200+ Stunning Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Organize Your Life For Good!

stunning bullet journal page ideasSo you’re looking for some creative bullet journal page ideas? One of the great things about bullet journaling is that it’s a very flexible way to organize your life. It’s helped me tremendously with my tasks and time management, but the trouble with being able to do anything is to figure out where to start.

After using a bujo for years now, I figured I’d share some of my go-to bullet journal pages types that should be in every journal, plus some extras that others find super helpful when adding to your notebook.

How To Organize Your Bullet Journal Pages?

How To Organize Your Bullet Journal Pages

Keep in mind that your pages can be in almost any order because, with your index page, you’ll be able to keep track of where everything is. As you get more experienced with journaling, you’ll figure out what your first starting pages should be.

For me, I start by numbering all the pages if they aren’t already. After that the first page of my bullet journal is usually a “this journal belongs to” page, then I add my key and index so they face each other.

From there I usually think broadly and then narrow in scope. So I start with yearly planning and goals, then narrow to months and, within the months, I narrow again to weekly.

Start planning your bullet journal by writing different types of bullet journal pages on post-it notes, place them on the pages in the order you think you want. After you’re done, start to flip through your journal and see if the flow makes sense. If something needs to be changed, the post-its let you quickly rearrange.

How Many Pages Should Be In A Bullet Journal?

How Many Pages Should Be In A Bullet Journal

There is no hard and fast rule: Include your index and key, then start with a weekly spread. Add more pages as a need arises.

For most people they’ll often have your standard bullet journal pages, then add weekly spreads as the months go by. Some people like to insert monthly cover pages to delineate the weeks. In January I’m usually doing a lot of goal setting and yearly planning, so I often will layout pages for items like bucket lists, workout trackers , or other trackers to keep a record of new habits I want to build.

Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

Use fun doodles, sketches or designs to dress up the first page of your bullet journal. If you aren’t super artistic consider using stamps, stickers, stencils and washi tape to do some of the work for you. This is a great place to get really creative with your BUJO!

yearly cover for bujo

A simple font cover can kick off the year. Hand letter with a fountain pen or use a stencil.

nautical monthly cover for bullet journal

Theme your journal covers each month to get excited for what’s coming up next month!

citrus journal cover page idea

Use some great pens to add some color to your cover pages.

monthly cover floral wreath

Floral wreaths can be drawn black and white or later colored in.

mini calendar bullet journal cover page

Add a calendar on the cover page for quick reference.

citrus fruit bullet journal page idea

Choose a theme for the month: Citrus designs, tropical plants, or the next trend.

fall bullet journal page layout

Find cute play on words to get into the mood. Seasonal title pages work great for this.

fall season cover

Choose thematic colors to sketch in your journal.

simple minimalist bujo cover page

Go with a super simple minimalist bullet journal cover page.

koi august monthly page design 10

Use a stamp to create repeating elements, then color them in to make them unique.

This Journal Belongs To Page Ideas

This Journal Belongs To Page Ideas

Don’t put in all this work only to lose it! I usually start my journal with a simple page letting people know who’s journal it is if they find it. Since you will often include this is every journal, consider getting a stamp as a simple way to label your journal. Some journals come with a pre-printed place to fill out your name like Moleskin notebooks.

simple text bujo page title

No need to get really fancy, All you really need is a simple text and graphics!

Can’t draw? Try out a printable version of bullet journal pages!

mountains journal index
plants belongs to notebook

Bullet Journal Key Ideas

bullet journal key ideas

The Key is what makes your bujo super effective. Different bullet journal symbols let you further organize [LINK] your to-lists, tasks, and other collections. Use these different signifiers to code your different pages and keep track of it all. The key page is where you reference your symbols to keep it all straight.

color coded bullet journal key page layout

Use colors to further codify your items

basic bullet journal key layout

Most keys keep it pretty simple: tasks, in-progress, completed, canceled or migrated.

black pen outline for bullet journal key

bullet journal printables

Flip Out Bullet Journal Key Ideas

Flip Out Bullet Journal Key Ideas

This is a really great hack for your key or index. Using a bit of heavier stock paper, you can keep it right in front of you just by flipping it out, no matter what page you’re on! Anchor the tab with some Washi tape to dress it up.

mini tabbed key for journal

Your key can double as a book mark to make it easy to find your current spot in your journal.

washi tape flip out bullet journal key

Use washi tape to dress up your flip out key or index and reinforce the edges.

