Canada Tiny House Builders Guide


Are Tiny Houses Legal In Canada: YES*

Tiny House Costs In Canada: $80,000 – $200,000 CAD

Tiny House Friendly Cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City

Tiny houses in Canada are legal, and the Canadian tiny house community is growing! We’ve compiled a list of builders, trailer dealers, groups to join, and building laws centered around Canadian tiny homes so you can start your tiny living journey in the Great White North.

Tiny House Builders In Canada

Mint Tiny House Builders Vancouver, BC

Mint Tiny House Builders

$100,000 – $150,000 CAD

Based outside of Vancouver, Mint Tiny House Company is a small building company for tiny houses on wheels. The team is dedicated to giving people in Canada and the U.S. the chance to own their own tiny house RV. They currently have four main prefabricated models available for purchase, each of which has been inspired by nature in some way and can be customized to their buyers’ desires.

Minimaliste Houses Quebec City, Quebec

Minimaliste Houses

$85,000 – $160,000 CAD

Owned by Jean-Philippe Marquis and Elyse Tremblay, Minimaliste is a tiny house company that creates various models for the North American housing market. Their mission is primarily oriented toward simplistic designs. They aim to maximize the space in each of their 14 tiny houses on wheels currently available.

Depending on which North American location you ship to, Minimaliste offers different systems to meet the needs of your respective climate. You have the option to integrate a solar-powered electric system, propane system, integrated drinking water or gray water tank, or other solutions for “off-grid” life.

They also offer designs specifically equipped to handle the harsh winters in Quebec City. For example, their prototype tiny house is insulated with R21 for the walls and R39 for the ceiling and floor to combat the brutal cold.

Summit Tiny Homes Vernon, BC

Summit Tiny Homes

$64,000 – $149,000 CAD

With six prefabricated models and an entirely custom design route, Summit Tiny Homes gives its customers different options for executing their vision. The company is made up of a mere 12 employees, including craftsmen and craftswomen, carpenters, mechanical technicians, coordinators, and designers who each have a hand in every step of the process. When partnering with Summit, you can purchase one of their designs to be delivered, or work with the team to design your dream tiny house from scratch.

Teacup Tiny Homes Lethbridge, Alberta

Teacup Tiny Homes

$135,000 – $195,000 CAD

Jennifer McCarthy, the owner of Teacup Tiny Homes, began her company with a specific vision of diversifying housing needs across Canada and the U.S. Jen believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience life to the fullest, regardless of where they live. It was this drive that led her to create Teacup Tiny Homes. Jen has had the opportunity to draft and design many single and multi-family homes and show homes, and has fully designed nine dream lottery homes for Lethbridge over the years.

Teacup Tiny Homes builds all its tiny homes in Lethbridge, Alberta, in a controlled indoor environment. From there, trade partners are contracted to complete the homes through a specific checklist. Once complete, the homes can then be delivered anywhere in Canada or the U.S. Teacup has 12 prefabricated models available to buy, or you can work with them to design your own custom build.

Sunshine Tiny Homes Gibsons, BC

Sunshine Tiny Homes

$112,000 – $160,000 CAD

Sunshine Tiny Homes works with local vendors and service providers to build eco-friendly tiny house models. The company values sustainability, maximizing outdoor spaces, and living off grid. With a sales and design office as well as a build warehouse located in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, this company is aimed at those looking to downsize and explore the west coast Canadian lifestyle.

Sunshine Tiny Homes currently has two designs available. The Coastal Escape is the interior inspired by lofty forest and coastal landscapes, while the Simply Heaven design is built for the functional every day moments with space to relax.


Tiny House Trailer Dealers In Canada

Action Trailers Strathroy, Ontario

Action Trailers


Action Trailers is a trailer manufacturer based in Ontario. Not only does it sell hauling products, it also performs services to both trailers and tow vehicles. The business does everything from general maintenance on your trailers to installing hitches and brake controllers on your tow vehicle. As far as products go, you can purchase merchandise from the selection of utility, snowmobile, equipment, landscape, car, enclosed, and even two models created specifically for hauling tiny houses.

Canada Trailers Aylmer, Ontario

canada trailers


Established in 1997 under a parent fabricating company, Canada Trailers has become a popular manufacturer in Ontario. Canada Trailers services individuals and businesses across the country. You can access its hauling products by connecting with your local dealership. The company can also assist you with questions regarding warranty and future parts requirements.

