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Uber Tiny Dishwasher

I found this dishwasher that is designed to be a single serving dishwasher, which may be too small, but for some it may be right.  I plan to just hand wash most things, but when it comes to cutting raw meat on a cutting board, I’d like to have something a little more.  Check out this single serving dishwasher with a minimalist design.


  1. By itself, it is a bit to small. I would expect a device to handle at least a setting for two, or drinks for 6 or one heavy pan with some extras from cooking. Two of these might be just right.

  2. Just a design, can’t actually buy it…

  3. not needed! for a couple dishes, c’mon

  4. Personaly I love it, I would also suggest it be a tiny bit bigger. The main reason to love it is the ability of the dishwasher to sanitize better than hand washing. Sure it uses a bit of electricity but so does heating up all that rinse water for hand washing. So, go solar and wind energy and keep some small conveniences.

  5. just for curiosity sakes, what would this uber tiny dishwasher cost? is it affordable or would a larger dishwasher be more economical?

  6. I have a great dishwasher, his name is Loki and he is a Golden Retriever.

  7. Cool concept of shrinking the size of the washer, but it’s sort of over kill for that small of a load. About twice the size (say make it a nice cube) that could handle the pot and/or pan that you used to make dinner that you ate on the plate would be the right size/use ratio imho.

    Unless I’m eatting Ramen Noodles, I can easily dirty a medium pot, a medium pan, my 8″ chef knife, one to two small cutting boards, and 2-3 utensils of assorted usage.. and that’s not counting the plate & flate ware used to eat.

    Though I am oft prone to just using my cast iron skillet to make steak & eggs, and use the skillet as a plate.. With out a significant other around, it’s much easier to get away with being an uncouth barbarian. 😀

  8. If it was in my little kitchen, I’d use it. We do a lot of dishes by hand since we have no dishwasher and usually cook at home.

  9. lol. um, no. If you can’t wash three dishes, god help you. If it’s Bosch, you know it costs more than you’ll spend in your entire life for dish soap and sponges. Get a grip.

  10. Okay, Bosch: 4 minutes of propane boils water enough to do my dishes, the pan I cooked it in, and sterilize the meat cutting board…this “dishwasher” is amusing but profoundly wasteful of power for something a non-lazy person can do in 8 minutes; I’ve been doing it my entire life!

  11. I hate dishwashing enough that if I had a tiny house and the choice were that or nothing, I would be HAPPY to have it!

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