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LEAP Modular Tiny House

Today we have a house I have been keeping tabs on for a while now, for a very long time it seemed like it was going to only be a very cool concept, until now…  They actually built it and what is better, they installed it high on a mountain where the views are spectacular.  While this is bigger than the typical Tiny House that I post, it is also designed to house 6 people. It also has several modular units that can be added to accommodate needs and number of people.


  1. Very Cool !!

  2. It almost looks fake! How futuristic looking;it must be in Canadian Rockies or Europe.Can u imagine it in US? The Forest service would have it razed. Any more details?

  3. One giant leap for… Awesome and the units will make for a pretty decent little home. The view is priceless.

  4. Absolutely fantastic: I would prefer to see it painted to blend in rather than trying to be the focal point, never the less, a great project.

    • They chose the color to make it easy for rescuers to find should it tumble over the edge.

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