Egg House

This is a pretty neat house, built by Daihai Fei, age 24, he did it for only $960 US dollars.  He had moved to Beijing to pursue his college degree, but after graduating he found to get work, he must stay in the city, but he couldn’t afford rent.  The house is mobile and covered with bags of dirt and grass seeds.  Daihai Fei hopes that the seed will take and grow to fully encase his egg in grass, making it more weather resistant.

His egg house is now located across the street from his work, so commute is a 30 second walk.  I was surprised that you could pull this off in Beijing, I would think in a modern city they wouldn’t allow it.  But Daihai Fei has become something of a local legend, so perhaps winning the hearts of people has allowed him to do this.  After living in his egg house for two months Daihai Fei feel that his life has improved dramatically since living in his egg house.


  1. I am surprised he can get away with this too. Maybe they are more free in some ways there in Beijing than we are here in the U.S.! We’ve regulated everything so business gets it’s cut and having a home that isn’t paying rent or taxes to SOMEONE is a no-no here.

    • I think with such a large population, factoring in the culture, to have such restrictions on housing like we do here in the USA would make it impossible to house the entire population.

  2. This is one of the coolest Tiny Houses ever…

    • I would really like to check this out in person, see what it is like to live in such a small space. While it seems crazy to us, this size living space is somewhat common in that country.

  3. Well done Daihai Fei, great job!!!
    You have done very fantastic job, neverthless if grass would grow, it will be difficult to survive in winter.

  4. Unfortunately the local development goons didn’t like it. Reports today indicate that the egg house
    was taken away because it was deemed as
    “unauthorized construction”. Daihai Fei is now
    living with friends.

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