Canada Trailers sells six categories of trailers: utility, equipment, tilt, dump, bumper pull, and gooseneck. Bumper Pull trailers are the most popular trailer design for tiny houses, as they allow for a tiny house to have a more traditional house shape. Gooseneck is also a common trailer design when it comes to tiny living.

Precision Trailers Manitoba Province

Precision Trailers


Serving customers in western Canada and the northern United States, Precision Trailers is a rural Manitoba-based company specializing in flat deck trailers and car haulers. It offers a comprehensive line of hauling products including deck above, lowboys and tilting deck models. The company also offers bumper pull and gooseneck models ideal for transporting tiny homes. You can purchase prefab designs as well as custom build options. Precision Trailers sells products to satisfy industrial, construction, agricultural, or recreational needs.

Miska Trailer Factory Hamilton, Ontario

miska trailer factory


Miska Trailer Factory is a utility trailer manufacturer based in Hamilton, Ontario, in operation since 1994. The company does not use any dealers, meaning the consumer can buy Miska trailers directly from the factory at factory-direct pricing. The factory offers utility trailers, landscapers, carhaulers, low bed floats, deckover floats, equipment floats, and dump trailers.

Additionally, Miska is a participant in the green initiatives, utilizing technologies and practices to help with costs and to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment. You can purchase hauling products from Miska directly from the factory and have them delivered anywhere within Canadian borders.


Tiny Houses For Sale In Canada

Canada Tiny Houses For Sale

Talking about tiny houses in Canada covers a vast amount of land. So, of course, there are going to be some areas where tiny living is ideal and some where it is inaccessible. Canada is sectioned off into 10 providences and three territories, each with their own laws (we’ll cover this down below), climates, social environments, and cultural trends. When considering adopting the tiny life in Canada, it’s important to think about where exactly you’re planning to park your tiny house on wheels, or if you’re hoping to travel throughout the country.

A huge element to consider when moving into a Canadian tiny home is the climate and geographic elements. The five main geographic regions in Canada are the mountainous west coast, flat central prairies, eastern forested plains, frozen north, and the Atlantic region. However, over 90% of Canadians live within 150 miles of the U.S. border, due to the uninhabitable frozen tundra up north. But even the more southern regions of the country are subject to harsh, long winters. This is something to consider when going tiny, especially if you’re looking at living off the grid.

The entire country isn’t only subject to brazen winters though, contrary to the stereotype. The more populated portion of the country spans a wide latitude and has a more varied climate. From Quebec City to Vancouver, you’ll experience heavy rain, snowfall, or sunny 80-degree days, depending on the time of year. It’s important to do your own research before setting up your dream tiny home.

The beautiful country is also home to an abundance of forests, rivers, mountains, and lakes that attract eco tourists and align with the intentional living mantra of many tiny home owners. There are an array of natural parks and sights throughout multiple Canadian provinces where you can park your THOWs. Check out this list of RV-friendly camp grounds.

If you’re looking to purchase a tiny house in Canada to make into a forever home, browse these local tiny houses for sale throughout the country.


Tiny Houses For Rent In Canada


Canada is a beautiful country to call home, but it is also a popular vacation destination for families all over the world, especially in the fall and winter months. Consider renting a tiny house in Canada through Airbnb to try out living in a tiny house without making the commitment to building one yourself. Check out these houses for rent in the Great White North.

Unique Tiny Houses Communities In Canada

Tiny living communities have grown in popularity over the past five years all around the world, and Canada is not without its share of them. If you’re looking to take your tiny home living experience to the next level and join with others in the intentional lifestyle, these micro villages might be what you’re searching for.

Canadian tiny house communities facilitate an intimate social connection between members and encourage thoughtful practices like sustainability, minimalism, stewarding resources, mindfulness, and interpersonal growth. Check out some of these Canadian tiny house communities.

Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village

Bluegrass Meadows Microvillage is a progressive community of people living in tiny homes and cabins, located 15 minutes north of Terrace, British Columbia. This authentic Canadian tiny house community lives, plays, and cultivates connection with one another within the ancestral territory of the Tsimshian Nation. Bluegrass Meadows sits 144 kilometers east of Prince Rupert and 63 kilometers north if Kitimat.

Members of the Bluegrass community have access to a common building with laundry, a recycling and waste program, community garden, fire pits, barbecue nights, endless hiking trails, fishing holes, and several beautiful lakes. The premises currently have 33 rented tiny homes and will soon have 45. They have six tiny home sites with four more under construction. You can rent a tiny house on the property for anywhere between $1,050 and $1,400 per month. Contact the leaders of the micro village through the website.

