GoSun Sport Solar Oven Review

gosun sport solar oven The GoSun Sport Solar Oven was the cooker I was most skeptical of when I started my testing, but due to the unique design, I felt a review of the top solar ovens wouldn’t be complete without including it. To put it plainly, my reservations were quickly overturned, and this was one of my favorite solar cookers of the entire test.

With the vacuum tube, the GoSun Sport Solar Oven heats up fast! I found this to be the hottest and fastest cooking solar oven. While the GoSun’s cooking volume is a lot less than all the other solar stoves, it’s cooking speed makes up for it. The main tube is glass, but it’s very durable. (So, I might have dropped this once by accident…from two feet up…onto a concrete floor right onto the end of the tube. Amazingly it didn’t break!) If you’re looking for a solar oven, the GoSun is one most people should consider seriously.

Price: $249-$359

GoSun Solar Oven Specs

Brand Price Size Capacity Stored Size Carrying Case
Go Sun $249 – $359 24x16x12 Small 24x8x5 Yes, additional cost
Ease of Use Durability Heat Potential Cooking Speed Packaging Portability Accessories
Go Sun

Who is this solar oven for?

I’d say it’s best for single people or couples, people on the move (RVers, campers, etc.), and people who don’t have a ton of space. This oven has some serious advantages because it cooks so fast. For me I found myself reaching for it often when I come home late and want to solar cook with the remaining hours of sun left during the summer evenings. This is great for the busy professional who might be working all day or the RVer/Camper who might not get to the campground until later in the day.

How this solar oven cooked:

This solar oven is hot! It left most of the other ovens in the dust in terms of temperature reach and cook times. While the cooking tray isn’t huge, I found I could cook plenty of food. For two people, it would be great capacity (or for one person who wants a very hearty portion).

What I liked about this solar oven:

I loved the cooking speed of this solar oven. Like I said in the video and above, I could come home and decide to cook in it on a whim, compared to others where I needed to plan my meals ahead. Also, the GoSun Sport Solar Oven folds up compactly and sits flat on a shelf. It is, however, still fairly long so storage could be an issue.

What I didn’t like about this oven:

If the GoSun Sport Solar Oven has a weakness, it would be cleaning. While the manufacturer did a good job of giving you a solution, I found the tube and tray were too long to fit into my sink all the way. When I washed them, I definitely splashed water. I would also like a case included, but that’s minor. Overall, this solar oven is a winner!

GoSun Solar Oven Photos

My Interview with the GoSun Sport Solar Oven Manufacturer

Can you give a quick rundown of your company and who you are?

GoSun is a social enterprise focused on developing game-changing, fuel-free cooking technology for developed and emerging markets.

What is the background or story of the design of this solar oven?

After a long morning disassembling a solar water heating device, GoSun founder and solar energy expert, Patrick Sherwin, realized the vacuum tubes sitting next to him might be able to reheat his lunch. When the food came out hot and roasted, it was an epiphany. Having lived extensively off the grid while working on solar energy projects around the world, he knew he was onto something.

Who is this solar oven for and who isn’t it for?

The GoSun technology is best fit for those who want to reduce their fuel use while making fast meals or are simply looking for an easier way to cook. Since you can load it with food and relax, the GoSun solar cookers make for simple and fast meals anytime the sun shines.

What is one tip you could share about getting the most out of your solar cooker?

Set a reminder and trust the tube! What I will often do is place my meal inside and run away for a bit, only to arrive home to a hot meal. Cooking without hot spots in a high moisture environment, it’s hard to mess it up. Also, a bit of parchment paper goes a long way.

When people have trouble cooking in your oven, what advice do you offer most often?

I suggest they contact our stellar support team or check out our website.

What’s your favorite recipe or dish to cook in your oven?

The curried sweet potato fries in olive oil are my go-to when cooking on my sailboat. Super easy, tasty, and great for sharing with friends!

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