Luke’s Barely Habitable

This is one of the smallest apartments I have seen to date, at 78 square feet its pretty extreme!  This being in New York its obvious Luke eats out most meals, but still finds room for a small fridge.  He actually built all the furnishing himself, including the bed which is pretty neat.

  1. For the record it’s smaller than the shed I’m working on building out back. That will be 80 square feet which is under requirements for a permit where I live.

    Why do I need such a large shed compared to this man’s beautiful space?

    5 bikes (one for almost every adult in the household) plus a wheelbarrow, gardening equipment (hoe, rake, shovels, snow shovels etc.).

    Once again, beautiful, small but infrastructure and resource use is externalized in a very very small structure like this. Which works well in New York.

    Instead we internalize our resource costs to a large home but share it with many people which averages out to a significantly smaller square footage footprint per person than the typical today in the US. However, we’re also utilizing the land and utilities at a much higher rate of usage in turn. It all is a trade-off.

  2. where does person go to bathroom at, cook, shave, wash hands, and shower? I like tiny houses and stuff but this is just to small.

  3. That’s not an apartment; it’s a broom closet. With no water, kitchen or toilet facilities.

    There’s nothing to celebrate here. One cannot “live” in that space; only rest.

  4. The bed and pillowa in the 4th pic are photoshopped 😉 And someone failed doing that

  5. It’s very attractive and neat, but it must be awkward to use the door opposite the couch/bed. Maybe the door would be re-hung to open in, or from the other side of the frame? Also, I hope that door leads to the bathroom, as I didn’t see one included in the layout!

  6. I agree that this is just a resting spot and it really does look like someone thought to take a storage closet and just rent it out. I dig his hand made furniture though. They are unique and very practical.

    I couldn’t live without my own bathroom though. It seems like such a small space without facilities is not my type of habitat and it seems several people agree.

    It was nice to share and more power to Luke if it is how he wants to live but… Do not want!

    • Actually… looking over the images again…

      There seems to be a room or door in front of the bed. Could that lead to a bathroom? It cannot be the front door because that is drawn on the floor plans. Was it just forgotten in the drawings? I hope so!

  7. in the pictures there seems to be a door to the left near the window. First assumption it that it was a closet, and on further consideration, wonder if it is the toilet area. Okay, I know in some situations there are shared toilet(bath) areas, and this might be such. The space is well planned for a bedroom, but without access to the “facilities” I would say indeed this is BARELY habitable…it cannot stand alone in use without the plumbing.

  8. Is there a bathroom down the hall? Why are there two doors? (Maybe the door across from the couch goes to a shared bathroom?)

  9. Without a bathroom and without any space for food preparation, this is really just a dorm room, but still a great use of the space available. Cozy!

  10. …Single resident occupancy

  11. At least, he has a window.

  12. It looks like a small hallway. I agree with the person who said it looks like a dorm room. If you are gone from home a lot (at work/classes/friends’ or family’s homes) then fine. But how much time could you spend here before you went nuts? For me…not very long.

    It’s decorated nicely and a clever lay out.

  13. Great looking small space… but I noticed he has a fridge close to his head and an air conditioning unit at his feet… that’s a lot of electromagnetic fields and electric fields really close to the body. No nervousness or edginess?

  14. It’s cute, but without a bathroom or kitchen it’s not really habitable for any amount of time…

  15. I think he did a great job in making use of every square inch and particularly like the furniture — he’s clearly a talented guy!

    Personally, I would want at least some cooking facilities, because otherwise the savings in rent winds up going towards paying for restaurant meals and/or fast food.

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