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Sliding Hubs Tiny House

This is house uses these sliding hubs that make the structure, but then you can cap the ends, opening and transitions with standard paces to allow for a truly modular house.  The Hubs themselves are made of a polycarbonate shell that is attached to a track like system from which the internals are mounted on and can be connect to the adjoining units.  The internal shell includes insulation, flooring and seals against water infiltration.  These can be laid out in various formations to suit your needs.



  1. Is it cold-proof and what about price for square meter?

  2. whats the price of these….. and do deliver to the US…….

  3. Ok…. the obvious question, how much?
    Can it be purchased in the US?
    Please send a brochure.

    Will you respond? sorry, most sights like this never answer, i hope your not one of them.

  4. This is just a concept, it isn’t real. All of my posts have a “via” link at the end of them for the source of the post. The link in this one is all the info I have for this concept drawing.

    • Ryan,

      Thanks for getting back to me, and so quickly too.

      I spend hours finding these ideason line and on top of that it’s vertually impossible to locate someone who know about the product. I look at alot of cars on line that are concepts. Lmao.


  5. Have you built one of these

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