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Tiny Loft House


I am often asked if couples can live in Tiny House, the answer is yes, but it takes some special people.  This couple both lived in Tiny Houses, one 800, the other 550 square feet.  They moved in with each other and we able to still downsize to 426 feet.  They didn’t give too much up either, with effective styling and design, they were able to make  a home that was small but could hold allot.  They have a whole wall that is storage that a large curtain covers when needed. High on the walls, they hang extra chairs, these folks know how to maximize height!  When coming to the design, they say “Our best advice is to consider the value of each improvement. Go cheap where you can, but invest where you should.”

hangin chairs

Notice the chairs hanging in the upper right!



  1. The ambiance of this loft is incredible! Really cozy and inviting!

  2. I love this house. The only thing I would change is include some cupboards in the kitchen. It nice to have shelvings but too much display of everyday items makes the kitchen looks too busy.

    Love the idea of the chairs on the wall.

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