GoSun Sport Solar Oven: Best Solar Oven Reviews

GoSun Sport Solar Oven


I’ve tried a lot of solar ovens in my day, but I like the GoSun ovens best, especially the GoSun Sport. The way this solar oven is designed cooks high-quality food quickly and for the entire family.

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I’ve lived off the grid for over a decade now and have tried countless solar-powered products. Finding a solar oven that works well is a game-changer and the key to a happy off-grid dining experience.

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What Is The GoSun Sport Solar Oven?

What Is The GoSun Sport Solar Oven

When it comes to buying a solar oven, you definitely want to look for one that uses reflective tubing. This design traps heat longer than other models that just have a reflective surface to heat the food without keeping it in. Actually, all the GoSun solar products have this technology, which is great for off-grid life.

gosun sport solar cooking ovenThe specifications of the GoSun Sport made it, for me, really worth the buy in the long run. It’s portable and lightweight for cooking while camping, RVing, or to take on a hike.

Despite the compact build of the GoSun Sport, it gets the job done better than other, even larger, solar ovens.

This solar oven can bake, roast, and steam a meal for two people in just 20 minutes under direct sun, and in just a little more time on a cloudy day or in the evening.

GoSun Sport Specs

When looking at the feedback from others about the GoSun Sport, I have to agree with the positive reviews. The proof is in the pudding!

Brand Price Size Capacity Stored Size Carrying Case
Go Sun $249 – $359 24x16x12 Small 24x8x5 Yes, additional cost
Ease of Use Durability Heat Potential Cooking Speed Packaging Portability Accessories
Go Sun

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Who Can Use The GoSun Sport?

I’d say that the GoSun Sport is specifically best for single people or couples, for people on the move (RVers, campers, etc.), and for people who don’t have a ton of space. It can easily cook a meal for two people — possibly for three, depending on how hungry you are! The GoSun Sport is designed to work with those with a very active life on the road or trail.

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“GoSun technology is best fit for those who want to reduce their fuel use while making fast meals or are simply looking for an easier way to cook!.”

When To Use The GoSun Sport Solar Oven

You can use the GoSun Sport at any time of day, which is one of the things I like most about it.

Unlike some solar ovens, GoSun ovens do not require it to be bright outside for you to cook. The GoSun Sport uses vacuum tube insulation that traps heat and still allows you to cook come rain, clouds, snow, or fog.

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“Trust the tube! What I will often do is place my meal inside and run away for a bit, only to arrive home to a hot meal. Cooking without hot spots in a high moisture environment — it’s hard to mess it up. Also, a bit of parchment paper goes a long way!”

Why Use The GoSun Sport Solar Oven

You should use the GoSun Sport Solar Oven if you are planning to take a long trip off the grid and still want the ability to cook your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. The GoSun Sport is nice for long camping trips or vacations in remote cabins out in the boondocks.

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“Curried sweet potato fries in olive oil are my go-to dish when cooking on my sailboat. Super easy, tasty, and great for sharing with friends!”

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GoSun Sport Solar Oven Review: Pros And Cons

GoSun Sport Solar Oven Pros And Cons

The GoSun Sport Solar Oven was the cooker I was most skeptical of when I started my testing, but I quickly fell in love with the oven while using it. Without a doubt, this was one of my favorite solar cookers of the entire test, with a laundry list of reasons why.

GoSun Sport Oven Pros

Pro: The GoSun Sport Reaches High Temperatures

This solar oven is hot! It left most of the other ovens in the dust in terms of temperature reach and cook times. The oven can get up to 550°F, yet I have never had a cooking experience where my food came out burned. While the cooking tray isn’t huge, I found I could cook plenty of food. For two people, it would be a great capacity (or for one person who wants a very hearty portion).

Pro: The GoSun Sport Cooks Food Quickly

With the vacuum tube, the GoSun Sport Solar Oven heats up fast — you can cook food in as little as 20 minutes. I found this to be the hottest and fastest-cooking solar oven.

While the GoSun’s cooking volume is a lot less than other solar stoves, the cooking speed makes up for it. Like I said, I could come home just before dinner and decide to cook in it on a whim, compared to others, where I needed to plan my meals ahead.

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Pro: The GoSun Sport Is Durable

Even though the main tube is made of glass, the GoSun Sport is very durable and can withstand some wear and tear. I might have dropped it once by accident — from two feet up, onto a concrete floor, right onto the end of the tube. Amazingly, it didn’t break! It didn’t even crack, and I was very impressed.

Pro: You Can Easily Transport The GoSun Sport

Another of my favorite aspects of the GoSun Sport is its mobility. The oven folds up compactly and seamlessly sits flat on any shelf. It’s easy to unfold and point towards the sun, and equally easy to pack back up when you’re done cooking.

Pro: You Can Cook With The GoSun Sport In All Weather

Lastly, my truly favorite element about the GoSun products are the ways that they aren’t limited by weather. A few weekends ago, I had a camping trip planned with my girlfriend and we were so bummed out when we saw a rainy forecast.

solar cooking not limited by weatherOur schedules didn’t allow us to move the trip, with only one free weekend for the next few months. Thankfully, I had my GoSun solar oven and was still able to cook all her favorite meals from the campsite without having to worry about grid power or lack of light.

In the day to day, I often find myself reaching for it when I come home on summer evenings and don’t feel like heating up my whole kitchen as I make dinner. It’s also great for the busy professional who might be working all day or the RVer/camper who might not get to the campground until late in the day.

GoSun Sport Oven Cons

Con: It’s Hard To Clean The GoSun Sport

If the GoSun Sport Solar Oven has a weakness, it would be the cleaning process. While the manufacturer did a good job of providing a solution, I found the tube and tray are too long to fit into my sink all the way. When I wash them, I definitely splash water everywhere. I would also appreciate if a case was included, but that’s minor.

Con: The GoSun Sport Can Be A Challenge To Store

The second thing that I don’t absolutely love about the GoSun Sport is that the heating tube is extra-long. While it does fold down compactly, the length makes it difficult to store in small spaces like backpacks or synch bags, which means it’s less practical to transport on hikes or walks away from your campsite.

Con: No-Grid Tied Option

A final setback of the GoSun Sport is that, while you shouldn’t need to connect it to the grid, you can’t grid tie it even if you want to. However, if you are looking for a GoSun solar oven that you can connect to the grid, the GoSun Fusion does offer a grid-tied option.

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Should You Buy The GoSun Sport?

Should You Buy The GoSun Sport

I would recommend the GoSun Sport to anyone camping, traveling, or living off grid. There are many solar ovens out there, but in my opinion, this one checks all the most important boxes.

This solar oven cooks thoroughly, quickly, is easy to transport, is user friendly, and is small enough to take anywhere, which makes living off grid easier and far more delicious.

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Your Turn!

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