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Random Tiny Houses

So from time to time I come upon a single photo of an awesome Tiny House and can’t find any more information on them.  So I will save them for a group posting like this, to share them for design ideas and maybe see if people know any more about them.  So without further delay, here are some awesome Tiny Houses.






Unfortunately I don’t have any information on these, if you know more about one of them or have a link, post it in the comments!

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Pull Out Table

This just came across my desk and I was blow away at how simple and obvious it was, yet it had never occurred to me.  The three draws make up a table and two seats.  I think it would be neat to make the table top a butcher block so you could use it as an extended counter top and make it a counter top cutting board. The other trick with this is to get casters and hardware that are designed for heavy load limits because you will be sitting on it.


LEGO Apartment

Today we have a really neat video of fully built concept that is the smallest legal single bedroom apartment that can be built in San Francisco.  I really like the table bench mechanism, but I have serious doubts about the bed.  One thing I have found is that those who sleep on futon style beds often never bring it back to a couch because its such a pain every day to put it up, then put it down, etc.  Otherwise I really like the concept and the development process where they had someone actually live in for a few weeks to test its usability.


Bed In A Drawer

It is interesting that much of our homes are made of rooms that we don’t use for most of the day.  In fact, for many of us we don’t even use our houses for most of the day, because most Americans are off at work, slaving away to pay for their huge mortgages.  This is where I get stuck with bedrooms and bathrooms, you need a place to sleep and you need a place to shower etc, but the rest of the time we hardly use it.  Here is an interesting house that addresses one of these issues in a creative manner.





LineBox Studio

Many of you will remember me covering this Small House a while ago, today I wanted to share some new photos that have become available of this great house built in Canada.  The major change is the owner gave up on sleeping on a yoga mat on a hard cement floor and splurged on a bed.  I only remember this because he was pretty proud of him sleeping on a yoga mat, then again, I don’t blame him for wanting a better nights rest. While the house may look big, it is technically only 566 square feet, but each floor has 17 foot ceilings.  This combined with large windows, a white pallet and minimalistic furnishings, makes this Small House seem very big.





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