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What Is The Tiny House Movement?

...  Tiny House MovementJoin The MovementCost Of Buying A HouseWhy A Tiny House What are tiny houses? What is the tiny house ...  Movement Become a Big Thing: A Look at 5 Big Barriers from TreeHugger What is a Tiny House from Living Big in a Tiny House Factors to ...

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The Ultimate Guide To Finding Land for Your Tiny House or Homestead

...  could be to build your tiny house on or to start a homestead, many of us want a little place to call our ...  10 chickens 2 pigs 2 bee hives 10 fruit trees 1000 square feet of garden It took me a while to really nail down ...  (like I wanted the shop and pigs to be hidden from the house).  From that I concluded I needed  three main areas: the house (1 ...

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How to have guests in a tiny house

...  first time I told my mother about wanting to build a tiny house. After some back and forth about it all, she asked "Where am I going to ...  For men and women, if you can pee outside (see nearby tree lol) of the toilet that's the best.  Mixing liquids and solids isn't the ...

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Three Years In My Tiny House!

...  been three whole years since I first moved into my tiny house full time!  Life has flown by and so much has changed.  Let's start ...  perfectly in the space. Don't park your tiny house near trees, I've had many trees almost hit my tiny house, if I could do it all over ...

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State of the Tiny House Union – 2015

...  it would be fun to put together a "State of the Tiny House Union" 2015 edition!  So looking back at 2015 here are some of the ...  Hunters, Tiny House Builders, Tiny House, Big Living, and Tree-house Masters. The ironic thing is, I haven't had cable TV for over a ...

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