Index Pages To Keep You Organized

Index Pages To Keep You Organized

One of the first pages you’ll include is your index page. Your index page will let you catalogue where things are and easily find them later. Every time you create a new spread or collection, add it to your index. This simple method overcomes one of the major hurtles of paper journals: searchability.

simple gold and black index page idea

Write what the page content is, then next to it write the page number.

ribbon bullet journal pages

If you need to continue with a certain collection, use a page range with a dash “–” or call out pages by number with a comma “,”.

bullet journal printable sticker pages


Daily Spreads And Layouts

Daily Spreads And Layouts

Sometimes you need to get focused on a single day: daily spreads and layouts can be used to plan your day and keep track of your to do lists. Using a daily planner spread gives you some extra space on the page to write down all the little things you need to keep track of. You can do a page per day or choose a layout that has multiple days per page.

washi tape and simple text bujo page decorations

Dress up your daily spread or other layouts simply with some washi tape.

weekly spread fall

If your journal has a dot grid follow the pattern for simple setup.

simple weekly spread with sketch blue pen

Include a mini calendar for quick reference.

black page bullet journal page ideas for weekly spread

Use black pages and opaque markers for some real eye-popping color!

“I currently LOVE having a daily page. While I also use weekly spreads, a daily allows me the ability to be creative and write whatever I want about the day. I don’t feel locked into a small box that you’ll find with the weekly layouts. My weekly layouts are crisp, clean, and structured. You will literally find a little bit of everything in my dailies, from art, to journaling, to stickers, to quotes, to lists, and more.” – Rachel of Planning Mindfully.

Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads

Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads

This is my preferred format; I find that a one-page weekly spread is the perfect size for most of my needs. The question of daily vs weekly is a matter of preference, so don’t be afraid to try different layouts for a few weeks, then switch it up until you find something that works well for you.

index card weekly spread design ideas

I really like this one=page spread because it uses the dot grid to quickly make the boxes.

fall weekly spread page ideas

A simple highlighted background can dress-up your headings quickly and easily.

simple box weekly spread with mini calendar

I like this one because it includes the weekend and a dedicated to-do list area.

basic weekly spread with washi tape

Simple black and white scheme can be very attractive.

Monthly Layouts

bujo Monthly Layouts

Laying out a whole month can be tricky, but sometimes you really need a view like this for planning. Use this month view to map out what’s coming up in your schedule, mark important dates, and list important deadlines. During the holidays it can be really helpful around Christmas or Thanksgiving with all that goes on in these months.

monthly calendar view for your bullet journal

Use a simple monthly calendar layout to mark important dates.

august month cover page for bullet journal

A simple numbered list that corresponds to the days can work well too!

Monthly Cover Page Layouts

Monthly Cover Page Layouts

Monthly cover pages are a great place to dress up your journal. While weekly spreads are working pages, taking some time at the end of each month to create a new title page for the start of the next month is a great way to reset. I find that getting creative with your pages once a month is about the right amount. Some people spend days creating gorgeous pages in their journal, but realistically once a month strikes a great balance of getting things done while also bringing some creativity to the mix.

water color monthly bujo

Don’t be afraid to try different pens, watercolors, or other mediums.

super simple monthly calendar page with mini calendar

Get creative with cut paper designs.

