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When Worlds Collide

So I have talked before about Path To Freedom, which is this awesome urban homestead just barley outside of downtown LA, where they grow tons of food, have goats, bees and chickens.  Then last night I was flipping channels and came upon a show called “you’re cut off”.  Where the premise is women who are very pampered, depended on a benefactor, and completely disconnected with reality are cut off financially.  These are women who spend over a half a million dollars a year, just on clothes.  Well in this episode, they took a trip to the urban homestead to see how less is actually more.  It gives an interesting perspective from both extremes:  the less is more and the more is more schools of thought.  click the photo below and go to the site to check it out

  1. I love the Path to Freedom family. Those pampered women are the kind of people who make me want to kill.

  2. I can’t quite agree with Bob. Pampered women don’t make me want to kill (I really wish people would quit using such language)- they make me want to laugh and cry. There is such a dis-connect between the haves and the havenots (even if this family chooses to do with less, others have no choice).

  3. Those girls are so stupid… it is kinda funny but not.

  4. I saw that episode. You mentioned their clothing budget and the thing I can’t figure out is how such expensive clothes can be so incredibly tacky-looking.

  5. I was originally very excited to see Path to Freedom and what they are doing down south of here, but after hearing about how they treating the green/urban homesteading community I’m pretty disgusted with them. They have trademarked several common phrases in this movement including “Urban Homesteading” a term that’s been in use for decades, and are sending cease and desist letters out, including a PUBLIC LIBRARY class on urban homesteading. These guys are acting like complete douchebags. More here: http://scienceblogs.com/casaubonsbook/2011/02/ca-ching_dervaes_family_goes_c.php

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