Floating Tiny House

Today we have a floating tiny house designed by Marijn Beije.  I really like the look of the woods used in it and the very minimalistic design.  The concept of the project was to help people interact with nature and grow their appreciation of it.  Marijn says:

The project basically features is a floating catamaran suite including four places to sleep, two terraces for relaxing, and a crow’s nest to spot birds. The floating catamaran suite aims to lure a broader target group to nature and to help them understand the beauty and importance of nature and the protection hereof.  But also when you’re looking for uncomplicated rest and peace for the weekends it’s good to know that the floating catamaran suite was recently launched on the market. The floating ecolodge enhances the experience you can have while spending the night surrounded by nature and wildlife: here you can watch the beavers swim past as you fall asleep









  1. it needs a motor, how else will you move it to shore?

  2. How Much ??

  3. How does one steer it?

  4. Looks like you could just pole it around,though it’s main function is just to float, not travel from what I can see. You could also pull it by rowboat, or whatever you use to get to it from shore. Might be kind of cool to have a people powered paddle arrangement to move around a bit.

    • “Might be kind of cool to have a people powered paddle arrangement to move around a bit.” -now I think this is a very good idea, maybe a fold down metal frame with a single axle with pedals in front of 2-3 seats ? !!

  5. Wait where is this!? This is amazing.

  6. I am concerned about the windows below the waterline, as a possible point of failure.

  7. I don’t get the plumbing. That appears to be a sink, and presumably behind the partition there is a toilet? Where does the water come from? More importantly where does it go to?

  8. Where’s the kitchen?

  9. Brief video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh0ifl4SzRc

    It’s in the Netherlands. Clean- and blackwater tanks.

    There’s a few other videos (some in Dutch).

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