Tiny House Conference – April 2014

Over two years ago I had a mini tiny house conference and had a blast.  I got to meet some great people and we had people coming from the entire East Coast.  It was so much fun I wanted to do it again.  Since then I have always wanted to do a bigger conference, but the trick was always trying to find a location that would suit an event such as this and be affordable to keep ticket costs low.  Well I found the perfect place and we are set to have the first ever Tiny House Conference.

conference-logoThe big thing I wanted to achieve was to have a lot of tiny houses at the event, so you all could tour a wide variety of tiny houses.  So right now we have 7 tiny houses that will be there for you to tour in person.  We also have 12 amazing tiny house speakers most of whom have built or live in a tiny house.

We see this as just the start, with 8 months to go we are going to be adding more and more tiny houses and speakers, so it should be a great time.

Now I haven’t even told anyone about the website, yet we have already had hundreds of people find it and even purchased tickets.

We do have a limited number of tickets and if you buy them before October 1st, you can save $50!

Check out all the details at


  1. What timing! I just got back from vacation in a gorgeous area, determined to find a way to buy land and build a small house there…and I saw this. I’ve just registered and am so excited to meet other people and learn 🙂

    • Awesome Vicki! We are super excited about this event. I have been to several workshops and the best part of them were seeing tiny houses and meeting other tiny house people!

  2. That’s maple sugaring time in the northeast. Can’t go then!

  3. Looking into possibly joining this as our first event as a builder and designer. Would get a booth and have a tiny home built by then to bring and stay in for the event.

    Gives a good goal deadline to shoot for, considering that I am still getting my first design and website together. April is doable!

    • Exciting to see a new builder! I’ll shoot you an email.

  4. I love the tiny homes and want to have one built. I guess I need to come to the conference and hear all about them. Can’t wait. Please keep me posted with details and cost. Thanks

    • Hello Mary! All the details are on the website we setup and tickets are already being bought! There is a limited number of tickets, plus before Oct 1st you can get $50 the full ticket price.

      All the details and register here: http://www.tinyhouseconference.com/

  5. Ryan

    Sounds like an awesome event. Perhaps we can drive out there with one of ours. it might also be fun to put an event together on the west side of the country. I am sure that we would be able to attend that one.

    • Hello Darin! We hope you can, its going to be a lot of fun!

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