City Cottage, Finland Style!

This was sent in from a reader, thanks Luke!, it is a small cottage designed for a family of four.  So it is a bit larger than normally covered by this blog, but considering the number of occupants, it is still Tiny. Here is how they describe it:

This compact home design measures just 14m2, but it comfortably accommodates a family of four with everything you want and need to enjoy the simpler things in life. Just two kilometers from their family house and the daily grind, this mini cabin is surrounded by nature, enjoyed through massive windows on every wall. And because the footprint is small, that means minimal environmental impact in terms of construction and energy use. In fact, this passive solar home can operate on sun alone! And because it’s just a stone’s throw from their everyday house, this sweet retreat also eliminates that hours-long, gas-guzzling commute to “cottage country.”


  1. I love the windowed cooking area and the minimal furnishings, but where are the, ummm, “facilities”? Outhouse?

  2. Beautiful – I have a book about Finnish interior design, and this fits the look. I imagine there’s an outhouse somewhere off in the woods; it’s a waste of space to have a loo in such a small cabin.

  3. elle est magnifique / a beautiful house

  4. Fantastic use of space. Love it

  5. for year round living a “loo” and shower would be nice for but too small a space for 4 with the facilities – great retreat!
    LOVE the windows

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