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Craftsman Tiny House

I found this house over at Tiny House Listings and I really liked the interior wood work.  I have been gradually warming up to the doors on the side of Tiny Houses, though I wonder about having the doors open inwards, in a small space, I could see it being very restrictive in terms of where you can place chairs etc.    This house is actually for sale for $24,700 and the builder described the house:

This 8 foot by 20 foot eco-friendly smart home could be perfect for student housing, a Backyard Studio, Mother-in-Law or Rental Cottage, home office, portable business or vacation cabin. This unit features a 7×6 sleeping loft. Considered an “RV” this house can be located in your driveway, backyard, vacant land, RV park, campground or driven anywhere you want to go (per local zoning laws.) Furnished with conduit for electrical with options for water, sewer and LP gas for a kitchenette, toilet and shower. Other options include solar panels for off-grid living and a detachable utility trailer for easy waste water disposal and fresh water refill. Can also be outfitted for standard RV type utility hook-ups.

You can find more info here and all photos are from them too:  click here


Your Turn!

  • Do you like Tiny Houses with doors on the side like this one or doors off the back like a tumbleweed?
  1. I would like to see the bathroom space and stairs to the loft. The design is nice and open.

  2. front. wall space seems more important there for storage

  3. You’re not wrong about the interior wood work. It’s very lush indeed.

    I’d like it more if the furniture was built in. When it comes to efficiently managing space and storage in a tiny house, it’s a bit of a given. Look at the couch – look how many square metres / feet have been sacrificed for it.

  4. Why not both doors on the front and side Ryan? ;^) It sure makes our house feel more open! Less storage surely but no one ever complains of claustrophobia in our space. :^) We have friends that purchased a house from this company. It looks great!

  5. Vertical storage is claustrophobic. Store items beneath furniture.

    Rather than the expense of a loft, try a daybed or futon couch.

    Rather than French doors, try sliders.

  6. Love the wood look. Like the side opening. However I’d prefer more built in storage, shelving, perhaps even furniture / seating etc… to max. the overall use of small spaces. Not enough dual usage visable from photo’s, if it has any such features.
    Overall disappointing for the price.

  7. I’m building a tiny house at the moment in upstate NY. It feels like I’m the only one up here doing it. People think I’m nuts. They wonder why I wouldn’t want a 30 year mortgage (lol) and why I would want to live in 160 sq. ft.
    Wondering what you used for the walls. Is it drywall? I wanted to do drywall but was concerned about the weight even with the ultra light stuff because its still heaver that pine I think. But maybe its not really that heavy if you compare them. Also I was concerned about drywall cracking after I drove down the road. I like a drywall painted look though mixed with wood as you’ve done here. Maybe I’ll paint the wood. Just seams like a pity to paint wood sometimes.

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