Tiny House Conference 2014 – Photos

So a few weeks after the conference I’ve finally got around to posting photos, trying to finish my house by the end of this month has had me busy!  Here are a bunch of photos from the conference.  Our photographer for the event was Christopher Tack.


Two houses just arriving

_DSC6158Dee and Frank

_DSC6160Hanging out in Frank’s tiny house

_DSC6173The Eco-Box

_DSC6185Speaker’s dinner and pre-conference meeting


Click the more link to see the rest of the photos:


_DSC6192East Coast Tiny Home’s tiny house

_DSC6194Frank’s tiny house

_DSC6199Dan’s house of Tiny Home Builders

_DSC6228Just Right Bus, Kelly and Chris


_DSC6268_HDRKitchen of the Just right bus.

_DSC6289_HDRBed of the bus conversion



_DSC6312_HDRSoaking tub

_DSC6482Drew and Dee being silly with Dee’s new book!



_DSC6538Hidden storage under the loft.


_DSC6576_HDRReclaimed wood accent wall.







_DSC7158Someone said something funny. lol

_DSC7184Me with the Tiny House Family

_DSC7189Visual aid from my presentation on advanced building techniques.

_DSC7200_HDRInside Wishbone Tiny Homes









_DSC7405So many of you want to know how to hook up power, here is how a 30 amp or 50 amp RV power connector.


_DSC7452Discussions about tiny houses during our open space session.

_DSC7486The Tacks and Kelly/Chris from Just right bus.

_DSC7503Group shot, sadly we are missing about 40 people from this shot who had to travel home a bit early.


_DSC7522_HDRInside the ecobox, a work in progress.


_DSC7579After the conference, speakers and me all hang out in the bus and relax.


See you next year in Portland!  Details will be available soon at: www.tinyhouseconference.com


  1. Great job! Your hard work really came to life.
    The Tiny Bungalow

  2. These are fantastic! I love reliving the memories of this event. It was a life-changing experience, and I cannot wait for the next one. Thank you for sharing.

  3. At 70, and on a fixed income, I will probably never see my dream of a Tiny House fulfilled…so I dream and drool! Thanks for the great pics!

  4. I will definitely make it next year! This looks like you had a blast.

  5. Great to see some well designed container homes. The other wooden designs looked stunning too. Hope something like this happens in the UK soon.

  6. At 57, this August, I have set a goal of having all I need to build a Tiny House, and getting it built by the time I reach 60. My last year’s will be my happiest years. Looking forward to the peace and quiet, growing my food, raising chickens, a goat, and a cow. Leaving as small of a carbon footprint, as possible. Starting with the tiny home I will build, using over 90% reclaimed, and salvaged materials, solar and wind power, etc…

    • Nice goal Jonnie! I love it. I’m in my 50’s and saving to do the same thing 🙂 yay! I love the idea of the simple living and NO rent or mortgage.

      • My kids think it’s a middle age crisis thing. LOL. My grandkids want to come live with me. I call it my, wake up and smell the coffee momentum. I think more would do it if they thought it a real option. A lot of older people just settle. I wish there was a way to reach them, and let them know the joy of true freedom.

  7. I have a question about shipping containers. I’ve been looking at LOTS of tiny house plans and have noticed that a shipping container also fits on a trailer. Would it be the same size of trailer you would use for a tiny house? I’m thinking this might be easier cause you already have your ‘shell’. What are the pros and cons? Any comments would be appreciated 😉

    • Hi from Germany,

      in my opinion one could get serious problems with moisture inside a container becaus except of the windows it is waterproof. This includes vapor can not get through the walls. One get really get issues with condesating water on the inner surface of the metall hull of containers. To “fix” that you would have to make your metall ventilated on the back. Drilling holes on the bottom of the metal walls and on the top. Establish a free “airflow” zone between inner walls and metall. Just like you have to do on a metal roof.

      Just my two cents on that.

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