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Shipping Container Home For $1800

Found this neat video today and thought I’d share, they talk about the purchase, retrofit and use of shipping containers as a structure.  Check it out!

  1. Wish you’d shown more of interior, love to see kitchen setup and please email me what kind of flowers the tall orange ones at corner of house are

  2. 1800 for the container… not the home… and its not even a home. No bathroom/kitchen.

  3. Wow!!! This is the most informative video I have ever viewed! Your choice to rescue and re purpose this container is one I applaud. Unfortunately they are much more expensive in my part of the nation…
    Cincinnati/Dayton/Columbus, OH area.
    I’m always entertaining the idea of providing safe and affordable dwellings for the elderly, homeless, students…and I believe we are overlooking some great resources. As an architect, do you agree? Thank you so much for putting together this great video.

  4. This isn’t their home, this is their backyard office. The husband is an architect and uses the space as his office. Still a good use of an old container.

  5. Its an interesting video but also one that makes a good point in things not having to be a home as such but as an additional space. Personally I can’t work in my house because of the kids so head upstairs to our apartment rental to work without distraction.

  6. It’s just so disheveled looking. So unfinished. I love shipping container architecture, but I give this one a fail – and this guy is an architect.

  7. That is it should be to make it more useful, aside from plain house ( http://swmobilestorage.com/dropdown/colorado/colorado-springs/ ) It can be a good office too.

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