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Rethinking The Traditional

Here is an interesting take on Tipis.  The designer wanted to take traditional structures that were mobile and historically had been around for a long time, then see how you would approach it today.  It is an interest approach.  Today we have some many things that are antiquated in their form because when initially conceived, it was long ago.  Times have changed, materials have changed, culture has morphed.  With so many items being in their original form due to legacy, what else might be re-approached.





  1. Wow thats amazingly large inside! Much larger internal living space than I expected from looking at it from the outside! Very cool take on an ancient Native American dwelling.
    on top of that I like the “wallpaper” that resembles a forest. It makes it appear larger than it is too. 🙂 Nice work to whom ever built it.

  2. oh and 1 more thing I noticed just now, there is snow on the ground, but this design wont allow it to build up snow on the roof or walls.

  3. I built and lived in my own tipi in 1976 in the woods in Michigan, USA. The amazing thing about living this way is the energy inside. It’s very different than living in a box/s of right angles.

  4. What size tipi is the modeled after? A 12′, 14′ or bigger?

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