One Simple Way To Hide Your Router

I’m a tech geek, it’s true.  So my tiny house is going to have a fair amount of gadgetry in it.  I found this neat idea for hiding your router for those of you who want to have wifi in your tiny house or where you live right now.  Using an old book you can hide your router in an attractive way!



  1. Cute, but wouldn’t they overheat faster? Let’s face it, gadgetry has unfortunately become part of our living space. The only thing I ever wanted to hide was the TV, since I only use it about once every few months 🙂

    • Sally Thomas I have generally had a television around me all my life and I cannot believe how nice these last months have been without it. I still don’t get much done but cannot believe how much time I’ve had to do the nothing I so enjoy.

      But Ryan, aren’t you the clever lad. I would share Sally’s concerned about the heat, could you possibly enlighten us on that when I seen it I thought of calling a friend who wants to hide hers. But in that same conversation vein, she came home from a short vacation, call me telling me that it was humming very loud. I told her just unplug it and call shaw. I have no idea with these new electronic devices why one would hope. Other than being overheated. But I love your idea.

      • I doubt that it would be an issue. My router is only about room temperature, You could add some little blocks to keep the top off the router a little bit, just get a wider book.

  2. Perhaps the router could rest inside the book cover on a laptop portable fan that is usually placed under a laptop (it’s very small)to keep a laptop from overheating. OR, the book cover could have a rigid frame inside that is deeper and taller than the shape of the router to allow for better air flow. I might use a small decorative wicker or woven wood breadbox to hide the router, with the front opening of the breadbox that you would use to get the bread out, facing towards the rear, out of view.

  3. What a great idea! To answer a a question posed here, you shouldn’t worry about the heating of your router. The truth is the low power processors they use don’t put out much heat, and most have their ventilation in the back.

  4. I made a small cabinet that holds the modem, router, and printer (and paper). I know it will weaken the signal, but my house is less than 100sq.m. and the router’s signal covers way more area than what I require.

  5. In a tiny home, you could probably put the router anywhere dry. In a kitchen cabinet, screwed to the back might be a better solution than covering vents. Mine does get hot enough to make me wonder if covering it would be a bad idea. Also, even “hot” is okay for most electronics that don’t have batteries. But you wouldn’t want it to be burn your finger hot. The heat will just decrease the lifespan of the device.

  6. I didn’t know that one could purchase a portable laptop fan
    that is good to know before I begin using mine. The idea of hidden modems among other devices is great. 🙂

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