101 Clutter Free Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season

clutter free gift ideas


Whenever the holidays roll around, I always get this feeling about gifts. I think about how I don’t really need more stuff, and my loved ones probably don’t either. Giving the gift of time or experiences that reflect things you enjoy can be just as valuable — if not even more valuable — than excess stuff that will just become clutter.

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Living in only 150 square feet, I can tell you that there is nothing worse than getting a gift that’s just going to sit around and clutter up your house. Here is a list of gift ideas that won’t become clutter.

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Why Give A Clutter-Free Gift?

Why Give A Clutter-Free Gift

There is so much value in giving the gift of time, money, or an experience instead of material items. Enjoyable experiences turn into real, cherished memories. Money, a gas card, or a subscription to a helpful service can end up being much more needed and well used than a new outfit or trinket. Giving the gift of time is an invaluable gift that actually makes the lives of your loved ones easier.

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas

As the minimalist movement gains more and more traction, people are starting to see the value in letting go of items they don’t need or want and turning their attention toward what they truly love and value. That’s why experiential, clutter-free gifts have gained so much attention in the past few years.

Gifting Experiences As Clutter Free Gifts

  • Concert Tickets
  • Amusement Park Day
  • Museum Tickets
  • Family Vacation
  • Concert/Theater Tickets
  • National Park Pass
  • Sporting Event Tickets
  • Comedy Club Night
  • Dinner For Two
  • Spa Day
  • Pottery/Art Class
  • Cooking Class
  • Escape Room Experience
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Zip Lining
  • Sky Diving
  • Arcade Night
  • Drive-In Movie Night
  • Movie Theater Pass
  • Family or Couples Retreat
  • Cruise
  • Picnic
  • Zoo/Aquarium Tickets
  • Roller/Ice Skating Session
  • Wine Tasting
  • Brewry Tour
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How To Raise Minimalist Kids

Clutter-Free Gifts Ideas To Be Used Or Consumed

  • Fruit Basket
  • Baked Goods
  • Snack or Chocolate Box
  • Soaps or Scrubs
  • Bath Salts
  • Essential Oils or Candles
  • Wine
  • Coffee Beans
  • Tea
  • Home Cooked Meal
fruit basket as a clutter free holiday gift

Giving The Clutter-Free Gift Of Time

  • A Night Alone
  • Quality Time/A Night Together
  • Babysitting
  • Housesitting
  • Get Their Weekly Groceries
  • Pre-Cooked Dinners
  • Car Wash
  • Oil Change
  • House Cleaner
  • Professional Organizer
  • Yard Service
yard service as clutter free gift of time

Gifting Loved Ones Money

  • Visa Gift Card
  • Send A Venmo Gift
  • Gas Card
  • Airbnb Rental
  • Night At A Hotel
  • Plane Tickets
  • Train Ride/Transit Pass
  • Pay For Uber/Lyft
  • Timeshare
  • Professional Photo Shoot
  • Expensive Car Rental
  • Favorite Restaurant Gift Card
  • Target/Grocery Store Gift Card
  • Netflix/Streaming Subscription
  • Spotify/Music Subscription
  • Meal Kit Subscription
  • Headspace Subscription
  • Masterclass Subscription
  • Coffee Subscription
  • Wine Company Subscription
  • Prepaid Bar Tab / Pub Crawl
  • Magazine/Audible Subscription
  • Makeup Beauty Subscription
  • Lottery Ticket

Finding The Perfect Clutter-Free Gift For Loved Ones

Finding The Perfect Clutter-Free Gift For Loved Ones

There are many ways to give a clutter-free gift to those you love, and it may be a challenge to know just where to begin! I’ve compiled a list of clutter-free gift ideas for many types of loved ones to help you prepare for this holiday season.

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Toddlers

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Toddlers

  • Mommy And Me Class
  • Kid-Friendly Movie Night
  • Quality Time With Older Siblings
amusement park pass as clutter free gift for kids

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Kids

  • Amusement Park Season Pass
  • Box Of Favorite Snacks
  • Activity That Reflects Their Hobbies
Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

  • Night Out With Friends
  • Concert Tickets
  • Bedroom Redecorating
Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Teen Boys

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Teen Boys

  • Sporting Event Tickets
  • Camping Trip With Friends
  • Arcade Night
Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Your Mother

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Your Mother

  • Facial Or Spa Day
  • Wine Tasting
  • House Cleaner
mini golf as clutter free gift

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Your Father

  • Vintage Car Rental
  • Mini-Golf Day
  • Brewery Tour
Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend Or Wife

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend Or Wife

  • Creative Date Night
  • A Day Without The Kids
  • Chocolate Or Snack Box
Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend Or Husband

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend Or Husband

  • Creative Date Night
  • Sporting Event Tickets
  • Car Wash
Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Your Grandma

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Your Grandma

  • Magazine Or Audible Subscription
  • Crafting Or Quilting Class
  • Quality Time With Grandkids
Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Your Grandpa

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas For Your Grandpa

  • Woodworking Class
  • Sporting Event Tickets
  • Quality Time With Grandkids

These clutter-free gifts are the perfect way to show someone you’re thinking about them, without causing chaos in their space or muddling their mindset. For additional ways to share a clutter-free life with the people you care about, visit The Tiny Life Minimalism page for more minimalist inspiration.

Your Turn!

  • Which of your loved ones will you give a clutter-free gift?
  • How will giving clutter-free gifts to your loved ones improve their lives?
  1. Thanks for the great ideas!!
    I will host a sleepover for the grandkids so that the parents can enjoy an overnight get-away.

  2. Hello, I give a Kiva-card for x$. Kiva is an organisation dat helps people all over the world by loaning them money. The person who receives the Kiva-card can pick out one or more borowers that they want to help. When the loan is payed back, the money can be loaned to another borower. So it’s a good-feeling-gift that goes over and over again.

    • I have received one of these as a gift, and I thought it was wonderful and thoughtful! The loans are usually for people starting up micro- businesses to support their families in poorer areas of our world.

  3. I have absolutely embraced this concept this year!
    I have been referring to myself as the “Little Drummer Boy” this Christmas.
    Being a single mom with a son in college, I cannot even afford to buy the useless trinkets. So…
    I cleaned out a friends garage so he could park his car inside for the winter, hung pictures on the wall at my girlfriends apartment because she cannot climb a ladder, decorated a friends house with white pine roping and white birch branches for the holiday….not only do these things make the people I care about feel good- they make me feel good too! And as the Grinch once said, “Maybe Christmas” he thought “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps….means a little bit more!”

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