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Small Victorian Boat House

Today we have a small house that was remodeled Victorian boathouse overlooking the lake of Virginia Water in Windsor Great Park, Berkshire.  The top floor of The Boathouse, once the Royal Boat Keeper’s lodgings, now serves as a spectacular retreat taking advantage of one of the most outstanding settings of the south east of England.  The ground floor maintains its purpose of housing boats with two large timber doors opening outwards onto the lake.  I don’t have the square footage of the home, but it is certainly on the larger side for the houses we cover, but I really liked the look and the furniture.






  1. wow….. I could live there easily!

  2. Ryan, you are right. The interior is amazing. I don’t like minimalism in form but the function looks terrific in all of this.

  3. Love the rafters and space, but I wish they would stop putting in large mirrors in interior spaces; I find it very disorienting.

    And why do these places always look like nobody lives there, except for the occasional towel all neatly rolled up) and tea kettle?

    • Usually it’s set that way so you can imagine your own belongings in the space, old real estate sellers trick. I only see one mirror, it’s in the bathroom I think. What mirror are you talking about?

      • If you click the “via” link you can see more photos. I wanted to post more photos, but my server is acting up.

        • Ahhhhh, the closet door wall I guess. Not a deal breaker to me but I think maybe a frosted mirror might be nicer. The last thing I want to see is my face when I wake up! LOL

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