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Devon And Melissa’s Tiny House

I have been holding on to this one for a while and finally had some time to get the video up.  This is a really neat house in Alaska that is quite a nice size, but also not your typical tiny house.  I like their shelves that double as a stairway to the top floor for their sleeping loft.  It’s quite a cozy little place nestled in the wilderness.


  1. Just curious how the shower works…..where does the water go….and where is the toilet? It seems like it can get pretty cold if they have to go outside….:-/

  2. Love it! Enjoy! 🙂

  3. Wow, what a wonderful little home!! I love the stairs/storage unit idea. Stairs are such wasted space in a tiny home. Thank you for sharing your cozy abode. 🙂

    Ms. Minimal

  4. Sweet lil’ cabin…I like the stairs-as-storage; traditional Japanese homes had beautifully done cabinet-stairs called “tonsu”; very steep, but with drawers instead of open-face. That being said: as an ex-sailor in the USN for 10 years, I have to say that, having to live in much more crowded spaces than this lil’ cabin (with 29 other women in “my” bedroom!) that it’s much better looking to have “faces” on your storage spaces; the peacefulness of no visible clutter makes your tiny spaces look much larger.
    Also: I am building my own modern wee Irish Vardo, and I am making sure that there’s as many (hidden/sliding etc.) built-ins as possible, to minimize the “fussy factor” to achieve my daily tasks…I truly loathe having to do 4 or 5 tasks to get one thing accomplished–especially when I’m dead-tired, or feeling bleh from a cold.

    • With a 13′ Boler I know what you mean about the “fussy factor”. That magic balance between using every available space for storage and not having to shuffle too many things to get at it is a tricky business.

  5. The added height downstairs is nice. Just add some slider doors to the stair storage and some cut out hand holds, and I’d like them a lot – I tend towards clumsiness. I’d add something on the loft to keep from stumbling blearily off the edge, too, lol.

    Off topic, but….love her hat.


  6. Nice! Classic Northern Shackteau – everything you need and a bit of comfort.

  7. I especially like the cubbies for the dogs. I’ve noticed a lot of tiny house people are cat people. I’m glad to see there are a few tiny house/dog people out there.

  8. Thanks for sharing our video 🙂 Glad everyone enjoyed it!

  9. Do you have a blog? I love your tiny house and it’s videod location.

  10. Awee! Love you guys! You are so awesome!!

  11. Nice to see a tiny house in my state!

    Dona 🙂

  12. Did I miss the compost toilet? or outhouse? I too am buiding a Tiny House in Alaska–’bout half done. Mild winter this year and a portable electric heater is keeping it toasty, and not running too often. Anyone up here building with SIPs?

  13. awesome tour ! Beautiful View ! really nice video . My favorite of all the tiny houses I have seen.

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