Tiny Lake House

This Tiny House is absolutely darling.  It reminds me of a birdhouse in a way.  It is 250 square feet with another 125 square feet for the deck.  Resting on a simple foundation, the designers used SIPs (structurally insulated panels – see more about them tomorrow)  for the floor and the roofs.  This allowed this house to be constructed in 3 weeks!  The process included using recycled materials, a water catchment system, a efficient heating and cooling system and LED/CFL lights through out.  With a small sleeping loft and a front that opens like a garage door, it has a very simple and practical approach.


  1. It’s a beautiful design, especially the garage door part. I’d make use of that all “winter” long down here in Florida.

  2. Come build one on Canandaigua Lake!

  3. Me again. So much better than the “momuments to success” going up on our beautiful lake. Keep up the “smaller is better” crusade!!!!! love, Aunt Kathy

  4. Real fine design , can you give directions
    to the designers portefolio.
    I would love to build a similar house
    without the basement .
    Are plans available and offered for sale?
    Thanks for all info & pics allready posted.

    • We don’t have these plans for sale, check the link at the bottom and shoot the designer an email.

  5. Hello, I discovered your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up. Your weblog looks good. Have a good day.

  6. Neat.

  7. The house is perfect.

    I’m in Kawartha Lakes.


    Love to build one nearby!

    ( I’m a contractor !)

    Want a model in Canada?



    • Hi Jim,

      I have been looking for smaller cottages and this design is very appealing. Do you have an approximate idea of what something like this would cost to build?

      Thanks, Sylvia

      • Hi again,

        I forgot to mention that I am living in Kingston, Ontario.

  8. Ideal home. Oh and your blog is absolutely wonderful.

    • Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad you like it, come back and check out more Tiny Houses

  9. You mentioned that they used SIPs for this house. I’m very interested in SIPs but I haven’t found any information on tiny or small builders who use them. I’m wondering why and if anyone has any input or practical info on building my little dream passive solar cottage from them.

    • I have a post all about SIPs, you can check it out here: https://www.thetinylife.com/all-about-structurally-insulated-panels-sips/

      Also check out Sing Tiny Houses, they use exclusively SIPs for their tiny houses: http://www.singtinyhouse.com/


  10. wow…..amazing design…………..and refreshing place………i like your design……….
    continue your amazing design
    goodluck to you………….

  11. It is all about the lines and your spacing….good use of interior space.

  12. May i ask,where is the kitchen? I cant see one by the looks of the picture?

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