Artic Pod


This concept is from 2 B 2 Architecture, a pod that expands to house people in the arctic zone.   The pod is designed for researchers who are working in frigid climates, pulling solar power from an array on the roof.


The unit is made up of modular pieces and includes a washroom, work/rest area and kitchen. The structure is made up of a steel frame, and clad with carbon panels and polyethylene, thermo-insulating membranes.The mobile unit can fold up into an extremely compact form that measures just 2000 x 1600 x 2300 mm (about 78 x 63 x 91 in) for transport. The unit has pieces that can be pulled out later to provide more space


One feature I like is the bed to table transformation (on right of the photo below), while this is common in motor homes, they usually have a center pole to support it, while this one is mounted via the wall.


bathroomSource: here

  1. Price? Web Site for Purchase (if in production)?

  2. Looks like a possibly ideal way to deal with the housing shortage especially for single people in the Arctic. Winds are often an issue, so how would this house anchor? Would it be possible to use wind to power the generator (in the winter there is very little sunlight).

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