How To Get Started: A Practical Guide Part 1

Starting out on the path to build a Tiny House is can be daunting, difficult, frustrating and a whole host of other emotions, but it is also paired with hope, dreams and the promise of a better tomorrow.  Let’s no sugar coat it, it will be difficult, but what in life that is truly worth it isn’t and this guide will get you there more easily.

At this point I have been blogging about Tiny Houses for almost 2 years, learned a little bit, so I wanted to put together a practical guide to building your Tiny House.  As you read my posts, my approach may seem a bit out of order as I lay it out here in subsequent posts, I have a very good reason for my method.  While I try to do things in logical order I also work under the assumption that starting need to be small, simple, and successful.  From there we work up to longer goals that increase in difficulty.   So the order is more dictated by level of difficulty and ease to make it more likely that you will actually achieve the goal rather than give up.

When you stand at the beginning it can be difficult to know where to start.  I have found a few simple ways to start right now!  The building of a Tiny House or purchasing of land takes time, some can lose interest or get disheartened, so what I recommend is do simple things right now that can let you build up to it.

Finding your motivation outlet is a key step.  For me it is this blog, I invite you to submit stories of you on this journey, this blog keeps me plugged into my dream, and it allows me daily exposure to it.  In short, it keeps up the motivation.  Now this motivation can take any form, in the beginning it was sketching floor plans, then it was an insatiable reading of every blog on the subject (I literally have read every post on almost every tiny house blog), then I found myself standing in a Tiny House in Philadelphia, which prompted me to launch the blog.  It could be painting, photography, finding other who like Tiny Houses too (big help!)  I find methods to keep up motivation work the best if I can see them, if they are visual.  I talk more about this topic in this post: Seeing is Believing

Now many will point out “how is doing this going to build my Tiny House?”, the truth is, it’s not.  But what it does is maintaining the motivation, keeps the dream alive and  more importantly, it allows us to be more resilient to a setback, which is huge.  It also is simple; you can grab some paper and a pencil right now and start now.  Subconsciously this gets things rolling; I have seen this work, essentially it is a small and guaranteed to succeed, which means somewhere in your mind it keeps your motivation up.

However you do it, start now!

What is next?  Gain the skills to build your house, come back tomorrow for the post!

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