The Junction Village

The Junction Village is a multi-generational community that recognizes the profound benefits of connecting people across a neighborhood. Whether sharing childcare, a trampoline, or a lawnmower, its members strive to acknowledge that life is better when lived together. The community is located in the Junction Neighborhood just west of downtown Guelph, 94 kilometers east of Toronto.

Michael and Mary Kate, who own the properties and created Junction Village, are parents of three children. Michael is a former outdoor educator, and now a property manager. Mary Kate is an environmental consultant and is currently working on obtaining her PhD in carbon sequestration and indigenous communities at the University of Guelph.

Housing options in the Junction Village include tiny houses, single-family homes, multi-family homes, apartment rooms, yurts, and alcoves or pods.

The aim of the village is to have a wide diversity of spaces to host interesting, creative, inspired people to share their lives with. The weekly potluck in the summer months on Wednesday nights paired with a community shared agriculture drop off creates an open space for community and connection amongst the members.

Right now, membership is loosely defined, as Junction is not on a co-ownership model. Living spaces are privately owned, but they are in the process of creating a membership co-op with parameters around use and rental of the core facilities. You can contact Michael and Mary Kate through their website to learn more.

Tiny Homes Canada Community

If you’re interested in being part of a startup Canadian tiny house community in the British Columbia province, look no further than Tiny Homes Canada. The micro living community is currently underway, with the project being led by Kayla Feenstra. Kayla began her journey to tiny house living in 2013, building her current 130-square-foot home. Concurrently, she launched Tiny Homes Canada in answer to the need to live in a way that is both sustainable for our planet while still creating a comfortable space to call home.

Now, several years later, Kayla is following her dream of establishing a tiny house village in her area. Tiny Homes Canada is currently working with local municipalities across the Lower Mainland to seek solutions to land access and availability for tiny houses. Their goal is to support and facilitate the cultivation of many intentional tiny house communities in Abbotsford.

Abbotsford sits 72 kilometers outside of Vancouver and 160 kilometers outside of Victoria.

Tiny Living Events And Social Groups Canada

Social groups are a great way to learn more about tiny houses in Canada and everything the tiny lifestyle comes with. These groups can also provide an opportunity to create social connections with people who love the same things you do. There are several meetup groups throughout Canada where you can join with others who live the tiny life and share information and experiences.

If none of these groups seem to interest you, we encourage you to look for your own groups and comment your findings at the bottom of our page. Or better yet, start your own group and tell us about it!

Vancouver Tiny House Meetup

Vancouver Tiny House Meetup is a group of about 1,000 members who consist of owners, want-to-be owners, builders, suppliers, hosts/land-owners, building code regulators, city officials, and others who have a passion for tiny houses. The group exists to alert tiny house aficionados of in-person workshops, classes, festivals, and getaway weekends that are happening in and around Vancouver.

Check out their meetup page to see a comprehensive list of events being held in this one-stop-shop location. Feel free to become a member of the group to share any upcoming tiny house event that is not yet posted in the Vancouver area.

Ottawa Tiny House Meetup

This Ottawa Meetup group is made up of around 1,000 members who want to downsize/declutter their living spaces and are interested in sustainability. They support lots of living styles like tiny homes, cabins, micro-lofts, small homes, carriage homes, and more.

The group has an in-person meeting about once a month in Ottawa, about 200 kilometers west of Montreal. In these meetings, sustainable living enthusiasts share information and their own experiences with the group. They welcome anyone who is interested in tiny homes and other forms of minimal living.

Tiny House Movement

This group in Nova Scotia is for anyone interested in designing, building, or living in a tiny home, specifically in the Nova Scotia province. Anyone out there with any experience, knowledge, or general interest in tiny houses is welcome to become a member of the group. It ranges in experience levels from those just learning about life in a tiny home to tiny house experts.

The group also hosts and communicates with one another about several events like camping trips and meetings. Check out their page to learn more about the movement for tiny houses in Canada.


Can I Legally Bring My Tiny House To Canada?

Tiny House Laws & Building Codes Canada

*Disclaimer: The information provided on this website should not be taken as an expert opinion, consultation, or advisement of any kind. Building codes, home building, zoning, local laws etc are complicated and ultimately your responsibility to execute legally and safely. You must do your own research, consult with and verify with all applicable authorities, local officials, regulatory bodies, code and zoning officials, and city/state/federal governments. See our full legal page for further information here:

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