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Tiny House Cohort

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I am building a Tiny House!  One thing I have been doing as part of my planning is a lot of research.  Part of that was to talk to a lot of people about their experiences and I found it very helpful.  So I thought I’d see if I could find other people that are building their own Tiny House that are either within a month of starting to build or just started themselves.

The idea would that as we work on our own houses, I think it would be great to do a google hang out with a group of these people every now and then to kick around ideas, share challenges, offer solutions and Etc. We could help each other out with helpful advice and how we decided to do things.

So I figure I’d put a call, do you all know any Tiny House bloggers just starting out?  Are you just starting out?  Let me know!

Your Turn!

Are you about to build or just started to build your own Tiny House?

Do you know other people that are just starting the process?

Are there other Tiny House blogger you know that just started?


  1. “Oh, hell yeah!”
    (forgive; I’m an ex-sailor^^)
    Bought a 16’x8′ trashed 1969 “canned ham” trailer last year, and took it apart literally piece by piece… ewwww, the things I found!

  2. We bought a 12′ x 24′ steel shed (and parked it right next to the trailer in the trailer park we’re renting currently,hahahaah!) that will evntually be converted to a 288sq ft tiny home and moved to some property we own (where the house burned last year). Haven’t really started on it yet,and owe agaist it until tax season (when we’ll pay it off and move it),but soon. Also,the Wife ad I are talking seriously about buying an older RV/camper to remodel,maybe move there and live in it while converting the shed,then have it for vacationing (and our daughter to say in as she grows older-she’s 15-to give her a taste and sense of independence).

  3. I have an existing 7’x15′ trailer that I’m going to refurbish. The good part is that the trailer is “completed” in that it has walls and a roof and it’s water proof. The bad part is that it has no windows (the escape hatch in the roof might be replaced by a skylight, though), and a flat roof (no room for a sleeping loft), and that the door is placed on the gable end (I prefer having a door on the long side, more “corners” to use). So maybe the bad parts will make me leave this project to build my own “house” on wheels eventually, but for now on I’ll try to solve things with what I have. After all – I already have it!
    The trailer has been used by the military (swedish army) for some technical equipment, and even though I threw everything out I kept the interesting suspension system on the (probably steel) walls.
    At the same time as I’m trying to plan the contents of this “house” I’m also busy getting rid of millions of stuff from my current house (including many things from a couple of businesses I’ve run/am running).
    I started a blog recently, but it’s only in swedish so far. I’ll switch to english for my next post (haven’t felt I have much to say yet – still in the research and planning stage).

  4. Well my husband and I own 2 houses. One we live in and one we use for a rental income. We are feeling crushed under the weight of the mortgage. So our plan is to turn the very small garage in our Portland rental into a tiny house with the hope of someday living in it. I have voraciously consuming all the info on tiny homes hoping it will translate to our 11×21 foot garage.


  5. Im currently building a tiny house for a guests and for camping.

    You can see my building blog here http://www.tinymidwest.com

    and I started a forum for people with questions along the way http://www.smallhouseforum.com

  6. I don’t know if I’m too far along for your plan, but I’ve been working on redoing a ’73 travel trailer for about a year now. I have 90% of the wall framing competed, and the roof trusses are up, although not braced yet.

    I’ve wrapped it up for the rainy season, so all work until next spring/summer will be done on the interior of the house, like putting in the loft, putting insulation in the walls (if I can figure out how to do that from the inside working out), laying the final floor over the under-layment, etc.

    I sure wouldn’t mind having other people to talk to about this, as I am doing it alone, and have no prior construction experience. Let me know what you think!


  7. Don’t know if this helps but http://minimotives.com/othertinyhousers/ has a whole lot of blogs who are in the process of or the thinking about building or even have built tiny houses. This has helped me a lot!! Still in the research stage and no one in this country has built one yet!!

  8. I’m really interested in learning how to build a tiny house, and would love to follow along. I have never built anything in my life, girls weren’t aloud to take Woodshop when I was a kid, Home Ec only, so I don’t even know the basics. My thought is I would attempt to follow along, and build a small chicken coop to start. I thought this would give me the skills and confidence needed to actually build my own tiny house.

    • Patricia:
      Building a chicken coop is a great start; it won’t look smooth and perfect like it would if it was built by someone who’s done a zillion of them, but it will give you personal experience with TOOLS– a good thing! And chickens are very forgiving. 😉

    • I think that is a wonderful idea Patricia! I would even love to follow along with your chicken coop build, there would no doubt be loads of learning experiences gleamed from that for others too!

  9. Oh Hey! I didn’t see this post until right now! I know we spoke about this on the phone the other day. Once again, I hope I didn’t step on any toes, I think the community is ripe for this sort of a thing, I have been asked about doing this more than once. It is almost exactly what I was referring to (though I also like our discussion of going more in depth with some issues, maybe once a month or so). I would love to help you out with this or partner on this sort of event! I actually just purchased a laptop yesterday so I could have a webcam and get something going. I have been talking to Laura LaVoie, Andrew Odom and several other people who would be interested in either asking their own set of question OR helping others find answers to their questions. Lets plan this (maybe we could each commit to hosting one hangout a month?). I am tentatively planning for sometime around the 30th or the 1st to start this if I can get my act together by then!

    • Not stepping on any toes at all Macy! Yes, lets do this! I will shoot you a message about getting this going and key people on board.

  10. Ryan,
    I am in the process of setting up my blog/ website for “Small” home designs. I say small and not tiny, because my design experience is with foundation homes, but I WANT to do what you are doing, just haven’t taken the plunge yet. I am definitely open to meeting up, I’m in Asheville, and would love to help out in anyway I can.

    • Hey Dan,

      Hit me up through the contact us tab and It will email me. Talks with you soon!

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