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Sneak a Peek: The Inside of La Casita

After last week’s post, Ryan asked me to provide a peek of the inside of our tiny house and I was delighted to do so! As of today, Cedric and I consider La Casita at 85% completion for the interior. It has taken us much longer to complete the finishing work, which seems is the case with any building project! When we began construction we promised ourselves from day 1 we wouldn’t move in until the house was completely finished, however, fate wasn’t going to let us keep our promise.

It was right around Thanksgiving when we came home to the rental property we shared with a couple of friends to find an eviction notice on our door! We had 30 days to leave the premises and Cedric and I had a tough choice to make. La Casita was roughly 90% complete on the outside. It was water proof, we had a mattress and our electricity worked although there was no running water and out bathroom was incomplete. In the end we made the choice to move in starting in January rather than try to find another lease.

After months of designing we finally installed bench seating in our living/dining room and it has had a huge impact on our space! Now not only do we have custom seating but we acquired an incredible amount of storage space! Our biggest challenge throughout the house is definitely storage and in retrospect we should have considered building more in for upstairs as well as downstairs. As we continue to tackle that challenge throughout the house we learn more about how to design small spaces for maximum comfort and convenience.


Our bathroom is another challenging aspect of the house. It was originally a foot longer than it’s current size but we realized it would eat up too much of the downstairs floor space so we downsized. I also wanted a bathtub and researched Japanese Omnitubs but between the weight and the size we couldn’t compromise our trailer or our living space. We ended up with a stainless steel floor pan and re-purposed corrugated tin for the walls making it a bona fide wet room!  As for our toilet we have a composting bucket system although we are considering switching to an Ecovita design for a more comfortable and classic look. Our favorite part about our bathroom is the window over the shower with a view of the garden!

Upstairs we are always on the look out for storage ideas! Between clothes, books, bed sheets and bags we have had a lot of reducing to do in terms of material goods. I try to keep things organized with plastic storage bins, dresser drawers and lots of up-cycled ideas! It’s a challenge in the loft due to the pitch of the roof. We wanted La Casita to look like a house, not a mobile home, but with the pitch of the roof, along with 7 foot ceilings downstairs to accommodate Cedric’s height, we lost space in the loft. It can make it difficult to find storage solutions for all our stuff. I think between under the bed storage containers and assorted drawers and baskets we’ve finally found a way to make it work.
No matter the challenges we continue to enjoy working on La Casita and improving upon it every day. The great thing about a tiny house is that a tiny adjustment can make all the difference in the use and comfort of the space and that’s how you begin to make a house a home.
  1. Nice! Thanks.

  2. You both have a very comfortable looking home and I wish the both of you all the happiness you deserve. If I may, I’d like to suggest an alternative perspective to your storage conundrum. The way I see it you’re indoor living space should be for just that, living. I wouldn’t waste my time carving out extra storage space out of a small area; instead I would build an outdoor storage shed. You can even use it as an additional working space if you so desire, any bigger than that and you’ll just have to down size. Godspeed to the two of you on your lives journeys.

  3. I’m so impressed with your house and what you have done to it. I love playing house in our motor home, unfortunately we dont get to do it often enough. I’d really love to see more pitures of your adorable and very homey looking home, the outside etc. I will let you know if I hear of any places where you could put the house. have you ever considered getting some “space bags” to use for blakets, jackets or other soft items you dont need daily? My son said they are great and are reusable which is what makes them ok in my book,, you can put a lot into one, suck out the air and stash or stack the bag. I bet you have some type of Ebook tablet,, they are great for all your books, magazines, newspapers and video, games, email etc etc. I love mine. I have many, many books , apps, and games that were free. All the best to you both,, I love your plan.

  4. Hey there!,
    Great job on the house. It looks so incredibly cozy! I’m writing because I’m really intrigued by your idea to make the second story its own space instead of merely a “loft.” Whereas I wonder about the limited head space being too confining, I LOVE the way the second story appears to give the house a much needed “other” space unto itself. Really cool!
    Can you tell me how that’s worked out for you both? Do you miss the high ceilings or do you absolutely love having the enclosed second story? I’d love to hear, as I might alter my TH plans to be like yours.
    Thanks so much!,

    Steven Harrison

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