Awesome Table


Tables are one of those things that are obviously very useful, but if you live in a tiny home, its a bit cumbersome to have one because they take up so much space.  Here is an innovative idea of how to get around the need for bulk furniture.

The table is actually cut from one piece of plywood, reducing the scrap waste that’s common to furniture production. The table is the brainchild of Italian eco designer Lodovico Bernardi.

-Apartment Therapy – Boston

Check it out here



  1. I like! It's also very mod cool while also stowing to practically nothing!

  2. Awesome! I would love to snag the plans and build one myself. Hm, actual price will likely be very high, though.

    • Apparently it was done with a CNC machine, out of single piece…..So if you have access to a CNC then you're in business 🙂 If not, well join me in drooling at those who are lucky enough to have such an awesome tool

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