solar has been a must!

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When I first went off the grid 10 years ago, I wanted to use a crock pot, but I knew my solar panel system could not handle it. The GoSun Fusion ended up being the investment that let me cook virtually anything off grid.

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What Is The GoSun Fusion Solar Oven?

What Is The GoSun Fusion Solar Oven

The GoSun Fusion Solar Oven is a tiny kitchen power tool because it can be both grid-tied and solar powered. It’s a hybrid, 12-volt solar and electric combo oven that can run on solar alone, electric alone, or both! It’s great for an off-grid kitchen on a homestead or a family camping trip way out in the woods.

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GoSun Fusion Specs

One of my favorite aspects of The GoSun Fusion is that it is powered in a way that makes it easy for homesteaders or tent campers to cook their favorite meal quickly, even when lacking light.

If you’re out of sunlight, you can easily plug the Fusion oven into a 12-volt source to power the 150-watt heating element. GoSun also has several solar chargers that you can use to harness the power you need to get your Fusion up and rolling, long after the sun has set.

Oven Model Price Size Capacity Max Temp Carrying Case
Fusion $439 24″ x 8″ x 8.5″ 145 oz 550° Yes, additional cost
Oven Model Durability Heat Potential Cooking Speed Packaging Portability Accessories

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Who Can Use The GoSun Fusion?

Out of all the GoSun solar ovens, the Fusion is the oven I would recommend for big families or large groups. The Fusion oven easily cooks a meal for four people, and possibly even five people with slightly smaller servings. This oven cooks more food than any of the other GoSun ovens, so it’s the way to go if you’re cooking off grid with family or a group of friends.

When To Use The GoSun Fusion Solar Oven

While all of the GoSun solar ovens allow you to cook in virtually all weather, the Fusion is special because it allows you to cook overnight as well. The GoSun Fusion uses an evacuated tube to trap heat overnight and allow you to cook even when it’s dark outside. Because there is no specific time of day that you have to cook with the Fusion, you and your crew have a ton of flexibility when it comes to off-grid cooking.

Why Use The GoSun Fusion Solar Oven

Any time you find yourself needing to prepare an off-grid meal for a group, the GoSun Fusion is going to get the job done. It’s a great oven to invest in if you plan to build on off-grid cabin or homestead for you and your loved ones.

The GoSun Fusion is larger than some of the other GoSun ovens, which does make it the most difficult to travel with. In my opinion, the Fusion is ideal for a stationary off-grid kitchen setup like an RV, cabin, or homestead. It would be harder to lug this solar oven around on the trails with its heavier weight and larger size.

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GoSun Fusion Solar Oven Review: Pros And Cons

GoSun Fusion Solar Oven Review

I have tried many solar ovens in my decade of living off the grid, and I’m always highly skeptical when I introduce a new one into my life. Solar ovens that cook food thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently can be hard to come by. Thankfully, the GoSun Fusion really fit the bill for me.

GoSun Fusion Oven Pros

Pro: The GoSun Fusion Reaches High Temperatures

The GoSun fusion gets hot quickly and easily. The oven can reach up to 550°F, but has never once burned my meal in my time using the oven. It’s perfect for cooking meals that take longer to bake or cook, like breads and cakes, meats, or a classic, tasty stir fry.

Pro: The GoSun Fusion Cooks Large-Batch Meals

One of the main pros that sets the GoSun Fusion apart from other solar ovens is the amount of food it’s able to cook. With a 101 oz. cooking tray, the Fusion can cook a meal for four, five, or six people within an hour, which is perfect for big family camping trips away from the grid.

Pro: The GoSun Fusion Is Durable

The GoSun Fusion is sturdy, durable, and slow to break or crack. Built out of 14 lbs. of solid steel, the oven can easily withstand being dropped from a high vantage point. Just don’t ask me how I know that!

Pro: You Can Tie The GoSun Fusion To The Grid

One of my favorite aspects — and possibly the defining feature — of the GoSun Fusion is that you can choose to tie it to the grid as well as run it entirely on solar. This is great for off-grid life because it allows you the freedom to be as “off” or “on” the grid as you want to be. And if the sun disappears in the middle of your cooking session, you’ve always got the option to simply connect it to power without missing a beat.

The Fusion isn’t limited to one power route, which gives you and your family options on your campsite or homestead.

You Can Tie The GoSun Fusion To The Grid

Pro: You Can Cook At Night With The GoSun Fusion

The best advantage to investing in the GoSun Fusion solar oven is its ability to cook meals at night. Whenever you’re out of sunlight, you can simply plug the Fusion into a 12-volt source to power the 150-watt heating element in the oven.

When I camp out with my extended family, I love to bring my GoSun Fusion along. With my Fusion, I know I can cook satisfying meals while my family sits around the bonfire without worrying about losing daylight. We can all just relax together by the fire as late as we want while enjoying our favorite home-cooked meals.

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GoSun Fusion Oven Cons

Con: The GoSun Fusion Is Hard To Transport

While the GoSun Fusion is a great choice for many reasons, it is the hardest GoSun product to travel with. Some of the other GoSun products like the GoSun Go and the GoSun Sport are lighter in weight and collapse easier. The GoSun Fusion weighs a little bit more, making it harder to take on the go.

Con: The GoSun Fusion Is Expensive

If you’re trying to buy a solar oven on a budget, the Fusion may not be the way to go. While some of the other GoSun ovens are $300 or less, the GoSun Fusion is closer to $500, which is a fair bit more. However, there are tons of features on the Fusion that make it worth the pricier investment, it really just depends on what you can afford.

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Should You Buy The GoSun Fusion?

Should You Buy The GoSun Fusion

I would recommend the GoSun Fusion to anyone planning to buy a cabin or vacation home off grid or take a camping trip with extended family.

This solar oven cooks thoroughly, quickly, and in large quantities. Owning a GoSun Fusion oven definitely makes my camping experience better.

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