Victorian Bus Conversion

I have been spending time looking at bus conversions and came across this video by Jake as he talks about how he built his bus and also give a tour of the bus.  His bus is a Victorian style to it and he use a lot of reclaimed materials to build most of the furniture and storage.  He also shows some of downsides to campers, RV’s and 5th wheels by showing a cut away of a travel trailer he has, he then compares this to the bus.  He gets into some of the details of the plumbing and water systems that I haven’t seen anywhere else, so it was good to see a good application of these systems.










  1. I’m not usually all that fond of bus conversions – a lot of them just look like buses with furniture added – but this is amazing. What a beautiful, sophisticated interior!

    • I agree, Aldene. Most bus conversions don’t really impress me, but this one is fantastic!

  2. Absitively Brilliant!
    Recycled, great sense of style AND a great video presentation overall. I would love to see more videos on this.

  3. Hmmmmmm…..anyone know what the electric cord is that’s trailing behind the bus at the end of the video as he’s driving away?

  4. Nice job and good video. Just one little quibble though, regardless of how strong or not a trailer is you aren’t supposed to be in it while it’s travelling down the road so that safety aspect doesn’t really come into play unless you expect someone to plow into your trailer while it’s parked someplace.

    • Alice, I don’t recall seeing a trailer in this video. ???

  5. Jake has lots more amazing projects on his website. I’ve been lusting after his keyboard for years.

  6. To the folks that say bus conversions don’t impress them. I say you have definitely not been looking at the right conversions. Done right a bus conversion is the ultimate RV. None better anywhere in the world.

  7. Where is the bathroom?

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