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Recently I was on Huffington Post Live with several other awesome tiny house people.  Dan Louche, Gregory Johnson, Logan Smith and myself were interviewed by Jacob about tiny houses in an online segment.  The interview was a lot of fun and we got the word out about tiny houses, but what I think was the best part was the conversations we had before and after the segment that happened off the camera.

Collectively the group had a few decades of experience with tiny houses and all of us have tiny houses.  So the conversation was really interesting.  We talked about the movement, workshops, etc.

Ryan on HuffPo

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Great job on the Huff Post live. Really enjoyed watching. Thank you for having the courage to tackle a part of this essential issue. Making change is never easy. You and others in the tiny movement are really paving the way for a better future for so many of us people who desire a more simple, sustainable life.

    Good luck with your tiny home.


  2. Hi Ryan, you guys did a great job of answering the questions. I think it was great information, specially for those who don’t know much about the movement yet. It also reinforced my desire to build one. Thanks to all of you!!!

    Hopeful and jealous,

  3. I wish you guys delved more into the legal aspects of owning these homes. I would love to own something a tad larger than the ones seen, but I’d like it insured, and able to put on a plot of land instead of someone’s backyard. I would like to comply with zoning laws, which is apparently a task within each state. If I were to live in one of these small homes, I wouldn’t be using someone else’s water or electricity in a backyard! The zoning needs to be changed to accommodate these type of dwellings legally, and not have to place it on a trailer all the time if you don’t want to do that.

    My dream home would be slightly under 300-400 Square feet, on my own land, with electricity, water, and the ability to have WiFi.

    Also, why aren’t there Tiny Home type communities where people can drive these and live, like an RV park, but more permanent…own or lease the land. I would rather own the land, but it seems to me that this would be a great way to have like-minded individuals who can have an area to live, off the beaten path, but a welcoming place for this type of home. I do think that the states don’t like this type of living because they can’t tax as much out of each individual. I think that’s why there is so much red tape trying to get one of these as a permanent residence. I know that in many states, you can’t live in a house that’s smaller than 1000 square feet as a new build. Seems to be an agenda for large everything in the USA. This tiny house movement which I’ve been following since Tumbleweed started their business, may become so big that local agencies will have to allow for these builds, but meanwhile, it’s a royal pain in the butt for someone like me, a single woman, to find a tiny home to buy that is on permanent land that I can also purchase without it being a lot of money, which defeats the purpose of owning one of these.

    Is there are website where I can look at this type of real estate with tiny homes on it for people like me who don’t want to build, but want to buy the tiny house on land that I can own and just move into?

    • There are tiny house listing websites. Also in 2014 or so Jay Shafer and his new company are building The Napoleon Complex,The first of several communities with tiny houses approved in you desired size range with parking and gardens and a community center. All houses face in and all parking is neatly out of view.
      Washington State already has a small house community and more planned.
      Have fun!

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