Very Modern Tiny House

So I love the Modern aesthetic, but this is pushing it for me.  This house is 450 square feet, all white interior and exterior.  The interior however is a bit more organically arranged, with natural wood accents and awesome concrete counter tops.  The house also features a built in car port and is situated on a very small lot in down town Tokyo.





  1. That is one very white house. I swear I got blinded by a glare coming off of the walls. It's still very nice and clean looking, but I think this is one area where you and I will never really see eye to eye.

  2. It´s beautiful.I love the spatial sensation achieved. That makes it easier to cope with the small space.

  3. Pls. send me info. Thank you…

  4. only tiny by definition, not by size ^^ but quite beautyful, if you like modern

  5. White does make space seem much larger. I love the house. This house is very artful. Why isn’t there a picture of the bath and bedroom? What is the bin under the counter for? Also, what is the Pepsi Cola thing on the counter?
    My Best.

    • The bins under the counter are for recycling. The japanese must do this, it is a law in that country. They are very eco friendly there.

    • Also they do not use Ovens. They use broilers for things like fish. That is what you could be asking about. Their microwaves are dual, they can bake, and heat foods. You could bake a cake in that microwave, or a small pie :o)

  6. Where is the sleeping space?

  7. From spending time in Japan and trippin’ on their Industrial Designs, I’m guessing the Under-Counter item might be a Dishwasher, due to the Front Panel Buttons and location in the Kitchen. Since they tend to shop daily in Urban areas, I first thought it might be a Micro Fridge. But, there wouldn’t be so many buttons on it were it a Fridge. The average Tokyo Apt. used to be ~20′ x 20′, so small Appliances were standard. The Soft Drink Dispenser likely is just what it appears: a little ‘pop’ of color and fun. However, I would guess it instead dispenses very fresh Hot Tea, or something similar. The ‘Akihibara’ Electronics/Appliance District in Tokyo is really a trip to look around.

  8. please send me information on this … thank you

  9. I would defiantly live in this house- hands down.

  10. LOVE this home, living in South Florida the only tiny house we can build down here and be within code would most likely be an all concrete home like this – taking into consideration we have hurricanes.

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