Year At A Glance – Yearly Spreads

Year At A Glance bullet journal page ideas

Come January I’m thinking about what I want to get done in the coming year. A yearly spread can help you get organized and pointed in the right direction. Outside of January planning I don’t often use these “year at a glance” layouts, but see what works for you!

yearly floral wreathes

Thematic monthly pages across two pages give you a yearly view.

minimalist calendar bullet journal

I like this one because the lines continue across to the next page for notes.

Bullet Journal Goals Page Ideas

Bullet Journal Goals Page Ideas

A bullet journal is a great way to keep focused on what you want to achieve. Bullet journaling really helps me get things done and move ahead more than other journaling options. Use some of these layouts to outline your goals, track your progress, and celebrate your success! Get your year started off right with goal planning in your BUJO!

yearly goals career self fitness financial

Use a 4-up layout to set goals for the major areas of your life.

yearly goals fitness creative happiness money

Get healthy, save money, follow your passions, and live intentionally when you track your goals!

the fabs 20s

“It is so powerful to always see your goals laid out in front of you and work towards them on a regular basis.” – Claudia of TheFab20s.com

Workout and Fitness Trackers

Workout and Fitness Trackers

Work up a sweat, stay motivated, shed those pounds, and build those muscles. People who track what they eat often eat a third less calories, so use workout and fitness trackers to keep you moving forward with your health goals. Trackers like these help you stay accountable and look back at all you’ve achieved when all you want to do is watch Netflix on the couch.

bullet journal health goals

Keep track of your critical health stats month to month.

workout tracker

Color code your workouts to keep track of what you do and when.

tracker page

Keep it simple with a dot grid layout, add color hatching to track your workouts.

monthly exercise tracker page

What could be simpler than highlighting a day with a highlighter?

“I always include a wellness tracker on every monthly spread to track how I’m taking care of myself.” – Nicola of MyInnerCreative.com

Savings and Budgeting Layout Ideas

Savings and Budgeting Layout Ideas

Get your finances in order by tracking your spending, staying on top of your savings and sticking to your budget. Pages like this will help you do just that!

money tracker

Add a graph to show the breakdown of your spending each month.

budget bullet journal

Use a budget to track income and expenses to stay on top of it.

expense tracking sheet bujo

Use your dot grid to create a graph for month to month tracking.

Brain Dump Bullet Journal Pages

Declutter your brain quickly with these brain dump spreads. I find that if an idea is sticking in my brain and I can’t get it out, putting my ideas down on paper really helps. I usually spend around 5 minutes writing down everything that is going through my mind, outlining ideas that I’m excited about, or things that bug me. In the end I usually feel better and can move on with my work.

notes page in a bullet journal

A bullet journal is as unique as you are, so call it notes, brain dump, thoughts, ideas, etc.

brain dump science sections

Give yourself different areas to explore different ideas.

simple blank page for brain dump bullet jouranl page

Go minimalist with your bujo with just a blank box.

life is messy and brilliant

“A brain dump page is useful for whenever I have too many thoughts running around in my head.” – Jenniffer of LifeIsMessyAndBrilliant.com

Contact Lists And Address Pages

In the age of digital I still find a place to write down contact info helpful. How often does someone lose a phone, drop it in the water or your contacts get erased by accident. A paper contact list and address book is a great solution to all these modern problems.

bullet journal printables

Birthdays Tracker Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you’re terrible at remembering when people’s birthdays are. A list of birthdays helps you keep on top of them. Also consider important dates such as anniversaries, holidays, etc.

birthday trackers

Try to view the entire year in one view so you can know what’s coming up next.

two page birthday page

Split up your tracker by month, then list birthdays in order.

printable bullet journal stickers

Mood Trackers Ideas

For those who are trying to improve their mental health, not just their physical, a daily mood tracker can be really helpful. Fun designs that you color in to indicate your mood keeps it fun, but also lets you spot trends and patterns.

fall leaf tracker for mood

Use a black and white outline to serve as a template to fill in with colors to match your mood.

coffee cup coloring mood tracker

Use a stencil to repeat icons that you can color in later.