Backyard Aquaponics

Recently I have been looking into aquaponics to start growing talapia in the planning phase of a larger urban agriculture project I am working on.  I found this great video tour of an automated system that is setup in a tiny greenhouse.  I found it interesting and thought I’d share.

  1. These sort of systems really interested me as well. A completely close cycle food machine. Just solar energy in and veggies and fish out, and at a human scale.

    I just worried about how it would fare in my colder climate. I don’t expect output, but I was wondering what is required to support at least the fish life during the coldest months. Maybe the answer is either a super efficient/heated greenhouse or it’s just not possible.

  2. What a cute little greenhouse! I don’t have much room on my property so I think I will try something like this for my place. Thanks for the video, really helpful!! 🙂


  3. I almost did a write up on this too. I had never heard of it before until I saw Kirsten’s video. I found it awesome! Especially all of the automation. Could that be a way to farm on a larger scale?

  4. Love the video, I been trying earthboxes but would love to do aquaponics. Thanks for sharing. Dorothy

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