Desk For Small Spaces

If there is one thing that I like big, it is my desk.  I love a huge surface to work on.  Even though I don’t keep a ton of stuff on it, I usually have my work laptop and then my personal computer (with dual screens) and my desk organizer.  So I have struggled to figure out a way to meet my desire for a big desk in a tiny house.  Here is a neat desk that might just work.  What would be interesting is if you could make the desk a bit thicker (drawer a bit deeper) and inside it mount a monitor on a hinged arm.  This way you could open the drawer, fold up the screen and then use it.  When you are done, fold it back down to maintain clean lines and aesthetics.

To get what is going on here, the big drawer is actually opening backwards than we normally doing it, the drawer stays in place while the rest moves.  This might also be a neat way to hide a laptop or valuables.



  1. That’s creative, I think I like it. I also like to use a pretty big desk because I use two screens since it makes everything easier for me. This seems like an interesting option and I like how you just pull the actual desk towards you and you can just reach over towards the back to grab whatever you need. You could even store a Mac Mini back there and just keep it open when you use it so it can vent.

  2. I would love something like this just to be able to hide and easily manage cables. My desk is covered with: a desktop w/ monitor, wired mouse, wired keyboard, 5 different, interlinked boxes related to ham radio, a soldering station, a solar charge controller, a lamp, and an umbilical which take audio, power, video, and data up to a shelf which holds a sound mixer, a set of powered speakers, a second home server, and a wireless router. That’s a lot of interconnected boxes to deal with.

  3. My only complaint about this design is that the storage area can’t be converted into a work surface. Here is my solution to that:

    The top of the desk needs a double surface with hinges on the back (like a bifold closet door). Then you can swing the top part OVER the storage area, when the desk is slid out to full size. When you want to push the desk back to 1/2 size, clear the surface, fold the desk over, and slide it back in.

  4. Mike, That’s brilliant I have seen tables that work like that. Sounds perfect.

  5. Where can I get one of these?

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