Ecospace – Tiny House

Here is a Tiny House that comes from the Designers at Ecospace.  They design a full range of building from small office pods and bigger.  Using SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) these houses can be put together fairly quickly.  At only a few hundred feet, they pack a ton into this thing.  At around $55,000 this is a premium house, but I feel it serves to provide good inspirations for your own design.


Made from sustainable cedar wood with an optional plant covered roof, low-energy heating, lighting and insulation, it’s right at home with the environment as well as your garden. Use it as your office and the garden commute will do wonders for your carbon footprint too.





  1. Wow! They really do pack a ton into that house. A billiard table? Nice touch. 🙂

  2. Very nice. I will have to check out them out.

  3. Very nice, inside and out.

  4. That billiard table is so cool 😉

  5. Wow! The only thing I would do differently is to put in a spiral staircase, but otherwise it’s amazing!

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