Bodger’s Sheppards Hut

I have been in love recently with the old time Sheppard’s huts.  They have a quaintness to them, a practicality and many of them incorporate beautiful wood work into them.  I found the Bodger’s Hut recently and really like the rustic but cozy feel to it.  This hut is part of a camp with other huts, yurts and tents in Dorset in the UK.

Set in a magical woodland setting our hand crafted shepherds hut offers peace, tranquility and privacy as well as a level of comfort not normally associated with camping. Bodger is set in an elevated position looking down over the fishing pond and has a private deck and boardwalk, bodger is one of the four glamping units at Crafty Camping that have their own private ensuite facilities.









  1. Looks almost like a treehouse! Sometimes the pure simplicity can make you the happiest. Really looks very cozy with all the wood inside and the little stove, and also pet friendly! After a week in a noisy crowded city I can imagine taking refuge here with no company but my dog..Sitting on the terrace relaxing. Yeah, that´s what I call chill out!

  2. I love this, love the deck that opens up whole new options for combining nature and tiny homes. A few years back I lived in the urban jungle in a tent with Occupy. I had a pallet floor, pallet walls and a bell on my tent door that was my alarm system. Currently I live in a small house that used to be a shed on a farm. I would love to live in the countryside away from the trouble city I live in but there are little options when you are poor and without the financial resources to buy land or have good transportation. Hope springs eternal though!

    • Far fetched….sunny South Africa……Google ‘Romanskraal’, more than 7000 acres of mountain paradise, bring strong back, willing hands, good head or/and lotsa $$$’s chris

  3. Paige, where are you located? Have you ever thought of coming to Colorado? There in a place called Chateau Chaparral in Nathrop CO where you can live in a small RV, own the lot it sits on and be close enough to a small town for supplies but away from the stress of the city. There are also other small towns on the eastern plains where you can buy a site build house for a small amount – do some fix u on the house and again have space and quietness. And no the whole state of Colorado didn’t just get flooded only alot of places in the foothills.

    • Where is Nathrop? Not seeing it in atlas.

      • Nathrop is in Colorado zip code 81236 it is close to Buena Vista and Salida in Southern Colorado about 2.5 hrs drive from Denver. If you can get on realtor dot com and just put in Nathrop and the zip code you can see some of the places that are for sale or just visit Chateau Chaparall’ s web site to see other places that are for sale by owner.

  4. I’m curious about that teeny, tiny stove. What kind is it?

  5. How does this person cook food and do dishes? It looks like they might have an outhouse and outdoor plumbing for their shower.

    • This is setup in a camp style situation. They have a big tent area that is the main kitchen, they have centralized composting toilets and then shower stalls too.

  6. This definitely a place I could see myself living in for the rest of my life. I grew up living on the beach with outdoor showers and a simple house and it’s something I long to go back to.

  7. Great stuff Ryan! Hope you’re well!

  8. I love bed alcoves, but feel a bit claustrophobic. I put a 18×18 inch stained glass window at the foot of mine, and it makes it perfect.

  9. You haven’t lived until you’ve showered outdoors! Although it can be a bit bracing in the winter time…

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