Living Large In An Air Stream

There is something appealing to me about the iconic Airstream look, whatever it is, it is the one trailer that I have ever considered.  Today we have a really neat Airstream that that is only 160 square feet.  One feature that I really like is the mounted computer screen.  This allows the screen to be pulled out to create the feeling of a minimalistic desk, then pushed flush with the wall to create a TV feel.  The trailer itself has been totally redone with an amazing color pallet that is appealing and light enough to give an airiness to the small space.






  1. Beautiful design of interior, colors are yummy. Did you have a professional team recreate this GEM….Is it for sale?

  2. Not to speak for the owner, but the Airstream was designed and renovated by Matthew Hoffman. He’s an architect from Santa Barbara, CA. His website is: You can hire him to renovate one for you.

  3. This is a splendid make-over for an Airstream. I own a 23 foot Safari Airstream and would love to incorporate some of the ideas into my project. I notice the comments posted above are from 2012 but still wish I could learn more about this specific camper. I am familiar with Hoffman Architecture and they might help if I could be more specific about the size and date completed, etc.

  4. Such a beautiful camper, unbelievable job.

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